jeudi, novembre 30, 2006

Cinnamon (the Disapproving Rabbit) vs. Parsley

Alas. There IS approval in the world.

A Few Years Ago I Made A Prediction

That Britney was just a few years of separation from doing porn. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm right.

Someone just made a great point on the Jay Weber show. That until Adults step forward and condemn the behavior, and until someone gets arrested and charged and stigmatized for indecent exposure, not much will happen.

And a whole generation's expectations of how to treat women and how women should treat themselves will be changed.

As I've said before (i.e. the Madison Playboy shoot, Sex in the City), it's not empowerment. It's the reverse. And I don't want any part of it and Brit, Hohan and Paris, if your behavior causes anyone to mistreat me, I'll find a way to discuss it with you personally.

UPDATE (unfortunately). I just stopped in front of the TV as ET was "reporting" on Britney's little faux pas(es). They were interviewing different stars like Howie Mandel, Emmitt Smith, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Okay, when I saw this, I had a Michael Richards flashback. Know what these "adults" were saying?
"Oh, Brit deserves to go out on the town, dah dah dah.... as long as the kids are taken care of...."
Hmm. When did this kind of indecent exposure define a night on the town? I mean, unless you're for sale, it doesn't.

Or worse, from Jennifer Love Hewitt:
"That's between her and her kids".
Really Jen? How old do you think those kids are, and why would it EVER be a situation between her and her kids? The closest it should ever be between her and her kids are when they are fricking BORN!

Idiots. Stay out west, in a confined area. Please.

mercredi, novembre 29, 2006

A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do....

Well, of course, after the gorgeous Vogue 9558 is complete :)

Photo courtesy of I will be making the slacks (dark blue, on left). I will need to do a lot of fitting because I am a lot smaller (a 1942 size 18 is a 2006 size 8) than the size, but tell me, how much more awesome could these possibly be???

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mardi, novembre 28, 2006

That's Just Fighting Dirty

One of the most unsafe places for anyone to stand is between a woman and her hair appointment. The other is ten feet from a hornet's nest, with a nine foot pole. Both could produce some very similar responses.

And if you wanted to tax either of the above, well, you're going to need a lot more than a nine foot pole.

Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) will, too. He might start with holding Mark O'Connell, executive director of the Wisconsin Counties Association, by the ankles and let him reach for it.

Apparently salon services don't deserve to be tax-exempt, according to O'Connell:
"I'd be fascinated to hear why hair salons, nail salons and barbershops deserve a tax break worth more than $29 million a year and why health clubs think they deserve a sales tax exemption valued at about $3.3 million a year, O'Connell said."

Let me offer some perspective. Number one, just because numerous items are taxed, doesn't mean anything should be taxed. That's the obvious one. Secondly, and Econ 101: it isn't the salon getting taxed, it's the flipping customer.

But let me tell you why they decided to do this.

Getting your hair did and going to a health club are in effect, self-care. These are two ways that people keep themselves up - something that should by all means be encouraged.

But here is what's dirty about this proposition.

Even when an economy goes through a rough patch, even when it's financially difficult, women and men who use salon services will find a way to make sure that they are able to maintain their appearance. For a woman, getting your hair done is important. It is akin to buying nylons or work clothes, it is very basic self-care.

These weasels know that women will not stop going to the salon. Sure, they may opt to do their color every other visit to adjust if cost is an issue, but to opportunists like Erpenbach and O'Connell, they see this as a sure thing that cannot be "wiggled out of". It does put women, in particular, in the financial corner.

I don't use this word very often, and I will only use it if I mean it. Targeting the patrons of salon services - women - is Sexist. Women get their hair done and other services as basic upkeep. Some women are extraordinarily lucky if they are beautiful and their appearance is naturally low maintenance, but that is a small percentage of the population.

Women use salon services for a variety of reasons depending upon the woman - it can range from covering gray hair, maintaining an attractive appearance for the opposite sex, wanting to fit in, and this could be taken the wrong way but it's not intended the wrong way - women need to maintain appearance, neatness, health and attractiveness even for the success of their career. It all counts.

