dimanche, août 31, 2008

Dear 50,000th Visitor, Sorry About the "Out To Lunch" Sign...

I checked my cumulative stats today and I've reached 51,000+ visitors since the start of the blog. I tend not to celebrate blogiversaries or things like that... I've been blogging a little over four years now. The Confidentials was born after the deletion of a successful blog that I once had called "Me and Misses Jones". That blog is long gone and the reason for it is a long story. Some days I really wish I had some of those postings back. And at the time I didn't know it, but I was reaching a graduation point of the following truth: Nobody tells me what to do. That lesson has served me quite well.

Palin: She Has It.

I love a woman with a gun....

samedi, août 30, 2008

Yes Michael Moore, There Is a God

And there is a reserved parking space in hell for your elite fat ass.

Funny how the left invokes God, who they believe in as is conveniences them. Especially when you need "proof" of God, instead of faith IN God. Because apparently, Gustav is "proof" there is a God in heaven.

He gave you your blessings, and he sure as hell can take them away.

McCain displays great class by potentially postponing the convention. That's what leaders do. Obama would have pressed on despite the hurricane and exploited the plight of those hit. It would have been, pardon the pun, a Godsend for Obama to have a hurricane during his convention.

Furthermore, Moore: did it ever occur to you that God might be saying "don't f'ing rebuild this place".

Disclaimer; Unlike Michael Moore and many of the self-deified on the left, I do not speak for God. If you want to know what God wants, start with faith over proof.

The Bitches in Your Neighborhood

From yesterday's JS Online news blotter. The blotter is gone now, but I'm sure a reprint could be made.

Peg Lawton, really standing by her "sisters", sounds just like any other jackass who is threatened by a successful woman. Here's what she had to say about Palin:
"Democratic Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton - a one-time Clinton backer - said Pailn didn't have enough experience and would leave the country with someone "fragile at the helm" if she became president.

Asked to clarify the use of the word "fragile," Lawton said: "She has fragile preparation or little preparation to assume the position of commander in chief of the world's superpower."
Make no mistake: the word "fragile" is bitch talk. I'm a woman, I know this. In the second quote, she isn't just being asked to use the word "fragile" in a sentence.

What's the big deal, Peg? Pissy because SHE ACTUALLY GOT TO BE GOVERNOR? Fragile. Yeah we can see who is the fragile one here, Miss Lawton. Now go get the coffee.

vendredi, août 29, 2008

I Was At Harley Tonight

I have never experienced that kind of a crowd at the fair grounds, ever. At least they were all adults, not rowdy, not rude. But it was overwhelming.

Checking the Stats....

And a lot of them are hits for "Obama fake birth certificate", "is Obama an American".

Just wondering about that...

jeudi, août 28, 2008

And Now I Present: Strangely Sexy Men

No, this is not another post about Gene Kelly, the most perfect man of all time.

This is a post about men who are not typical, run of the mill hot. What makes them hot is some slightly unusual and individual quality. Often it's humor. But mostly it's because they are unusual in a way that is not "weird". They are complex without being complicated. All of my analyses below assume that the reader knows the obvious - that they are a little off the wall to begin with.

There are a lot of vanilla guys out there being pushed into the spotlight, and they are not hot. Christian Bale, Shia LeBoeuf, David Beckham....boring. Who the hell cares about them. Oh I get it, they do.
So here's my first unusual hottie - Kevin Spacey. Why is Kevin Spacey sexy. I ask myself that every time I look at him. Perhaps it was his role in American Beauty - the henpecked man who slowly takes his life back into his hands. I think it's in the way he looks at something, it's as though he's got a shiny object in his hand and he's looking at it from all angles without really even tilting his head. He carries himself gracefully, like a man 20 years his senior. He is masculine and confident and has a legendary feel. That's something that can't be coached, it just is.

Jack Black. I adore Jack Black. Every time I look at Mark Tauscher I think to myself, Jack Black is adorable. So is Mark Tauscher but it's because he looks like Jack Black. Anyhow. Why is he sexy? Improvisation - and he's damn good at it. He can bust into a rhyme, a move, a line, and a song without missing a beat. And his singing voice has a lot of depth to it. It's melodic, strong, and tells you a story....he takes you on a little bit of a journey even, when he sings. I have no doubt in my mind that JB is an excellent father and is loved by children

Chris Parnell. Yeaaaaahhhh!!!!

