vendredi, mai 11, 2007

If I Can't Go, Nobody Can

Michael Moore is a #1, Grade A, Genuine Article Asshole.

I am so envious that the rules don't apply to him. Some of us have had "Cuba" stickers on our cars for years - our own little conservative pink ribbon for those oppressed by communist dictators. Some of us have wanted to go there for a long time for the love of the country and culture. Not to spite our own country, of course.

Guess who else would really like to go to Cuba - people who have left family behind. Guess who would like to travel OUT of Cuba? A lot more people - especially those who have sacrificed greatly to give family members a better life in America. I'm sure they'd love to be reunited instead of flipping the bird to the country that was able to provide those family members with a better life.

Get in line you stinky f***.

Better yet, why don't you get in line for the shower.

Better yet, go to Cuba or some other communist dictatorship and stay there. See how long they tolerate you. Better them than us.

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