vendredi, janvier 30, 2009

Tax Day Thought On "Bipartisanship"

Today, I get to see just how much of my very hard earned money will be staying with the tax and spend liberals. Or in other worldly terms, legalized theft.

It's by the sweat of my brow that others get to sit on their ass or live high on the hog with their Waygu steak. So little of it goes to the infrastructure that it was intended for.

If HoBama really wants to be bipartisan, and baby-killer Pelosi wants to be nonpartisan, then offer me this: MY ability to vote on whether to pay for, or 'benefit' from this raid of the treasury. That's $12,000 less in their pocket, and MY ability to vote my conscience.

Of course, the loss of control would make them melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

mardi, janvier 27, 2009

Buy More Ammo

Fellow gun owner Chris (formerly of Spotted Horse) has posted a rebuttal to Eugene Kane's recent column on how those awful guns keep killing people. You know, just like the stories you hear about wild packs of SUVs running people over. That stuff.

At the end of Chris' post, he makes the point of the year: buy more ammo. Once I began seeing the swift arrogance of the Obama administration in action, you're damned straight I began to pick up more ammo in anticipation of raised taxes on it. I don't have any hangups about that either, I'm a law-abiding citizen who is within her rights to own a gun, and ammunition. The perception of this is heavily important to some people (terms like gun nut, conservative, hick, whatever). But in the past couple of months it's become very clear to me that fact-free folk will say whatever will make them a) happy b) comfortable c) one of the ideological collective. So in other words, their opinion doesn't matter to me.

You want the law abiding citizens to be armed. Especially those with strong Western values. The lives they would save, could be yours.

mardi, janvier 20, 2009

Wait Your Damned Turn!

No... I'm not talking about the bread lines that 51% of the country wants.

If Obama had kept his mouth shut and not interrupted Chief Justice Roberts, then the whole swearing-in process might have gone smoothly for EVERYONE. But no, Obama had to think about himself. Oh well, I guess we should expect it from now on. The First "Me First".

There's Nothing Funny About Handing This Country Over To Marxists

Except maybe this....

And YES, that's what it looks like.

lundi, janvier 19, 2009

Never Fear....

Okay, Mike Jacobs and all of the other irrelevant news personalities can stop hyperventilating now. Today I took care of my converter box business. I might still need an HD antenna though, because channel 4 doesn't come in all that well. Which doesn't bother me. Sorry, Mike.


It's Here, It Kills Deer, Get Used to It!

Ah, weaponry.

On Saturday afternoon, I officially became a gun owner. I went to Gander to buy my lovely, wonderful, stylish Mossberg 500 12 gauge. It's a youth stock and barrel yet still a decent 7.5 lbs. This gun came with three chokes, and has a rifled, vented barrel.

Buying a gun isn't a quick process. Even though I didn't need a waiting period, I did need the fed check and let me tell you, that's serious business. The sales folks go into business mode when you're filling out the paperwork, and when you're ready for checkout. And by that I mean, you don't pass your check and then wander around the store for a while. You get everything together, then do the check, then you buy your gun if you pass. Noooo f'ing around.

While I waited, I shouldered up a double barrel shotgun as well as a 30-06 and a 270. This will not be my only gun, as you know.

And yes I bought ammo but just one box. I'll go back for more. In the meantime ladies and gentlemen, Je vous presente, my first shotgun:

The safety is pretty nice on this thing - right there in front of your face.

What a very proud day this is for me, I'm incredibly proud to be a gun owner.  Our second amendment right is not to be taken lightly and is one to be protected.   I've wanted my own 12 for a long time and I had to wait until I had the money to buy it.  This is not a "run on guns".  And I'd like to say something about that:  it's about time the good guys with guns, stood up.

vendredi, janvier 16, 2009

A Very Busy Week

Sorry it's been light around here, folks. I'm really, really happy it's Friday, let me tell you that much. I'm looking forward to getting everything back on schedule. AND finally picking up my Mossberg.

One highlight of the week though, was making Mr. Jones' birthday cake. If you're a fan of Eddie Murphy's work in the 80s, this will look familiar to you:

Yes, this is an Etch-a-Sketch cake. And I've survived to tell you the story!

It's a regular Duncan Heinz cake, because the first cake (although a scratch recipe) offended my own cooking sensibilities. Boy am I glad I tasted that cake. I might have looked over my shoulder after doing so to make sure nobody saw that I made that thing. That cake might have even violated some laws.

This cake is covered with fondant, which is one of the neatest and most difficult gifts to mankind. Fondant is like Play Dough. You can make it or buy it in a spackle-tub type of container. You put gloves on and knead, knead, knead....then put bits of paste color in it dabs at a time. It took about 45 minutes to make the batch red. So when you're ready, you frost the cake, and then roll out the fondant to 1/8", hold your breath, and drape it over the cake and start smoothing. As my Grandpa used to say, it's a one-shot deal.

The screen and dials are also fondant. When it's time, I'll take my black gel tube and write "Happy Birthday Mr. Jones" on the screen. Oh, and he's also getting a present!