Why all the fuss?

Taxes get increased, we all know that. But why else?

A basic service, like I get every six to seven weeks, of a cut and foils costs me about $130. Why so much? I go to someone who can deliver high quality services that last that entire time. A crappy run of the mill job will have you going back to the salon in four weeks to the tune of about $70. But wait there's more - 15% tip. Just like at the bar, you tip well, you get good service.

So let's say a 5.6% tax on $130 bucks is $7.28. With all the women getting services done every day, year in and year out, that would be an absolute hauling. That is a sh*tload of money every year. And they know that they will get it and that there is no way out of it.

And it would put African American women at a VERY pointed disadvantage. The services are different and can cost more than services for women of other backgrounds. Depending upon the style they may need to go more often as well. And among African American females, what about the women who are poor and trying to better their careers and earn more money?

What's a lady to do?

Do you suppose O'Connell would at least hold us afterward??? Erpenbach???

I wouldn't plan on it.

A Carnival Under the Weather...

It won't be rained out, but I have strep which is a slight inconvenience. It's not really 4:19 p.m. but about 11:19 p.m. I've never had strep before in all my 35 years and let me just say I am surprised at the symptoms. Really, being able to keep something down right now would, in a word, rock.

lundi, novembre 27, 2006

From The Shareholder Perspective

Underneath the weekend's mashed potatoes and stuffing and craptops lay news stories buried on the bathroom floor. Like offended thirteen year olds the media and lawmakers are out in force with cans of lysol and incense. Even the offenders know that it stinks.

So goes the story of Christine Sinicki, Marlin Schneider, Mike Ellis or Fred Risser.
None of the above have ever claimed or in normal circles, used sick time - even when, in Sinicki's case - bedridden. Something that most people reading this post would get fired for. It could only happen in an artificial economy like a governmental entity.

Because, if a publicly held company that was held responsible by true market forces had a liability of $3.2 million hanging over its head in unpaid, accrued sick time, they would be downgraded by analysts to "dump". It's the same as debt. And of course, $3.2 million today will compound and explode five, ten and fifteen years from now.

Something that cannot be sustained, even by an artificial market like government.

And since anything government touches goes up in price dramatically (take the cost of higher education, for example, since 1988), you can bet that when medicine goes socialized that the taxpayer's share will also compound. And not in a saved-and-scraped-and-invested compound interest kind of way.

Pee Wee Herman's show had a "word of the day". And whenever you heard the word, you had to scream. Liability is the word of the day. Dumping the shares is the only option. Or dumping the employees who don't claim sick time. Pie in the sky you'll say, but it doesn't change the fact that it's the truth.

This One is for You, Sliver!

Courtesy of the lovely Brenda Love!

dimanche, novembre 26, 2006

Come and Get Us, Hugo.

Preferably in the next 45 days though.

After that, we'll stick you with Nancy Pelosi.

Take your pick.

Nope. I Don't Like It.

I lied. But it was fun to say.

From time to time you've seen me post a picture of the wonderful Cinnamon The Disapproving Rabbit.

Well, Cinnamon's human, Sharon, is now selling t-shirts of said notorious disapproval. As Sharon would say, "blood. murder. mayhem". And congrats to the Birdchick, as we will be seeing a lot more disapproving rabbits in the future - on our coffee tables.

Here is the shirt design

And here is the staunch disapproval.

Don't let it put you off though. I'm sure Cinnamon's pickled tink.

Congratulations, Cantankerous and Joe

I'm so incredibly happy for you both!!!!! God Bless!!!

samedi, novembre 25, 2006

Really Really Really Really Great

I have to agree with Nick.

Don't hate. After a few months now, it's "really" unbecoming.

Grab Your Fedoras, Mac.

The Carnival of the Badger, The Jones Edition, will be hosted here this Thursday. I'm a little new at this, so for those of you not familiar with the process, Nick has a lovely FAQ on how to submit your submishes.

Please aim for 7 p.m. Wednesday night. And then, c'mon by to see what the heck happened with it all!

