dimanche, septembre 30, 2007

That is Not For Us To Question

The city of Milwaukee hemorrhages cash. That's not news. I think we all know where the largest amounts of cash get flushed faster than the deep tunnel. Redevelopment, social programs, housing authorities. Accountability? No, we don't have that here. Those rules only apply to the relative universe known as Those People Out There Who Don't Work in the Public Sector.

The JS has an interesting little search engine. You can search a limited database of city employees, by name, for salary and overtime information from 2006.

There is a very, very interesting footnote, however:
"This database does not include employees who are paid by the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee, the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee or the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation."
Hmmm. How convenient. How very demonstrative and validating, too.

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For A Good Time

Go see the Uptown Savages, and while you're at it, see Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners.

Last night, fellow blogger Ally and I headed out to see their show at Linneman's in Riverwest. If you haven't been able to see either band I'd highly recommend it. I've seen the Uptown Savages (jump swing) a few times now, and they're always good. Personally, I think they're at their best when they play Cafe Lulu in Bay View, because it's a little bigger and they seem to cut loose a little more when they play there. I had never seen local Honky Tonk legend Tim Cook, so that was a real treat. Last night's show was a great time, us girls were all out on the dance floor showing off our "We're dancing the best we can" moves.

Because you know, Rockabilly and Honky Tonkers know their steps.

I had the chance to get my pinup look on. My whole 40's thing is very different from the more Betty Page, punkabilly look. My look comes from the inside and if I tried to fit in, it just would look awkward.

Speaking of awkward. Once the Uptown Savages got to a slower song, the legend himself, Tim Cook, came over by me and asked me to dance. I took his hand and looked right at him and said, "I don't know how to dance, just lead me". And he did. It was real and it was spectacular. For those four minutes, I was dancing with the closest I've ever been to something of an idealized late 40's man. His slicked back pompadour hair, retro western outfit, and his demeanor all come together to create something that took me out of the present time and to something that somewhere, I miss.

So I tried to find a picture of Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners. Looked everywhere and even tried flickr. All I got were pages and pages of guys named Tim, cooking.

Whatever :)

For a very typical tune by the Uptown Savages, go to their myspace page and click on the song "Juiced".

Ally let's do this again! Anyone else up for dancing lessons during the week???

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samedi, septembre 29, 2007

Anyone else want to tell him, or should I?

There are none.

Here are some of the best comments I've ever seen about "tektonik"

"It seems to be fun to them"

Perfect. Parfait.

Alright. Everyone Take A Deep Breath.

I'm just sayin. What's with all of the attitude today?

Maybe it's the move of Mars from Gemini to Cancer, but I have dealt with more people today who fit the following description:

- Irritable
- Distracted
- Introverted (in a bad way)
- Removed
- Cranky

This morning I went to yoga, and everyone there was friendly, as always. Went to the post office and believe it or not, everyone there was friendly too.

I get to an event this afternoon with two friends of mine who are as you'd guess, friendly people. They were friendly. But half of the people I ran into who I know on a normal basis were acting, well, weird. I even ran into someone I went to high school with who I have emailed with sporadically, and she acted like I wasn't even there. And to my knowledge, we've never once had a falling out.

Just strange. I don't know what's in the air.


Back to our regularly scheduled feisty fun-ness. Tonight I am getting my pinup on and going to see a jump swing band with a fellow blogger who is one of the superest people I know. So there, take that all you crabby, no fun, crabbypeople.

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vendredi, septembre 28, 2007

Because It's Friday

And I need to laugh after a long hard week. Gonna be a busy weekend too...work and stuff...

Mitch Fatel once more. I'm loving it at 0:40. And I quote:

"I like small bre*sts....they have more personality. They're like, 'Hi! Can I help you with something?' and you're like....'noooo.... I'm just lookinnng'".

The rest of it's pretty good, too.

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Will John Edwards' Handlers Please Handle Him?

Save him from himself?

One or the two??

