samedi, décembre 30, 2006

What're You Doing New Years Day?

(Mom, cover your ears. I mean, your eyes, or, nevermind....)

Has anyone here ever done a polar bear jump? In what type of weather? Were you sober? Would you do it again?

And, are you doing it this year?

Now this post would not be complete without an outtake from January 1, 2005:
"How was your New Years Eve? I did get your message about the Polar Bear Club - honey if I jump in the water they will think that I am a stranded whale, the nets will come out, the police will be called in. It just wouldn't be good."
Guess the bear for extra points!

vendredi, décembre 29, 2006

Death Becomes Him

That way, he can never become anything ever again.

I'm surprised. At least on network tv there is no punditry or armchair quarterbacking of the execution. Maybe it's too soon, I don't know.

What I do know is that there is Justice and the law must never ever stand in the way of Justice.

Neither should political correctness, wishy washing, surrender-monkeying, appeasing, revisionism, you get the gist.

Because we will hang ourselves if we surrender by being nice, instead of being just.

mercredi, décembre 27, 2006

There's No Opportunist Like an Opportunist....

Many of you know him as the Breck Girl. And really, the man wears more hairspray than any woman I ever met. It can only get worse tomorrow in New Orleans, where the humidity can dismantle and curl even the most antihumectant hairspray-coated locks.

So John Edwards is going to announce how wonderful he is tomorrow as he stands on a pile of rubble in New Orleans. Now, one of his advisors leaked this today, so they aren't the smartest bunch (think back to the Walmart Playstation debacle). But please please please don't lead them on to this one: that like, every nitwad in the world - including both Brad Pitt AND Ray Nagin - have all like, made appearances and announcements and stuff from New Orleans. Because they're all totally more smart and chi-chi than we are and we probably won't know that or something...we'll just believe them that they're really cool.

With any luck, one of those boards will bear a tetanus-laden rusty nail...

Or with any more luck, Rep Kessler will just make an announcement after Edwards, stating that because Edwards doesn't stand any chance of his campaign dollars actually getting used in a manner that will help him WIN, that perhaps he should just give it up to the state. He can keep a few bucks for administrative costs like hair spray, but even the trailerest of those of us on one end of Two Americas knows that humidity ain't a lady's best friend.

I wonder if he ever feels fat...

Posted in Palaver

...or as Huckleberry Dumbell, Ace Reporter might put it: Stay in your zip code.

Imagine this: the Brookfield-ized McDonald's opens tomorrow. Burgers, Wifi, and VIPs... oh my...

And tonight, they're holding a special little invite-only soiree. Now, let's back up a second. Special invite-only soiree at McDonald's. Yep. You read that all in one petite sophisticated little sentence.

As if you needed any reminder of our good lives in the United States. God, Guns, and plasma-tv-leather-recliner-piped-in-music, McDonalds. Oh wait, I'm not supposed to say God or Guns?

mardi, décembre 26, 2006

Dear Mayfair Mall

You might want to give the City of Wauwatosa a gift for Christmas: close the theater.

Wisconsin Legislature's Heart Was Two Sizes Too Small

One of the major problems with modern society is the lack of shame. My former boss reminded me of that a few years ago. Wisconsin's pretty well known for corruption in government. But they've reached a point where even they don't mind if anyone sees anymore.

Case in point?
From JSOnline:

Legislator eyes unused gift card value

Madison - Rep. Fred Kessler (D-Milwaukee) said today that the value of unused gift cards should go to the state treasury - not to the merchant - and that change will be part of a bill he'll introduce in the legislative session starting in January.

Kessler said millions of dollars a year go unused by gift card recipients, and retailers are allowed to book the unused values after the cards expire. He cited figures from Consumer Reports showing that 19% of all gift cards are not used because they are lost or expired.

Kessler called that a "windfall," which he said could be used to support schools, health care or roads.

(oh, really?)

Under his bill, after a one-year expiration date on all cards, 80% of the value of unused cards would go to the state treasury. Merchants could keep 20% of the value of an unused card to pay for processing, Kessler said.

"I'd rather have people spend the money and use the gift card, but if they aren't, I'd rather the state get the money," Kessler said.

Two bills regarding gift cards failed to pass in the last legislative session; one would have eliminated fees or expiration dates on gift cards and the other would have required conspicuous posting of expiration and service charge policies.
So much for a good business environment.

And why bother? They think it all belongs and is owed to them anyway.

Brand New Funk

I'm a day late on this and not feeling guilty about it, but I couldn't let the passing of James Brown go unmentioned. I won't go too far into a commentary, because there are so many things that can be said about the life, the music, the genius of James Brown. He is rightfully named as one of the most influential artists of our time. He invented funk. I remember watching a special on JB one time and one of this former musicians from the 60's was talking about one time in the studio where James was sort of singing/rapping out the tune and the timing for a song he wanted to compose. What struck this musician was James needing to say, "stick with me on this - I know it sounds funny right now but you'll see what I mean once it's together.

