mardi, mai 08, 2007

Dear Journal Sentinel

You know what, being in the word business, you should learn to read.

And if you think you already can, you might want to revisit the part about learning to read called comprehension.

Executive Pay Proxies are written in legalese because lawmakers (the SEC) asked them to write it. The law requires it. Companies aren't going to respond by writing a Little Golden Book bedtime story about how little Johnny worked hard and was rewarded for his efforts. You know not of what you editorialize.

Legalese and Proxyese is the real world. Maybe you should take off your cardigans with the elbow patches and get out into it. Besides, you get what you ask for, so step up your comprehension skills and deal with it.

And another thing: All these laws you liberals demand - all these controls and regulations - mean lawyers. Guess what language lawyers speak?????

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