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25,000, I hardly knew ye...

I started using sitemeter about three months after I began this blog. At the time I was just over 1,000 hits. So really, I've never "tracked" my traffic or had much interest in hitting numbers. I love to blog, and that's where my attention and energy is focused - the love of the game.

So this morning I logged in to sitemeter and I was surprised to see that it read 25,456 hits. Give or take a few. I didn't realize that many people read it, or stumbled across it while searching for things like "shoe dangling", "demotivators", or "Michael Moore Derangement Syndrome"

Anyhow, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks to my regular and oft-times readers. When I was about two years old it was a big joke in my family to show me some nifty object because I'd say "how niiiice". And it is :)

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mercredi, septembre 26, 2007

Off to the Woodshed

Or under the bus.. or....

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Caption That

Fred has a pretty good "Caption this" going on up in thar...

mardi, septembre 25, 2007

How to spend a couple of hours

Bikram Yoga.

To my male readers that means yoga. Only a little different. It's in a room that's about... oh... 110 degrees...give or take a degree.

Yes, it IS hot.

Once upon a time I did yoga twice a day, and I really liked it. Then things changed, I didn't get to do it as much or often or with as much energy as I did. That's another story, but this story is about me trying to get my yoga back on again. Which I am trying to do in a big way.

Why so hot? Yoga hurts. Especially if the instructor is giving you an old fashioned whoopin. Which this one did. At first I thought, no way, my knees don't do this anymore. And they kind of don't but you know what, it's up to me to push through being wobbly, or inflexible, or uncoordinated.

Once your mind clears though, all bets on doubts are off. You'd be suprised how your body and mind will suddenly click into place like someone flipped a switch.

Sometimes I spaced out. Sometimes I couldn't keep going, but I did.

And by the end of the class, I was laying on my back on the mat and I was exhausted, and about as relaxed mentally and physically as I could possibly be.

It's easy to forget how much stress your body carries. It might sound like feel goody stuff, but yoga is a pretty low impact way to remove stress from your body.

You feel something that you don't normally feel during the day. Out with the bad, in with the good.

Only a little hotter so that you can work into it a little deeper.

As I left the studio, it was raining. Believe you me, I was happy to see rain.

What can snap one out of such bliss, such openness? Such relaxation?


till next time....

Phel Must Laugh

Mitch Fatel. The importance of....

lundi, septembre 24, 2007

Now for something we hope you'll really like

Is it possible to have a better cover?

Chris Isaak is a genius :)

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The Quotable Tyrant

" In Iran we don't have homosexuals like in your country. We don't have that like in your country. ... In Iran we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you that we have this."

- Mahmoud Ahmedinejad

Mackmoud does New York

It's official. And now visible. The media has successfully handed over the power to influence public opinion, to the terrorists.


By publicly undermining the presidency and leadership. Think the terrorists don't care about how we think and how to beat us? They just did. They've figured out via our media's approach to swaying public opinion and pushing agendas, that all they have to do is come over to this country and "talk" to us and get us on their side. They see intellectual weakness and are capitalizing on it.

Ridiculous? You bet. Real? Don't scoff. At one point we thought that people who opposed ousting Saddam Hussein were out there, too.

Consider this a foot in the door. Yes, you should be very afraid.

That's not what we meant by laughter, Hillary

Jay Weber is having an excellent discussion this morning about Hillary's freakish Sunday morning show cackling. Glad someone said something about the socially awkward, shrill, and annoying "laughter" emanating from Hillary.

Everybody knows Hillary doesn't laugh.

But even I was embarrassed for the hosts on these programs.

Anyone who debates the genuine and uncoached nature, tell me this: if you were out in public with a group and someone was acting like that, you'd wonder what the heck was wrong with them. And you'd likely want to ditch'em.

Sure was effective though, wasn't it?

samedi, septembre 22, 2007

So it was an empty threat?

I still haven't rolled all my thoughts about Healthy Wisconsin into one neat little throw-able sludgeball. So I won't use specifics yet.