I think it's the rap. Its' also the voice. Chris Parnell is like, my height, which means he isn't very tall. But that's kind of what's adorable about him. Some short guys are kind of hot because you know that if they were about six foot, they would be unstoppable lady killers. So, when I finally saw the video for the Chronic-What-cles of Narnia, I just thought, who is that sexy beast! All rapping and confident and eating those cupcakes.

Yeah so I'm not that great at this. Bear with me.

Adam Sandler. This guy has the classic east coast man good looks. I love me some east coast men. With their black hair, pretty jeans and button down shirts. They don't look sloppy like the west coast flakes do. Nothing is worse than a slob - not sexy. Pete Sampras has that look, Danny Pino from Cold Case really has it, as does Gene Kelly in the picture I posted a few days ago. They've got some Cape Cod in them, they have an easy, successful, well-adjusted air to them that is irresistable. Some people might just classify it as yuppie. They have black hair and the italian/irish axis. Or as one of my girlfriends would say, "yes, their parents met at church".

And yes, I adore Ben Stiller. When I first saw him in "Reality Bites" with Winona Ryder, I thought he was just not attractive. I thought, this isn't realistic. Why would her character like him? This is a man who grew into his sexy. His presentation can be described as a calm, yet uncomfortably jittery. He's the unusual guy in the room who can cut it with the pretty people. Stiller appears to be covering up his eccentricity... and he does it in a polished but transparent manner. And he's really, really cute now.

Others are Robert Downey Jr (unfortunately, yes he's f'd up but sexy), Steve Carrell and his straight man method acting... I just love these odd ducks. Give me this over the perfect men, anyday.

Not About Sharing The Pie

Elliot linked to a fantastic blog post that sums up a very important pivot point that we are facing in this country. He wanted to quote the whole article...I'll give you a few more bites and hopefully the author won't see a problem with it. This is phrased in a very succinct manner that explains what we are up against with an Obama presidency: the surrendering of all the work we've done as a country since our inception.
....As this election looms, we are in a struggle between capitalism and socialism attractively packaged as "change"

...(on Freedom)It means freedom from the coercive power of the state. Freedom to use your abilities the best you can to craft a life for yourself to the best of your ability. It means freedom to protect that which you have earned, from other people, in a manner that's true to the Constitution that founded this country. It means freedom to own a weapon responsibly. Certainly if Obama and Biden have their way, I wouldn't own a gun, making it even easier for someone to take what I have at the point of theirs, be it literal or figuratively.

...The American economy, was not built up by "sharing". What is unique in America is we were the first to use the phrase "to make money", no other language has that phrase used in that manner, in history, men had always thought of riches as a static quality to be seized, begged inherited, shared or looted, or obtained as a favor. Americans were the first to truly grasp that wealth has to be created. Created with the efforts of individuals, who improved our world through hard work, and effort and earned money from it as a byproduct.
I have long maintained that communism, socialism, fascism and the like are forms of aristocracy trying to reassert their power against modern economics. Economics as we know it liberated us from being under the thumb of the king, the queen, the emperor. Those weren't good times in those days. The shrill siren song of socialism...or as we call it today, "Change", is the way that people who want to be served try to lure the masses. To lure able bodied people who think they are helpless. If you fall for it, you are nothing but a lemming and maybe you should be used. But do it somewhere else, because what our constitution stands for, is too good for you.

mercredi, août 27, 2008

America: Land of Opportunity

There's a hotel or two in my neck of the gold coast, and parking is at a premium on any normal day. With all the Harleyers in town, I can't imagine where they are going to park.


Do I go vehicle-less for a few days and lease out my parking spot? Up to three bikes, $20 per bike per day?

Then I realized....yeah I do have to be places. But what of the risk to the vehicles that park next to me.

Sigh....decisions, decisions....

mardi, août 26, 2008

Don't Tase Me Bro!

dimanche, août 24, 2008

The Week Of the Boss

Much like the Elvis debate, I have to proclaim that I am a lover of the Young Bruce. Still the sexiest populist I ever did lay ears on. This week, I will be watching (or from the way they are directing the stage, listening) to the show from my roof. Unless some total stroke of luck happens that's most likely where I'll be. I hope he plays my favorite song of his (besides Thunder Road): Rosalita.

samedi, août 23, 2008

Blankie and Sofa Day

I'm under the weather again, but this time, it's entirely my fault ;)

Perfect opportunity to think about the things that bring me comfort. Gene Kelly is one of them.

