mardi, février 28, 2006

Once Upon A Time

I had a blog.

It was wonderful.... written in true sassy blogger spirit, and it was some interesting and readable slop. It was a great place on a great lake as we say here in town....

Movements of local primadonnas were tracked Trainwreck desk style (to quote the wonderful Tim Brophy the Landlord, public people with personality disorders, Jazz in the Park, Summerfest, some politics, all my latest rants and raves on my connectivity.... ah the good old days.

Said blog which will remain unnamed had to be deleted. This was to keep the peace. Not with the locals, but with the man across the room. I wonder how many blogs suffer at the hands or influence of a jealous or otherwise emotionally threatened significant other. Who's afraid of the big bad blog? Someone who doesn't want you to have your own thoughts and ideas. It's just too much for them to take. And being interrogated for 16 hours was too much for me to take, too. Guess who's history...

Yes he is, but so is my blog. He didn't delete it, I did.

Giving up any shred of yourself to keep the peace is the biggest mistake you can make. Mortgaging your soul pennies at a time (also known as walking on eggshells) is an imperceptible erosion. You can't see the picture until enough dots are there to connect. Learn this once - men and women alike. If you see a pattern in your relationships - you can fix it - but it will require you to snuggle up to yourself in ways you've never known. It'll hurt, too.

So bottom line. This is my new blog called The Confidentials. It's named so for a few reasons: all of my vintage reproduction clothing from the 30's, 40's and 50's have their own little tags on them courtesy of their artist - myself. I call them The Confidentials.

And so much of your life should be Confidential. It's your property. You are the master of your own parade and all those little bits and pieces belong to you and should never be barter. Shhh...