But the tactics of "we'll take away an empty threat if you give us what we want" is very reminiscent of playground antics. In other words, in the early 80's I experienced kid politics that were right along the same lines. The approach and the remaining "threat" are childish and immature. These politics are the best we can do? Are we really willing to settle for the tallest midget when it comes to how our state is run?

State Republicans, listen. If you play into this game, you will lose what respect I have left for you. If you sign this Cambodia-style confession, don't count on any support from me in the future, because I know it will be rebuked.

You'll be no more than a lost cause until a new generation of actual conservatives can take your place in office.

The investment in getting out the vote for these people is enormous. We are up against legalized cheating when it comes to elections in this state and the deck is stacked.

Don't let us down and surrender to being blackmailed into raising taxes.

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vendredi, septembre 21, 2007

It's the Freakin' Weekend

Most Fridays, this here song will be going through my head.

I love acoustic versions of pop songs, especially because everyone who covers a song has something unique about the way they do it. Not sure how many acoustic covers I actually have in stock...but it's quite a few.

Who knew though, that R. Kelly's "Ignition" sounds GREAT acoustically?

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Proof that anything we can do, Europe can't do better.

At least when it comes to dancing.

This is video of the latest dance craze in France. Seriously, you have to be kidding me. It reminds me of the How to Dance Like A White Guy video that was circulating for a while. Only worse.

This - this is How to Dance Like a White Guy Who Doesn't Know How To Krump.

Krump looks tight. This looks stupide. And this is supposed to be some top tektoniker.

Here is Tektonik:

Here is Krump:

For the record, the ladies just kill it on that video. Put that up against the slow, sloppy, uncoordinated "moves" of Tektonik.

Better yet, put those Tektonik flakes up against our Krump, who's gonna win and who's gonna get laughed out? I know of what I speak and where I'm from. Go back to the drawing board, kids.

jeudi, septembre 20, 2007

Men In Trees

Abe Lincoln once said, "when I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad." Sometimes doing the right thing feels bad. And not only does it feel bad, it can feel downright scary and uncomfortable.
-tonight's episode of Men In Trees
Pressing those outer boundaries of your comfort zone is the most uncomfortable place that I can think of. I've resented the people who I feel have put me there and I've blamed them for how I felt. What I didn't know is they were putting me in a situation that would awaken the parts of me that they knew needed to change. I did too, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

That small, cramped outer boundary is where the highest amount of expansion can happen. It doesn't feel like it at the time, and you can't help fighting walls that you think are closing in on you. But what a disappointment it is when you lash at it only to realize the walls aren't there. And then you realize what a relief it is.

And I just felt like sayin' it :)

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mardi, septembre 18, 2007

Hello My Name Is....

Making small talk is perhaps one of my biggest challenges. I wish I knew where it came from because I'd like to unravel it and grease my social abilities just a little bit more.

Nothing's more awkward than not knowing how to go just a step past breaking the ice. Even worse is talking in a group. As a woman, this is critical knowledge. I grew up around all men except for my mom, and most of my friends are men. This needs to change. But back to that conversing and hanging out in a group thing. Very quickly I can find myself drifting to the outer banks of a group like a small object in a river. What would be a lot more preferable is to be in there going along for the ride.

Deep down is an extrovert that I can't seem to plug into. It's like there's a crimp in the cord and I have to hold it just a certain way to make things work. Does anyone out there have any general tips on small talk or mingling in group? What goes through your mind as you approach a group? And without calling attention to yourself in a "needy" manner? For the record, needy is the worst. Ever. But drifting into a one on one conversation that you can't seem to extract yourself from is much, much, much much much much much worse. I'd rather be part of the fun.

As If We Need More Proof

That sex offenders are in a state of mind and being that cannot be changed and rehabilitated. We get this story about an assistant US attorney.

I think prison is too good for a person like that.