Here is just one of my favorite Gene Kelly scenes: "You Were Meant For Me". His beautiful singing, commanding and confident presence, and his leadership on stage are unparalleled. I find myself less moved as I get older, but this perfection makes me swoon.

Ah Gene, the Jones Ideal. There will never be another. I initially posted this earlier but I didn't know...today is his birthday! So happy birthday, my sweet.

vendredi, août 22, 2008

Hooray, Hooray! (It's Friday!)

Here's a lovely little tune from Rilo Kiley...happy Friday!

jeudi, août 21, 2008

The Burden and Punishment of Life: Barack Obama

Both Fred and Boots & Sabers have this video. 

Don't be afraid to hear what you hear, it's real. 

If this applies to the sanctity of a defenseless, special needs baby....

...imagine what applies to yours.

I Ate Right and Exercised - Who Knew!

Brit has her body back.

Hey guess what, I used to have this gut about a week and a half ago, and I started doing mad situps. You will NEVER guess what happened!

That said, she looks great. I hope that hitting rock bottom helped - sometimes you need the stimulation of total self-annihilation to get it together.

Said the Britster:

"My diet has a lot to do with my getting into shape. I have no sugar. I don't eat fruit or even fruit juice because of the sugar. I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I'll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it's not much, but it's actually a lot of food if you eat the right things."

I can vouch for that. It's just like having a daily budget. You go for the best and highest volume for the buck. Worked for me too.

mercredi, août 20, 2008

Cheaterama 2008!

It's here! and it's spectacular!

You know where Miss Jones is gonna be on the 23rd.....

The World's Tiniest Violin: Common Council Edition

So much like Europe, the Common Council gets a break all throughout August. 

How nice.

Tonight's news featured a story about the CC having a "special session" to approve permits for the Harley party on third street.  Here's where the tiniest violin gets played.  Those of us in the private sector have to call in for conference calls during our vacations.  Hell, some of us have been expected to work from home while we are sick.  I know I've done both, it's just part of getting things done.  I think I'll call the news the next time I have to interrupt my PTO for work.

That said, the permit-applyers should have had their sht together a very long time ago.  Shame on you!

mardi, août 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasure: Don Gibson - Oh, Lonesome Me!

I admit it. I sing this song acapella all the time. Great song... Don Gibson wrote this, and "I can't stop loving you" in the same afternoon.

Don, my friend, I know how those afternoons go!

Elusive as they are.

Trawling for Stories?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Especially days after they posted a "send us your stories" link in the newsblog.

Is Harley Ready for All the Potholes?


I was walking downtown during the evening this past week, and I saw a modified chopper something like this, but a lot more flamboyant. In what was left of the early evening light, he may not have seen the pothole on Jefferson. He hit this baby and it wasn't pretty. He recovered just fine, but I don't think some of these bikes are going to be suitable to be hitting big potholes.  Hopefully their impression of Milwaukee won't be tarnished - as in - not coming back for the 110th because the place isn't in good enough shape to bring your bike. 

Just a thought!

Happy Days: Does Anyone Care?

Throughout my life when I've told people I'm from Milwaukee I've gotten two responses:


Laverne and Shirley!

The first one I could always deal with. I could deal with being from a city that was a Nobody. Which is better than Madison, the Newman of America.

But the Laverne and Shirley thing. Especially as a kid, I always wanted to respond by saying "nobody in Milwaukee walks around saying 'oh we're Laverne and Shirley town'". Or Happy Days for that matter. So with all this Bronze Fonz going around, I just keep wondering if anyone - who lives here - actually cares. Or the actors really...when I look at the footage of the actors as they visit us here in town, they just kind of look like, "you dragged me out of my beloved hibernation".

Did I watch both shows as a kid? All the damn time! My only real disappointment as a little girl, was that Henry Winkler was nothing like the Fonz in real life. That was the moment my Mom had to explain what acting was. And I think my answer was something along the lines of.... "can't he just be like him all the time, anyway?"


lundi, août 18, 2008

Yay! DeNiro and Pacino!

I'm not so sure it's going to be a *great* movie. But boy do I love these guys.

jeudi, août 14, 2008

Irish Fest Starts Today!

Hooray! I have never really had the opportunity to spend time at Irish Fest, but that will all change this year :)

So I just want to say to all those beautiful Irish men out there: say baby. This one's for you. Oh, and Celia - my very good buddy - you too! Except not exactly in the same way I said it to the boys, because that would just be all weird and stuff.

mercredi, août 13, 2008

Hump Day: No Backbone by the Lemonheads

Yeah, there area lot of jokes you could crack about that one.

