dimanche, septembre 30, 2007

That is Not For Us To Question

The city of Milwaukee hemorrhages cash. That's not news. I think we all know where the largest amounts of cash get flushed faster than the deep tunnel. Redevelopment, social programs, housing authorities. Accountability? No, we don't have that here. Those rules only apply to the relative universe known as Those People Out There Who Don't Work in the Public Sector.

The JS has an interesting little search engine. You can search a limited database of city employees, by name, for salary and overtime information from 2006.

There is a very, very interesting footnote, however:
"This database does not include employees who are paid by the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee, the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee or the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation."
Hmmm. How convenient. How very demonstrative and validating, too.

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