And I think our own justice system contains too many enablers, too many people similar to those who turn their heads and look the other way while these violators destroy young lives. Too many people focused on the trees of technicality and instead of the forest.

lundi, septembre 17, 2007

It's MRQ Time

Kinda sounds like Miller Time, when you think about it :)

Stop on by!

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dimanche, septembre 16, 2007

Big Red Rocket of Luuuuuvvvvvvvv......

Sunday morning. It's not Monday yet.....

Nothing beats growling like a tiger, standing up on an upright bass, or even throwing it up into the air and catching it. Once will do it.

Or breaking into just a little bit of "ballroom blitz"....

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samedi, septembre 15, 2007

It's Official. Turned on the Heat

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vendredi, septembre 14, 2007

Oh Hellz Yes!

The first wave of Honeycrisp apples are in.

At least at the Outpost.

Now mind you, it's early in the season. They are not full size, flavor, or fragrance just yet.

All year long I just jones for these things. Any apple I bring home just isn't the same, it's only an empty reminder of what I long for in an apple.

Now, my day is complete ;)

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If You Have To Ask, You Already Know

True stories from Starbucks...

This morning I am working from home. I took a break and went to get my Americano, and let's just say that not much has changed since I rolled out of bed except that I changed my clothes. I'm in line and I can hear muttering behind me. And you know, people talk to themselves, whatever.

So I get my drink and go over to the bar, hoping to find a normal sized straw. The guy who was behind me is at the bar and he's dressed like he's about to go hunting elephants. I set my drink down and unwrap the straw since this guy isn't going to move.

He says to me, "Well, you're very attractive, how do I look?"

I turn to him, he's giving me the elevator, and giving himself the elevator.

I said, "You look like an idiot".

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jeudi, septembre 13, 2007

Do you see what I see?

And strangely enough, it made me think of this little gem posted over at Planet Brenda this morning...

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Toyota Diversifies

To corner the golf cart market....

mercredi, septembre 12, 2007

Sorry That I missed DR

But I WILL be there next time!

Yes, All of the Above

Sally Tomato gives a review of Golden Age movie actors and their hottie-factor. I was of course glad to see said review. I agree with her on ...all of the above. My only additions would be:

Gene Kelly. Gene Kelly was the man. He could sing, act, do his own stunts, and he had a drive to work to perfection that was nearly incomparable. When I need some comforting, I put on the ipod earbuds and listen to his performance of "You were meant for me" from Singin' in the Rain. Sometimes a woman needs to retreat to the gentleman of the old school.

Rex Harrison. Especially in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. He was brilliant and in complete control of his persona. There is something to be said for a person who lives life with 100% of who they are, and this is what I see from Rex Harrison. Who is not attracted to someone who is strong, bold, and fully present.

lundi, septembre 10, 2007

No, Britney Wasn't Obese, But....

She still shouldn't parade that around onstage in a bikini. Let's face it. Bikinis are meant for a very specific portion of the population - they are not for everybody. And if anyone doesn't like that, that's too bad. I'm 118 pounds but I'm 36 and I've spent a good portion of my life overweight. Trust me, even thought I've lost the weight, that doesn't mean I should wear a bikini. And I respect that fact.

What was more revealing, for a lack of a better word, was the entire ambiance of the performance.

Britney, who has revealed just about everything in attempt to further her career, and trashed and disrespected herself in attempts to further her career, has laid down with dogs and come up with fleas.

It was very apparent in her performance that it was the last attempt to self-exploit when there was nothing left to take advantage of anymore. Even for her.

It wasn't that she bombed. It was that she bottomed out.

As I watched the replay this afternoon, one thing occurred to me. And I do what I can to keep this blog PG-13. But we have all had a naked dream at some point in our lives. In the dream, for most people, you're walking around naked and you're not quite sure how that happened, but it's happening. The first reaction in your dream is denial: to pretend that nothing is wrong, that everything is as it has always been. But you know that all of you and who you are is out there on parade. God says "guard your treasure" and he's not just talking about your goods. Who you are is important and must be treated by reverence. If not by you, then by who?