But it's a great song :)

And this CD will go with me on my east coast road trip next year. I want to rent a car in Boston and drive down to DC. Thank God all of those big east coast cities are all on the same street!!!!

Back to the Lemonheads. No Backbone features the work of J. Mascis, former lead singer of Dinosaur Jr. Enjoy.

mardi, août 12, 2008

Why the "O-Ba-Ma" Chant in the John McCain Ad Turns My Stomach

If you have a strong belief or hunch, it's always good to check with a friend to see if your hunch is based in fact or not.

So I had a conversation with a friend recently and said, "you know, when I hear the "O-Ba-Ma" chant in the McCain ads, it scares the hell out of me".

Why did I say that? Am I afraid he'll win? Well, for the love of all that's red white and blue, yes, but...

My friend confirmed my concerns, "yes, it sounds like Sieg Heil".

And it does.

lundi, août 11, 2008

You and What Army???

dimanche, août 10, 2008

I Hate This.

Tim Cotton, who was killed a few days ago in the city, was someone I went to high school with. He was a good guy with a good attitude. I still remember him in my human relations class with Mrs. Willams. Someone was picking on his shoes, and he reacted by saying that he thought they were Pretty. Or something like that. I just remember the spirit in how he quipped back. I remember him as lively and amiable, and I always kind of watched to see what he might do next, he was just that interesting.

I hate seeing stuff like this. Apparently the perps told him he couldn't be on their block, because it was their block.

They're a bunch of blockheads who should be put away for good.

Sunday State Fair: Not So Good Actually.

Last Friday August 1st...I had the best time ever at State Fair. Really, it was like the planets lined up.
But today....shaaaaaa......not so good. I won't list why.
My purpose in being there? To see the bodybuilding finals. I got a great seat for this. Ten minutes before the show started, a man set down next to me. He seemed harmless, in fact he had won the competition in 1992 and the show manager came over to say hello to him. Well, he was intent on talking throughout the entire show. I put on my very Sunday best extra special snobbery act to try to get him the message that he was disturbing my focus on these very gifted, talented, creative, and slightly attractive men on the stage. Believe me, it was not necessary to have any direction on what I was looking at. I could figure that out just fine for myself.
If you ever have the chance to see the bodybuilding finals - do it. Different bodies, different levels of mind-body connection, different levels of confidence to perform, and different levels of discipline and dedication. And, you have some people thrown in there who do NOT belong on a stage in a banana hammock. That's a small percentage of course, but sometimes, they're good for a decent laugh.

Yeah, I said it. And yes, smarty pants, I could get myself up on the stage and do that.

So back at the bench, without fail, my hanger-oner asks me out. I had to pull out the fake boyfriend card (ah, I love that man, he never does the dishes or makes the bed or takes out the trash, but boy does he come through in a pinch). His tune completely changed for about 120 seconds. Then he was back at it, tail wagging and all.

Thank God for my bladder. Full or not, I am officially declaring today Bladder Day. Did I return to my seat? No, but I did return to the cream puff building to get my final puff-o-the-year.

And, as I stood outside said building, being very happy and content, I could hear a very familiar tune. At the tent right across from where I stood with a little splurf of heaven: "Me...and...Misses, Jones......we've got a thing, going on..."

Yeah, it was nice to turn that one around in the end :)


I admit that I haven't watched the entire clip of John Edwards' nightline interview.

Let me tell you why.

I watched part of it, and found myself squirming and very uncomfortable. His facial expressions, the eyebrows, the look in his eye, his body language, the tone.

If you are a woman who has ever been cheated on, you may have witnessed the same "let me tell you what you think" speech.

All lies, it's you who is wrong for believing the truth.

There is a very special place in hell, my friends....

vendredi, août 08, 2008


Have you ever had a friend come to you, who is really, really down in the dumps. Their life is shot: extraordinary bills, no way to pay it, eviction notices, We energies, school supplies and no babydaddy to at least help, car keeps breaking down, barely any food, useless unemployed cheating jerk in the house, and now they are depressed?

So this is the situation of someone I have known for many years, but she has never been in such a position. And it's bad, I wouldn't want to be her.

So what did I do?

I told her what she should do, bluntly because she apparently hasn't heard me before. I gave some examples of how I fixed my life at different times. Heck, all the changes in my life over the past six months have been pretty topsy turvy and there has been some fallout, but I made a plan (kicking and screaming, I might add) and I'm sticking to it. I even have the help of meeting with my parents once a week to review my progress on what I want to accomplish.

