mercredi, juillet 18, 2007

So It Isn't Just Me

Tim Cuprisin gives a little unneeded but rather accurate airtime to the Victoria Beckham show, which debuted this past Monday night. The basic gist of Cuprisin's article, which reflects my own sentiments, is as follows:

Who frickin cares?

I'll admit, this blather was playing on my TV. I just left it on as I went about more important things like yanking the gobs and gobs of hair I seem to be losing, out of my bathtub drain. It was much more mentally challenging.

But from time to time I heard all kinds of enlightening gems from Ms. Beckham, such as:

"I can't be seen being happy. Especially in a photograph"

"these or these? these or these? these or these?"

There is no hope for this woman, period. Think about those two statements. She can have anything she wants - or both - and she can't be seen being happy.

There are times when I would like to return to the old methods of immigration, where certain diseases and defects were filtered out. Although nowadays, I'd add megalomania to the list.

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Blogger still Unreal... said...

""these or these? these or these? these or these?""

OMG...too funny

8:02 PM, juillet 18, 2007  

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