Here's a Thought For You

Brain function of conservatives, liberals differs.

When you read this article, the reporter quotes scenarios from a study that positions liberals as more likely to adapt and come up with new solutions, yet conservatives will stick in a set pattern And yet there is hope, the brain can change.

But when I read the entire article, some things seem to be missing. Age, experience, and other demographic factors. The results as reported are simplified and don't take into consideration that long term learning - or better put - wisdom, takes place at a later age. Especially with regard to creative problem solving.

I think it would have been interesting to use a comparison on problem solving within parameters. Most situations that liberals and conservatives differ upon are things that will not and cannot change - and those are the laws of life, motivation, and self-achievement. You can't legislate or change the simple laws of life, you can only manage against them.

As the article is written it favors liberal thought and approach. But the way it's written would also mean that liberals aren't "learners". Case in point is the section about how liberals and conservatives deal with traffic construction:
People often drive home from work on the same route, day after day, such that it becomes habitual and doesn't involve much thinking," Amodio explained by way of comparison in an e-mail.

"But occasionally there is road work, or perhaps an animal crosses the road, and you need to break out of your habitual response in order to deal with this new information."

Using electroencephalographs, which measure neuronal impulses, the researchers examined activity in a part of the brain -- the anterior cingulate cortex -- that is strongly linked with the self-regulatory process of conflict monitoring.

The match-up was unmistakable: respondents who had described themselves as liberals showed "significantly greater conflict-related neural activity" when the hypothetical situation called for an unscheduled break in routine.

Conservatives, however, were less flexible, refusing to deviate from old habits "despite signals that this ... should be changed."
If you want to get political about this, I have a comparison for you. The increasing amount of laws and regulations and redistribution of wealth have nothing to do with "dealing with ambiguity" as liberals are touted in this study as being more able to do. Instead, it means that liberals cannot stand deviation from the set plan and furthermore, will not tolerate it. Who are the ones that want to break out of that pattern????

There is another larger point that the article makes that I don't have enough time to explore right now (because I have a job and want to be on time so I can support the economy), which is the premise that conservatives can't pick upon cues that things should change. I don't know about you, but there are a few observations I have about that:

- Change for the sake of change is fine for a hairdo, but when corn lobbies and the economy are involved, change for the sake of change is just stupid. That's "picking up on cues" that aren't really there.

- Most conservatives want to remove the barriers to people's lives that keep things stuck and inflexible. Most conservatives want to remove the binds of a government that wants to eliminate our ability to make choices. A government that wants to make choices FOR us.

And finally I don't know about you, but the messages coming from conservatives for the past 40 years have focused on change. And change within the parameters of what we are able to change and control within our lives. That's where true creative problem solving takes place and makes the most difference.

Yep, Saw That One Coming

dimanche, septembre 09, 2007

Carspotting - Amato Ford, Mukwonago, WI

One thing I pride myself on is my sense of direction. You can pretty much drop me anywhere and I'll figure my way out of it. But today, a funny thing happened on the way to the car show. I got lost.

But clearly, the cars (and directions - thank you) waved me in :) Come see my most recent car pics at my "Vee-hickles" set on Flickr.

T-Bird Emblem...

Mercury...and clouds


T-Bird Emblem

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Cover that Sh*t Up!

I must draw the line. I must put all size 7.5 of my foot down.

TWICE in the last week, I have seen co-workers shirtless in public. And sweaty. This does nothing for their credibility towards me during working hours. Imagine people that you need to be completely serious with at all times, and that you need in order to get your job done. Now picture them shirtless and sweaty. Nuff said.

This must stop.

However this evening as I was going to see my friends' band play, I passed someone who I work with, that I could live with seeing shirtless. And sweaty.