(Even I will stay tuned for that one)

Good For Franklin

Franklin passed its own ordinance to prevent sex offenders from living or congregating in areas of their city. I say it doesn't go far enough, but it's a step in the right direction.

Its constitutionality is being debated, which is fine. Here is something that concerns me to that effect, taken from the above story:

"Both measures were signed by the governor. But a drafting omission in a subsequent law kept the "return to sender" provision from taking effect."

Nice, huh?

On a personal note I don't think these excuses for human beings should have much freedom, period. Jail or probation or supervision aside, they can never be rehabilitated. I stand by that.

vendredi, novembre 24, 2006

Is that an ear of corn in your pocket, or are you happy to see Wisconsin?

Dear Journal Sentinel

That's Nice. How Did They Get It?


Greased Palms.

jeudi, novembre 23, 2006

I Feel Fat

'nuff said.

I'm Not Surprised They're Surprised

First, I am incensed that the whole Michael Richards thing seems to be getting swept under the rug, toned down, or whatever by the media and by Hollywood.

But something that keeps coming up in my mind is as follows: A lot of people are saying that they're somehow upset that his non-apology botched apology unheartfelt apology outward-deflecting apology - wasn't good enough. Of course it wasn't. That's because it was....

A Statement.

This will come as a surprise to many, but the media, smarmy souless leftist politicians, and the do-gooder Hollywood that people put so much faith in, is full of it.

They tell you what they think is appropriate.

To expect anything above and beyond that is living in a dream world. Expecting contrition from Richards is like expecting true remorse from Doyle or Feingold. And think about it. When was the last time you heard someone truly say, from their heart, "I'm sorry" and meant it? And they didn't say it simply to end the tension and get on with things?

That's what we are seeing here. "Let's get on with it."

One last element of this can't go unnoticed. The moral fabric of this society has deteriorated to the point that the lawyeristic, defense approach is the answer to everything. It's easier to some of these folks although it takes a lot longer. Longer than being a human being and actually feeling remorse about your action instead of remorse about others reactions.

mercredi, novembre 22, 2006

Hot. Cha. Cha.

This was a wonderful week in the world of winning vintage sewing patterns on ebay.

As I had been jonesing a few weeks ago
, I found the Vogue 9558 pattern. I was hoping to find it in a 14 or 16, but no matter, I end up altering everything as most seamstreses do.

However. I could barely contain myself when I found that I was the winner. This is so incredibly me.

Here is a sampling of what the directions sheets look like for these old patterns. In the 30's and 40's it wasn't uncommon for patterns to be unmarked - instead they had little die-cut holes to mark gathers and darts. Believe it or not, it works a lot better than the modern patterns. The halloween pinup shirt was a pattern from 1941.

Then, I won this incredible gem. Every time I look at it, I think of the song Santa Catalina. Even though this is a 40's pattern :)

The next two months are going to be insanely busy though and it's going to be difficult for me to do much else than work. And um, blog. I hope I can keep my sew on. It's amazing what you can get done in a weekend, although for the experienced, creative, motivated seamstress, the drive to complete a certain piece can border on the psychotic. In a good way. In a driven way. And as you've seen, it's a labor of love that has worth like none other.

Libellés :

Pre-Turkey Partying: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

In fact, it's Sliver's inquiring mind that is wondering if tonight, Wednesday the 22nd, is truly a party night.

So is it?

And if so, where you gonna go?

That's a Bad Day At School

Stabbed in the heart with a hair pick.

How do you explain that to your own kids?

I'm not one to throw stones. At 14 I was in a fight with two girls who knew better what they were doing and I have a permanent lump on my head. But I didn't have a risk of heart infection.

And uh, for the record, we were also fighting over a boy.

But what's worse? At my alma mater, Washington, they just experienced the fourth attack on a teacher.

It was the teachers at Washington who taught me that when two students are fighting, you don't get involved. The best thing to do in that situation is to get out of the way. Knowledge that has served me well. For real, just get out of the way.

mardi, novembre 21, 2006

That's A Bad Day At Work

Imagine for a minute, you're the boss.

