dimanche, mai 13, 2007

Well it's about darned time....

Yesterday I worked pretty hard all afternoon to try and finish the beautiful Vogue 9558 lounging robe. I'm making the black and white robe, but I'm lining it with a lightweight faded peach liner. Which means making a duplicate of the first robe, and finding a way to attach it to the first, outer robe. Which sounds easy until you try to attach it and maintain the integrity of the flat laying collar.

When finished, I'll make a black and peach hair tie, a la Rosie the Riveter. And it wouldn't be complete without lounging slippers, which in those days were not flat, and usually involved feathers.

Whoever marries me will likely have a kickin' pompadour. Or he will be a nice, normal man who loves his wife dearly, in all of her quirky vintage glory.


Blogger birdchick said...

No man in his right mind will turn up their noses at vintage clothing when it involves those shoes.

I love your taste clothing!

10:24 PM, mai 13, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thank you ma'am!

You know, I'm sure even Cinnamon would approve of fluffy shoes... Well... as long as the fluff is non-lepus in origin :)

10:28 AM, mai 14, 2007  

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