People who are talented and creative in the true sense of the terms, are inspiring. Each of us has had contact in our real lives with people who have inspired us not because we want to be as cool as they are, but because we remember how others' creations have made us feel. In the case of the musician it's the formation of song and lyric and whatever-that-is that glues it together - it comes out of their soul and into ours and we can feel it. That's what inspires us, that's what makes us want to be great, regardless of what that "it" is. We are inspired and affected by them because we want to do that, too.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite James Brown songs. There are plenty more but there's just so much space:

The Payback
Super Bad
Papa Don't Take No Mess
Get on the Good Foot

But the one song that actually introduced me to James Brown and got me interested by the sheer power of it was the Old Landmark from the Blues Brothers soundtrack (which, IMHO, is a better vocal performance than the movie version).

And, I can't let this post go by without posting one of the most memorable, James Brown-inspired clips, ever:

Rest in peace, sir. I know you won't because what ever your feet are now won't sit still, but for what it's worth, thanks :)


As Brother Mav would say, "don't be lost when the time comes"

well, well, well....

lundi, décembre 25, 2006

And Now For A Merry Christmas

on Jones Island.

Just spare me the shoes, sister :)

dimanche, décembre 24, 2006

A Very Blessed and Merry Christmas To All

I wish everyone who reads this blog a very Merry Christmas. I hope that your Christmas is filled with as much joy and happiness, relaxation and reflection as you can possibly handle. And may the blessings of the season stay with you and your loved ones the entire year.

Also a very Merry Christmas and thank you to our troops serving all over the world to protect our country, others countries, our collective freedom and safety. May all of our prayers uphold you and support you at all times.

samedi, décembre 23, 2006

And Another Thing

Next year, I will have a surprise for all of you ten foot inflatable santa-snowman-snowglobe people.

I, Phel Jones, am going to have a Fifteen Foot Inflatable Jesus on my front lawn.

Lucky for you all it might be a baby Jesus. But if it's 33 1/2 year-old Jesus, all you holiday hijackers might have bigger things to worry about.

vendredi, décembre 22, 2006

What It's All About....

jeudi, décembre 21, 2006

Dear Miss Whatever You're Supposed To Be

Some of us ladies would sincerely appreciate it if you could keep it down just a little.

Some Grown-Ups Are Still Demanding a Train Under The Tree

It's about time that the real motivations for getting a choo-choo in the area get out into the open. Clearly when someone won't give up, there's something in it for them. It ain't for the peoples, it's for someone else. Someone who is pimping out the whole rail thing.

The JS has a story this morning about the "new" Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Transit Authority's proposal for a tax to finance a commuter rail line. First, ok, c'mon, stop counting your chickens (you clucks). (And while you're at it, take the word "Authority" out of your name because you're not responsible for anything, like normal people...) Back to my point. They want to propose this tax to take the burden off cities for their embattled bus lines:
"The plight of the Milwaukee County Transit System - and to a lesser extent, its Racine and Kenosha counterparts - as competition for limited property tax revenue continues a cycle of fare increases and service cuts. Some public officials, riders and bus drivers have pressed for a dedicated revenue source to protect the buses that tens of thousands of people ride to work and school every day."
Now, what strikes me here? We are going to propose a tax, to finance buses, so we can eventually have trains. You can deduct that from the story. But I have news: they think we have revenue problems just to support the buses, that's nothing - wait until we have trains in the mix. Of course if we have trains, we could get rid of the buses which we can't afford apparently, and the just extend the train lines.


Light rail.

mercredi, décembre 20, 2006

Je Suis Thrilled....

to be on the roll of Real Debate Wisconsin! I'll be working on Monday Random Quotes most weeks and lemme tell ya, you're all in for it. You and your big mouths! Just kidding, I love y'all and am looking forward to trawling for quotes. If you see anything that you think is worthy of nomination, see "Dial M" on the right hand side of my blog for my email. Thanks Fred!!!!


If you have iTunes, I would strongly recommend downloading the US Air Force Band's version of America the Beautiful. It's just amazing, I have few if any words to describe the emotion it evokes.

mardi, décembre 19, 2006

Never, Ever, Ever Underestimate Motivation

And the will to live.

Your thoughts have a direct effect on your body and your health. I have seen this in action in myself and in others.

If one is imprisoned from the outside one is - most of the time - imprisoned from the inside. The stigma of society and a loud crime that puts a person on notice in the community is in itself, imprisonment. That turning inward, isolation, and hyperfocus on oneself is damaging. When you can't engage with the outside world and discharge through normal, lawful, non-evil and healthy interactions, you better believe the effect is going to be self-destructive.