Now, here's the roster of urgent and unexpected events of the day:

1. Secret Service agent who is guarding your daughter on her visit to Argentina is beaten.

2. Interim travel office director is beaten and robbed in Waikiki

3. Three officers in your motorcade crash and two are seriously injured.

I'll stick with my normal day to day complaints. Thanks.

It Depends Upon What You Mean By "Budget"

As we speak, and you read, and I write, whatever, I'm looking for the Doyle ad that claims how he "balanced the budget". This was touted as one of the "Doyle's a great guy" brownie points in his ads.

So wtf happened in the last couple of weeks? How did we suddenly get a $1.6 billion deficit?

And when Doyle comes back to molest us with more/higher taxes, you know what I think should be done?

I think that we should start forwarding our tax bills to the tribes and contractors and other pinheads that have benefited from Doyle's administration. Seriously. Or file a class action lawsuit. Something that stinks as much as Doyle does.

Or here's another approach: he's not MY governor. Hell if I'm going to pay his taxes.

samedi, novembre 18, 2006

Darned Near Perfect

We interrupt this blogging for an unsolicited dose of female pigdom. Again.

And of course, the brilliant "Moses Supposes". Saturday night is complete.

vendredi, novembre 17, 2006

Steak -n- Shakin' Right

I reckon....

No, wait..... Ah Declare.

That we may need a post drinking right steak'n shakin' right....

What say y'all?

jeudi, novembre 16, 2006

Paging Brother Mav....

Understand you're harboring some Playstation 3's....

Watch out. The Walmarties might be after you next!!!

Now Them's Fightin' Words

And actions.

Brian Fraley is posting an insightful account of his experience on the JB Van Hollen campaign. It's worth your time to read, and you know, you might as well bookmark it because we'll need some reminders as we regroup for 2008.

Really. If we've learned anything as a nation from Sept 11 - it's as follows: So soon we forget, and so late we get smart. Don't relax too much or forget what needs to be done as we get some time and space between now and '08.

As for the flyers, good on you Brian. It's about time we used real tactics. That's some smart sh*t.

You Know, You'd Think They Could at Least Hold Us A Few Minutes Afterward.....

Either after getting what they wanted out of the election. Or before screwing us with a $104 million fee increase in taxes.

mercredi, novembre 15, 2006

Ladies, It's Time To Take The Gloves Off.

Well you can't veto a veto.

But you can recall a county board.

We've done it once, we can do it again.

CRG, Milwaukee, Taxpayers, anyone? anyone? If we were pissed before at Ament, that was just the beginning. That was the warm-up act.

It IS time to take the gloves off. I hate to say it but it's time for conservatives to fight dirty. All this crap about diplomacy is a bunch of rot. The playing field has changed and they know that many conservatives go on the assumption that everyone can and should behave ethically. Screw that.

You know what this is? The term "entitlement" has taken on a life of it's own. Once it was giving a handout, now the hand is being pulled and beaten. If we let that message stand, this will only be the beginning. But Phel, it's been going on a long time! Well, so has crime in the city, but what we once called "crime" isn't crime anymore - it's evil. And it happened fast. So what is this, or will this be? Because it will be fast... too.

Hey, ah, Ya Knowww...

In honor of Talk Like a Yooper day, I really wanted to find a copy of "Rusty Chevrolet" by the Yoopers, but I couldnt' find it.

But, I DID find a karaoke version!!!! And after all, doesn't the name of the day imply that you should be the one doing it?? :)

Sober optional....

mardi, novembre 14, 2006

An ode to plastic and paper

Paper and plastic go without clink,
or piles for days in the kitchen sink.

It's days like these, so busy bee
without a single moment free,
I pay homage to styro
and plastic and paper
whose portable purpose
and disposable nature
hath freed me from dobies
and dish soap and toil
and leaves me to work
concentration unspoiled.

It's busy time
again, I declare
the fewer the worries
and full head of hair
for disposable dishes can cease and desist
one less task
one less task on my list!

