samedi, mai 26, 2007


Well there goes the phat navigator. There goes the pimp my crib on Lake Drive. Wait, that went a while ago.

Tim Brophy, meathead extraordinaire, will be funding up to $300,000 in payments to former tenants who were renting properties of his that had building code violations.

No surprises. I've talked to people who have bought homes from him. Jonque. If that's what he's selling, you can't imagine what he's renting out. But you all knew that. I'm not breaking any news here.

It's news that he's finally being made to make good on his exploits. We don't see much justice in this city. People don't get punished. If you want to be a crook or a famous architect who wants to do some of his/her crappiest work, ever, Milwaukee is a pretty nice location for you.

There is a little more that I will be linking to on this site in the next few days. Another story about him has emerged and I haven't had the time yet to look into the details and discern any link to the general taxpayer. Or I might just provide the link anyway and let you see for yourself.

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