At that very, very moment, I was quite happy that I was not having one of those "nobody is looking, I shall now innocently check my nostrils" moments. Oh yes, I was quite relieved.

vendredi, septembre 07, 2007

Punk Friday

I still love Punk. This might mean I haven't grown up, or it could just be like any other generation who's grown up on whatever, and it just remains part of who they are.

But I do love it.... it makes me feel great when I feel great, and it can even make me feel great when I don't. It's good stuff. So on my 15 minute lunch today whereby I ran to sendik's and back, I was able to catch a few minutes of Buzz's Garage w/Lo Fi Slop Rock. Great show on WMSE, starts at noon on Fridays.

When people think of punk they think of all kinds of bands, too many to name here.

But the Ramones, well, they're still one of my favorites. Here's a little performance from way back in da day...love the way Joey sings this one1

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mercredi, septembre 05, 2007

I Saw Dat!

(the following commentary is not directed to regular readers of TC or the general normal and well adjusted population)

Hey uhm....

I know some of you aren't very smart out there so listen up. This advice won't cost you anything and you don't have to process it through your insurance company.

When you type words into a search engine like google and hit "search", you're followed by a second choice that believe it or not, makes a big difference.

Because if for whatever reason the combination of words brought you to a blog, let's say one called The Unconfidentials, the blogger knows the following;

- What words you used
- What time you came here to their blog, and in most cases;
- Where you work, and sometimes, what department.

I know it's hard, but think about these things. Please.

By the way, it's too late now. You might as well stick around.

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I would say this is right on, especially after experiencing a mosquito ambush this past weekend. Courtesy of V'ron:
The mosquitoes. I know there isn't a verb in this previous sentence fragment, but no verb is necessary. These are not your regular mosquitoes. These are post-apolyptic, super-turbo-chraged, radiocative, Sam's-club-volume mosquitoes. Bug repellent does no good: these bastards drink DEET for breakfast and wash it down with a human blood chaser.
Too bad the bastards aren't afraid of the 12 gauge.

mardi, septembre 04, 2007

Do you need this? I do!

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Putting a New CD in the Changer....

A few years ago I saw the Reverend Horton Heat live at the Eagles Ballroom. I thought they sounded great. They're one of those bands that when I hear them I know it, and it sounds great every single time.

But I never owned any of their CDs.

So I did a CD swap with a friend...I'll burn some for you, hows about you burn some for me? This is something I don't do enough and I should, because music is still expensive. And no, I don't download freebies. To me the risk isn't worth it - I have no idea what those interfaces really do and where that music's been.

I now have two CDs by the Reverend Horton Heat and I don't know why I waited so darned long because they're fantastic. Nothing beats a band that isn't just a band. This music sampler was on their myspace page - I might have populated it with different selections but... carry on with it as you will :)

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lundi, septembre 03, 2007

I Heart The 12 Gauge

Note to self. Hunting in the summer isn't easy business. For one there are mosquitos, and for two, it's frickin hot.

So yes, today was hunting day... and I can't wait to go again but it will be after the bugs die off. I was very pensive about taking a shot when the bugs were as bad as they were. I'm sure that for most hunters this isn't a big deal, but like most people ...when my hand is on the trigger, that's some serious go time.

But I did get a shot in. It was real and it was spectacular. 12 gauge shotgun. I've shot handguns and rifles thus far but not a shotgun. A little different than I was expecting too...it went straight back instead of up or sideways. After I took the shot I'd say about 8 doves came flying out of the tree. My friend said, "that looked good".

Well good. Because I wouldn't expect someone to waste their effort if I was a pansy. That's just no fun. I really wanted to take another shot, too. Maybe next time :)

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dimanche, septembre 02, 2007

I Am So Going Hunting on Monday!

You guys, I went to WalMart today. It wasn't easy. Not because I dislike WalMart, but I don't go alone.

I have my very first ever hunting license. With my very own name on it. Small game. Big guns. I should have some pics too.

Watch out, varmints....

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samedi, septembre 01, 2007

Chasing Summer

I'm one day late in posting this picture.

Happy September 1st.

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