Kicking and screaming still happens from time to time, but I know what I want in the end. I explained that to her because she can't expect a quick fix.

So I'm getting the silent treatment. She's talking to me but it's not like it was. Then it occurred to me: she's mad at me because I'm doing what needs to be done. I'm sticking with the hard choices. And I am far from where I want to be, but I'm not worried anymore because I have a plan and I asked for support. And I don't want to let down the ones who are supporting me. Oh, btw, I don't want to let myself down, either.

Just thought I'd throw that in there.

What is apparent to me though, is that soon there will be too much of a divide for me to get along with her anymore. I wish she had made different choices, but you can't help someone who only wants you to commiserate with them instead of push them forward.


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Forgiveness Friday

So in the end, I'm really very happy for Favre.  All along I've wondered if he never really had the heart to break up with Green Bay and ask for a trade...offering him to play for at least one more team during his career.  Think about it.  At least he didn't cheat on us while we were all together in order to excuse himself from the relationship :) 

He saw what happened to Holmgren, after all.  Not that putting your midlife crisis on the national stage is any more laudable.

If he wants to play, let him play.  He's the best we've ever seen in our lifetime and possibly ever, and he didn't get it by being born that way.  I think most people would rather see Brett out there on the field doing what he does best, instead of wasting his energy on a halftime show... giving his two cents on everything between other players who Once Were. 

And, people who don't think of sports the same way as business are probably missing out on some very clarifying perspectives.  Employers and employees have disagreements even at the highest levels.  They part ways too, because it's best for all that are involved, their careers, their leadership energy, and of course, for the business. 

All of this tantrum and display, like most fallouts in life, will be forgiven and forgotten by the fans.  For Brett, maybe it's a different story.  We'll let him deal with that.

jeudi, août 07, 2008

Old Man In The Club Alert

Yeah, I've been hit on by "this guy" before.

...let me guess....he was for it before he was against it.

h/t to James!

Once In A Lifetime

Inspired by Silent E's post of Wild Wild Life. I put this on my iPod recently and until now, had kind of forgotten what a brilliant song it is.

It was the first video I ever saw, I believe it was on Friday Night Videos, somewhere around 1982. Far too young to appreciate it, it sort of came into focus at different times in life. Ain't that how it is?

Letting the days go by....

And the winner is...

Technically New Jersey. Land of 1,000 Douchebags.

mercredi, août 06, 2008

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of All Who Threaten It"

I heard that today, and loved it!

mardi, août 05, 2008

What's going around: I has it.

Out of sorts. Temperature. Stiff neck, stiff hips, sore throat. Tired.

And here I had done my sterile best to knuckle all elevator buttons. Keep my fingers out of my eyes, mouth, and nose. Only eat what I could identify. Son of a....

Oh, A Wise Guy

Three Stooges... FTW!

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lundi, août 04, 2008


Favre has truly outshone any spoiled bratty 9 year old girl throwing a tantrum.

So If This Whole Favre Thing Tanks Aaron Rodgers' Career...

And think about it, Aaron Rodgers' reputation could be tanked. He will always be the guy who got punked by Favre, the Packers, and the NFL. He's the runt. Under the bus. Unhireable, undateable, laden with baggage that he never solicited, stuck with crap on his shoe even though he never stepped in it.

Can he sue?

Stupid yes, but not far from true.

dimanche, août 03, 2008

Mr. Business

So I was invited to join the Flickr group called "Mr. Business", a place to post all things Mr. _____.

If you know of any good photo subject matter in SE WI, let me know!


Some of the names that I overhear nowadays really drive me up the wall.

Probably because their parents can whine them. But more than that I just hate the names because they are either pansy names or spoiled brat names:


There are more, but you all have heard them.

But where I draw the line is pansy names for boys. I was in Woodman's yesterday and they were paging Cody to the Front.

That was when I made a pact with myself. My boys, whenever they arrive, will be given Men's names. Like Garrett. All the Garretts I've met have been manly men, not wimpy shrimps with shaved heads, basketball shirts, and wannabe tattoos. That's what happens to boys who are named Cody. They will always be benign and frankly, demasculated. Is that the goal of these parents?

I used to want to name my son Mitchell but I've changed my mind. There are a lot of better manly names out there to pick from.

Unique yes, weird, no.