Open wide my trashcan
it's your turn to feeds....
c'mon my sweet
we all have our needs!
Flush away, flush away
you know the drill,
on dixie, on mardi gras
off to yon land fill!

Spotted Thoughts

I hate to say it, but Chris is right....

"Hey to my blogger friends who live in Milwaukee I am sorry but its time to face the fact that if your a conservative in Milwaukee anything you do will be akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You live in a city/county that has already hit the iceberg its only a matter of time before it goes under taking its citizens with it."

"I mean you have a county that vote close to 70% for Diamond Jim maybe even higher than that I am too lazy to look up the number. From a conservative viewpoint it is beyond gone the Liberal Zombies have overrun Milwaukee just like in “Dawn of the Dead” but these zombies don’t eat human flesh they eat tax dollars. Racine is just as over run so what do we do?"

"Oh and part of the plan has to be pumping up Tom Barrett as the best Mayor Milwaukee has had since Henry Maier. Yes keeping Tom in power is keep to my plan to destroy Milwaukee from within. "

With that, do you think Tosa could secede from The Union? Scott??

lundi, novembre 13, 2006

Why Yes, It IS Too Early For Christmas Music

But I just discovered that Mercy Me has a Christmas album. There are more than a few Christian artists that I listen to and like an awful lot. Someday, I'll publish an iTunes mix of my favorite songs. Tim Hughes, Casting Crowns, Rebecca St. James, the list goes on. Anyhow. Mercy Me has a Christmas album and I just bought it - what sold me was their version of O Holy Night.

A Message to You, Rudy

I always think of the song anytime I hear his name.

Politics and recent elections aside, does anyone see Rudy as a realistic presidential contendor? In other words, could he do the job, and is he electable?

I for one, would love to see Rudy up against John McCain or Russ Feingold. What makes me wobbly is the memory of the Hillary run for senate. If you'll recall, there was major dirt brought up on Rudy, and one of his advisors (former police chief). That was all pre-September 11th. He suddenly came down with Prostate cancer and had to bow out for health reasons, for personal reasons, for whatever reasons. Things like that make me wonder what really goes on behind the scenes.

Because I think Rudy's health was perfectly fine.

Anyhow. As far as conservatives go, Rudy is a good one. He takes the gloves off, doesn't need to placate, understands the levers of politics (I mean, c'mon, he cleaned up New York)... I think that the conservative representation could use a hero. His balls aren't in his back pocket, which is a lot more than can be said for most "conservative" representation.

He knows how to fight. When was the last time you saw a conservative politician fight? Reagan. That's the last time you saw a plain-spoken, no apologies, no-nonsense conservative.

While Guiliani isn't Reagan - and fittingly nobody will ever be - he could be very good for us in these times. Provided he doesn't lose what makes him Rudy.

That's my message to you, Rudy.

dimanche, novembre 12, 2006

Would Anyone Like Some Nice Green Bean Casserole?

"That's a Very Nice Dress You're Wearing, America"

The Truth Comes Out When You're.....

well... courtesy of Spring City Chronicle.... you get the message...

samedi, novembre 11, 2006

This, Over The Thomas Crowne Affair?


Sure took me a long time to wake up today and get out to the Download 2006. Then, on top of that, the Poor Woman's Cable (Channels 10/36) was showing the Thomas Crowne Affair.

It was really great to see other bloggers again, and some for the first time. All apologies for leaving so soon, but I needed to get a move on by 2:00. And, I kind of had to agree with Ace Reporter Huckleberry Dumbell - it was just a little too soon. This was reflected in quite a few of the conversations, I think. But you know, for all the bitter garbage you see on TV, portraying the Hatfields-and-McCoys battle of liberal vs. conservative, it's good to see that most of us can get together and have a civil if not enlightening time.

Thanks to Boots and Sabers and One Wisconsin for today's events.

See you all for the ho ho ho version of DR....

vendredi, novembre 10, 2006

Geeks Unite....