That said. Billy Lee Morford will be a free man on December 26th. Why? Because he's gonna die anyway. Apparently.

I disagree. Just watch. He will offend again - he might have to move out of state to do it under the auspices of making a fresh start - but this man is far from dead.

Underestimating offenders like Billy Lee Morford is ignorance collectively personified. At least among the group-thinkers that dismiss his threat to society. To the rest of us who aren't pointy-headed intellectuals with government dole jobs or government the rest of us who live normal the rest of us who care about the integrity of our society and safety... know that this cannot be dismissed, dumbed-down, swept under the rug, appeased, accepted, or rehabilitated. We are not wrong.

And there is no shame in denying him rights forever. No punishment will ever fit his crimes.

Run Fred, Run!

Fred at Real Debate Wisconsin has posted regarding his tentative aldermanic aspirations. They are yet to be confirmed, even by Fred, but I would be incredibly happy for him if he does decide to run. There have been local millings about the possibility of his candidacy, and correct me if I'm wrong but if people are talking, it's a good thing. If nobody was talking, well, I would be worried if I was Fred, and serious about it. Hey it won't take a lot of funds to get him recognized, right??

Does Size Matter?

I think so, especially when it comes to fish wrap in the shape of a Journal Sentinel.

I noticed this at Starbucks, that the JS was considerably smaller. Not tabloid of course, but it's not the same size as a WSJ. A sign of things to come? A reflection of their dwindling readership, or their shrinking relevance and credibility?

Take a look the next time you're near one. Wonder what it was like to be in a meeting with execs and have to face that decision.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

I'm never surprised at the keywords used to hit my site...

lundi, décembre 18, 2006

If It Works For WPIX

It'll work for me!

Darned Bloglines

I have in the past four months become almost exclusively a Bloglines user. I use the blogroll from time to time but I have no idea how to do that thingy where the most recent posts move to the top. So in Bloglines I have to click on the new posts that have photos or other content that won't display in their UI but other than that, I've had few complaints, and it saves me a lot of time.

But like Blogger, Bloglines seems to die on me at the worst times. Lately I've had very little time to blog surf and it's been a good way for me to keep up with the cheddarsphere. Either it doesn't update, updates everything someone's posted for oh, about 34 posts, or it doesn't show the American Mind properly. (Yes Hack, Bloglines seems to have iss-ues with your rss feed!).

So Nick Schweitzer suggested using Newshutch. I couldn't get used to it, something about it didn't click with me. Does anyone have any other readers they really like?

samedi, décembre 16, 2006

26 Miles Across the Sea

Santa Catalina is waiting for me....

It just has to wait

Until my work is done....

Congrats, Josh!!!!

Congrats on your graduation!

I would like to offer you one of my favorite quotes, by Louis l'Amour:

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.

Here's to your beginning. Way to go!

jeudi, décembre 14, 2006

Nope, Owen, You're Right On

Owen posted about this article, which laments a criminal's 34 minute ordeal during lethal injection. No love lost, is Owen's point.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Defense attorneys and death penalty opponents were outraged Thursday over an execution in which the condemned man took more than half an hour to die, needed a rare second dose of lethal chemicals, and appeared to grimace in his final moments.

"I am definitely appalled at what happened. I have no doubt he suffered unduly," Angel Nieves Diaz's attorney, Suzanne Myers Keffer, said after Diaz died by injection.
What I want to know is this.

Where is the outrage when a baby is yanked from the womb prematurely, cracked in the back of the head, and has its brains sucked out? Isn't that suffering unduly? And what if it doesn't work the first time? Does anybody wonder if those babies grimace in their final moments?

Both feel pain. Only one has committed a crime.

I'm Getting There.

mercredi, décembre 13, 2006

I Wish I Could Say I'm Surprised

But I'm not.

Patrick posts that Channel 12 reported that the police are investigating harassing phone calls made to a MiniGee recall supporter.

Frankly I'm surprised it took that long for the harassment to start.

That's the only thing about this that's surprising to me.

mardi, décembre 12, 2006

A Festivus For The...

For the hell of it.

Or at least until the branches get attached to my aluminum Christmas tree :0)

lundi, décembre 11, 2006

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Drinks

And they're all right.

Except at the end of the night, they could be in any direction at that point

So what's the point?

76th and Burleigh

See you there, or I'll see you next year!

dimanche, décembre 10, 2006

Majesty of Life

Now that I'm past my twenties and early thirties, the things that life consists of and and their meaning become apparent to me...faster and faster.

Since I've turned, oh, 34, several situations have presented themselves to me and they've all been very instructive. Enough dots are there to put it together. It's as if God shows me qualities in life and in people and says, "this is how you look when you do this ____".