For Saturday's Download 2006 blog summit sponsored by Boots and Sabers and

Now prepare yourselves to laugh. I don't have one flip of an idea where WCTC is. Why? Pa told me some wise words many years ago that I've heeded:

"Stay out of Waukesha".

Just kidding. No, I'm not kidding, but anyway. I know it's out there somewhere and to hell with directions, I'll find it...

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Liberals

So demonstrated over at Real Debate Wisconsin

Some Things Must Be Pointed Out

Nuff said ...

Well Hello, Challie....

Here it comes, folks:

"Mississippi gets more than their fair share back in federal money, but who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?"

Uh, wait a sec, what I meant by that was.....

"I certainly don't mean to offend anyone, I just love New York so much that I can't understand why everyone wouldn't want to live here."

So are the folks of Mississippi and the rest of us not-as-smart-as-you galoots supposed to believe that we didn't get the joke?

jeudi, novembre 09, 2006

Meet Your New State Treasurer

Well, it could be worse.

Wait a second, no.... it couldn't.

So I am going to go straight for the mullet. Dem style. Out of context, but sadly, not that far out....

"...she also vows to work hard for her $62,549-a-year salary."

"In order to give the position her full attention, she'll take a leave of absence from her job with Milwaukee County (where she makes about $44,000 a year) and quit two other part-time jobs, one as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital and the other as a clerk at Boston Store."

"I might hang on the Boston Store job for a little while," Sass said. "I think I need a new wardrobe."

"Sass, 47, is single, and lived with her parents until five years ago. She has a black lab named Xena, rides a Harley and likes to hunt."

(I wonder what she likes to hunt... weasels? And why the hell hadn't her parents kicked her ass out of the nest??? Couldn't she afford to live on her own with all those part-time jobs?)

"[Dan Dilberti] said we'd be working closely and offered to show me the ropes," Sass said.

Dan, you might need to be added to the payroll, son. That last comment is a doozie. So's the mullet.

mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

Dear Diamond Jim

...within four years you may have some serious competition. I mean, even the write-in candidates will master your tactics...

And you won't be the only game in town....

Les Enfants

I just woke my ass up, the news doesn't look good. Haven't gotten through all of it yet but...

First reaction? Ok, children. Not only is it immature to be a sore loser, but what's worse is a sore winner.

To the Dems: Pomp and circumstance are one thing. But sitting there and looking pretty while there is work to do in a pivotal time in our nation is quite another. You have made a hell of a lot of promises that don't fit the priority (and like it or not, the security of this nation IS the priority). That big job in the corner office looks good to anyone but whether or not you can cut it is another. You've got your work cut out for you.

To the Conservatives: Believe it or not, it's a blessing in disguise. Now is the time to define what a conservative is and send them to office. Because we sure as hell have put up with some "Republicans" who aren't conservatives. They've been voting liberal the whole time. We have two years to find out who the real conservatives are and let them emerge.

And the bright side is -

Remember when you were a kid and to outdo the other kid in a battle of wits you called "infinity" whether or not it even made any sense? Whether or not it even applied?

That's what we're seeing here. And technically, all they've won is THE NEXT TWO YEARS.

Keep sight of that.

Wins That Made Me Happy....

I'm enormously relieved that JB Van Hollen won. It tempers the blow of the win of His Smugness, Diamond Jim.

At least there will be some law and order.

I am happy that we've defined marriage. I think it's ironic though, that the No Vote campaign tactics backfired on them in the end. In a battle of values, it's hard to cover up la Veritas. At any rate, my opinion is that marriage is sacred in the eyes of God and also sacred in the eyes of this: Ensuring that our already-out-of-balance system of worker benefits in this country, is not further jeopardized.

I voted against the death penalty. Although part of me would rather kill some of these perps myself, I still believe that Thou Shalt Not Kill. If God says it, it's so. And trust me, that's a very short sentence that hasn't morphed much through translation.

Time to wash the smoke out of my hair and get some Starbucks. There are some things to be happy about this morning, after all.

mardi, novembre 07, 2006

Hella Good

It was wonderful to see everyone again this evening at Drinking Right. It's always really terrific to spend time with you all - I'm really glad to know all of you.

Video. Yes people, there is video of the Infamous and Long-Awaited Casper Concession Speech. For those of you who missed it, I will happily post it tomorrow when I've bought some new batteries for my camera, and stuff...

So tonight. I am on the couch with a blankie, a laptop, a big disney mug of Lotus tea.... some venison jerky (plug your ears, sliver) and last but not least, honeycrisp apple.

And a box of kleenex. Not for tears, but for these sinuses...

We got our vote on. Time to exhale.

Election Morning Musings

I arrived at the polls at 6:45 a.m. After walking in I had a momentary lapse of not knowing which direction to go. The woman behind me followed me. She said, and I quote, “you look like a teacher, you probably know where you’re going”. If I’d had caffeine yet, I’d have had a response.

Something was missing in the auditorium – I didn’t see Mr. Maurice who normally opens the polls. Instead, there was some lady who very unenthusiastically, and hardly called “Hear ye, hear ye” as though it was such a DWEM thing to say.

Fifteen minutes later the same two gentlemen were still working on their registrations.

I took a different route to work this morning, down North Ave. I turned quickly onto 45th street because I was distracted by the huge, old, beautiful duplexes. Then I turned up 44th at Meinecke to drive the same route I used to walk to school. The whole area was almost entirely in ruins. Some of it looked completely uninhabitable. It was never like that when I was walking to school. The only thing that has changed in the area is the attitude and its reflected in the houses. Everything else is exactly the same. It's been less than 20 years. After only a short time I had to stop looking at the houses.

At Starbucks the woman behind me in line sniffed at me as I ordered my drink. I turned to her and said, “I hope my vote cancels yours”.

I hope that Tom Reynolds wins. I would really like to see Audubon-style freeways full of all those people with guns. Mwaaahhhaaaaahhhaaaa.

My best friend and I have almost opposite political opinions although on many important things, we totally agree. I love her dearly and not in a Vote No kinda way :)

And last but not least. When did my polling place change from elderly volunteers to refrigerator-shaped women? Not pear or apple-shaped. Refrigerators.

samedi, novembre 04, 2006

Election Day: The Checklist.

Alarm set for 5:00 - check

Shoulder-carry sling chair from Wal-Mart - check

Ipod and earbuds - check

Ward number - check

Caffeine - not yet

Cranky elderly poll worker repellent - check

Drinking Right at Papa's - check

Very Best Friend Sliver - check

Day off on Wednesday - check

I'm ready to go, my dears. And here's the rest of the checklist:


As if y'all needed any reassurance.

The Genius of Competition

Nothing brings out creativity like the competitive spirit.

Click here to hear the winning audio from the Hannity contest on 1130

We Interrupt This Election Season To Bring You....

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers :)

In one of the most beautiful Fred and Ginger scenes, ever.

Top Hat - 1935

vendredi, novembre 03, 2006

Also at Target....

I overheard the following conversation:

Kid: "Mom are you going to vote on that marriage thing?"

Mom: "Of course"

Kid: "Well what're you going to vote?"

Mom: "I'm going to vote Yes."

Kid: "But Mom, you're s'posed to vote No!!"

At that time I had to casually float down the greeting card aisle to get a closer look. Mom didn't let me down. She told her son, who was about nine, exactly what No meant. I heard a few "buts", however Mom did a good job. She did her job.

Good for Mom :)

Not Too Shabby

I'm just sayin.

I heart my new Shabby Chic bedding from Target. The last time I owned real, live, wonderful and cozy fluffy bedding was when my parents intervened in 1985.

Really. Where else can you get a blanket called "Angel Food"???

(oh, PS - and I still wouldn't kick me outta bed for eating crackers!)

If Elected....

I will vote to abolish "Botox Wonky Eye"

mercredi, novembre 01, 2006


Pundit Nation has broken the code of... uh.... they've broken the code, ok?

Peep through the keyhole into the underground world of Drinking Right....

They went soft on us... this time