So with that, there's a lot to be said for the phrase "fake it 'till you make it".

I won't go into all of the details about why this is relevant, but it's something that's presented itself to me almost as a grand finale to some lifelong lessons. I wish it had happened sooner but perhaps I wouldn't have recognized it yet.

But I had no idea that hiding your light for lack of a better term, is one of the most irritating things you can do. Not only to yourself, but to others around you. There is nothing worse than being around someone who constantly exposes their weakness or insecurity. It's not humble, it's annoying. All it does is make everyone uncomfortable or second guessing a normal interaction. It calls attention to something that could have been reduced to a fleeting moment of normal self-check and in fact, feeds it. It causes others to start downplaying their own strength or light or normal self confidence. Did I mention it's annoying?

So therefore, I just wanted to say that I have taken another step in my understanding of why it's so important to not cover up who you are, not assume that you know what others think is true about you. If you do that, you'll take on a lie that you're spreading about yourself, and bring it into your being as truth and fact. I've witnessed this in a few situations in the past six months, and I have less and less patience now for people who do this.

All those words to say the very obvious: stay away from whiners and the whiner mentality. There's nothing you can do with an insecure whiner, and if you try, well, you'll just get annoyed.

And when you feel that insecurity, fake it. This is the one time when it's a-ok to fake it.

Doing the Chores in Style....

I always loved this coverall look. It's earthy, task-oriented, and says so many different things. Light blue was best :)

Libellés :

It's not you, it's me.

Like I have said in previous posts, sometimes even I come to this blog to see if anything was posted.

Have no fear friends, it's a slow go lately with workload and all, but I have no intention to stop showing love here. Or showing patterns. Or giving Sliver something pretty to look at. You know, the good stuff. I just like to be well-informed enough before shooting off my mouth. Cause that never works. Especially in meetings at work.

jeudi, décembre 07, 2006

What Did They Know, and When Did They Know It?

Hearings my friends, we need us some hearings.

In the faux pas heard round the world, three other babes showed up at the White House holiday reception in the same 8,500 dress as the First Lady.

You'd think these ladies would have had enough sense to leave the party and change their dress out of respect for the first lady. Nope. Our beloved first lady had to go upstairs and change. I mean, do the right thing out of respect.

But what I want to know is this: who is the mole? What did these ladies know, and when did they know it?

I demand an investigation.

And then uhm, I want a no-bid process for next year so that the first lady comes to ME to design a one of a kind. Something the governess will appreciate :)

mercredi, décembre 06, 2006

Jimmy Carter Can't Even Lie Successfully

What's the line from Social Distortion's "Ball and Chain"?

"I'm born to lose and destined to fail"

So is the story of Jimmy Carter. Now, Carter was the first president I was old enough to remember and recognize - and my first impression was that life sucked under Carter. Sure improved dramatically and quickly under Reagan, though...

Anyhow, back to what a loser Jimmy Carter is.

I came across the above gem through Drudge today. The former Carter Center Executive Director, Kenneth Stein, has dropped the former Pres like a hot boiled peanut. Citing the following:

"Stein wrote that the book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid," was replete with factual errors, material copied from other sources and "simply invented segments," according to an excerpt of the letter published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution."

And Carter responded, with flimflam including but not limited to: (and ah declare) that Stein had not been actively involved with the center for more than 12 years and was not involved with the new book. Even though Stein is referred to in this story as a longtime aide and thinktank member.

Those of us in normal jobs, with real accountability, and presented with the same situation would probably make this note to self: This might leave a mark.

In other words, get out before it sticks.

I Win...

McCall 6812. Next Summer, someone's gonna be better than the rest of the ladies on the block.

Libellés :

samedi, décembre 02, 2006

Do NOT Step on One of These

Do NOT step on one of these. Not if it's the middle of the night. Or if the fire alarm is going off, or if you're drunk, or if you can't sleep, can't pay attention, considering ways to reduce your carbon footprint, thinking about rutabaga or the number 42. Don't even do it if you're dashing out of the house in your PJs to get to Starbucks. Especially if your PJs are Inside Pajamas. Because, my friends, if you step on one of these I can guarantee you will have much, much much larger problems.

Snow KILLS!!!???

Wow. Imagine my surprise when I saw this JS front page headline:

Here I'm thinking that oh no, people who were in car accidents died from their accident injuries. Which would be really tragic.


When you open up the story and scroll about three quarters of the way down, the story mentions that two people died from heart attacks while shoveling.

In other words, "made ya look".

vendredi, décembre 01, 2006

How Does One Fail A Personality Test?

Thanks, Fred!!!

Your score on this personality test was 43%

Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a longer time to get over if that trust is ever broken.

Personality Quiz
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Fred passed, btw