How many hours did it take me to make... well assembly was about two hours, but the prep was probably 10-12 of free time. And I flinch as I write that, because I don't know... it might have been higher. I had to learn a whole new skill in order to make said cake. Many people have faulted me for being a perfectionist, and yes it has it's drawbacks. I look at things like this and think: That would be cool, and I could do that. "You've never done that before"/"that takes a crapload of time". So what, I'll figure it out. This was stressful but fun, and yes, if you love to bake, I highly recommend learning how to use fondant. Just look at the possibilities :)

So if the above does not make sense to you, watch the following Eddie Murphy clip :)

samedi, janvier 10, 2009

Mossberg: It's a Go.

Well, the 12ga youth Mossberg looks good. It came in last week and I stopped in today to try it on. Comes with three chokes and a rifled barrel. This gun is just the right size and I can't wait to give it a spin.

I have a lot to learn about this gun and its versatility before that time, though. For most of my life I've wanted a handgun, and was always "afraid" to buy one, "afraid" to have one in the house. Well you know what? I'm happy that I'm older now and past all that shit. The old me is lucky it isn't a double barrel. Which I want someday too, only for the fact that I think they're f'ing badass :)

I've shopped around a little bit throughout this process and spoken with a lot of merchants. Time and again, they've said things like "some of these are a little hard to get right now", "we're a little low on merchandise", "our stock is low", and "it might take a week". They've also mentioned stock being down since Christmas. Well, it sounds like one part of the economy is not suffering one bit. You can draw your own conclusions from that, I know I've drawn mine, as have may of you...

They had plenty of ammo, though (Dad29).

Y'all, I can't wait. I am so proud that I'm going to be a Gun Owner. Like tattoos, I know this won't be the only one I get.

vendredi, janvier 09, 2009

On Air Personalities In a Tizzy

I got a good laugh this morning: a "PSA" with on-air news personalities, seemingly about to lose it over people who haven't applied for the converter box coupon or otherwise made transition arrangements.

News personalities (anchors, reporters, whatever) do a pretty good job at feigning emotion to get what they want from us: our very precious attention. This time though, I almost found their emotion believable.

Here's a little news. We don't actually need TV anymore. Yeah, I said it. Least of all, network TV. Oh Phel, you're just being dramatic as they are. No, not really. Most of what's on TV is useless to most people, and the news is 80% spin. If you really want to know what's going on, you can turn on your computer or much, much worse: listen to talk radio.

At best, TV is background noise and some days, it can't even serve THAT purpose very well.

jeudi, janvier 08, 2009

Friday Music: Leo Kottke

Julie's House is my favorite Leo Kottke song... enjoy your Friday ;)

Rev Up The SUVs! It's gonna get COLD

Rev 'em up!
With non-Ethanol gasoline from the Shell at East Troy!
Rev 'em up!
My fellow pro-global-warming Americans, we must deploy!

I'm cold.  It's going to get colder. All the global warming nuts have their mouths shut over this recent weather, so the degree of the planet has already dropped a few.  So either give us our gas back, or give us some polar bear skins to keep warm. I've had my fill of cake.

Step One: Demoralize the People

If you don't know what that means, revisit this post.

Keep this in mind today when you listen to Obama denounce our capitalist way of life, and tell you that only government is the answer.

Then pray.

mardi, janvier 06, 2009

For Shizzle

With this week's weather on the way... I had to revive an old post :)

dimanche, janvier 04, 2009

Separated at Birth?

Observe.... Pelicans:

Alice the Goon


What's Your Twitter Policy?

Okay first of all, I think Twitter's kind of lame.  But like other bad habits and car accidents, I can't avert my eyes.  Now and then, someone starts following me on Twitter and when I, out of morbid curiosity, want to know know who they are.... only to find out that their updates are "protected".

First of all, your Twitter updates are not that important.  Nobody's are.  It's you, putting one liners out there for the world to see.  That's not important.  If you think it is, then your priorities need to be straightened out. 

Secondly, wouldn't it be good manners and netiquette to send the person that you want to follow a quick message, stating that they would open their tweets to you if you decided you wanted to follow them as well?

And thirdly, why, why would I care? 

Do you have a Twitter policy?

samedi, janvier 03, 2009

Saturday Music: Nerf Herder, "Van Halen"

I saw Nerf Herder live in 1995 at the Rave. They wrote some good songs and I wish I hadn't sold their CD. But, my first year of living on my own required me to sell a LOT of CDs and other gadgets and vintage clothing. Never, ever sold the guitar though :)

jeudi, janvier 01, 2009

Good Riddance?

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year :)

I've heard so many people say "goodbye 2008! good riddance!!!" To this I say, why?

There is no denying that 2008 had some really low points for me. The bad stuff was pretty bad and I hated every drawn-out second of it, and not all of that bad stuff is necessarily "over". But those bad things - even the ones that were out of my control - gave me motivation and more opportunity. With each obstacle in life, each thing that falls out of place...something else falls into place. Some things are visible and tangible... the things that eventually fall away anyhow. The rest, I get to take with me.

I used to think that life was a matter of waiting it out until it was over. That maybe, magically, things would snap into place - as if I were reading someone else's authoring of my life. That's why I cringe when I hear people say, "2009 will be_____".

Won't it be what you decide to do with it....
- Even in the face of a tough economy
- Even if we have a marxist president
- Despite a terrorist threat
- Besides aches and pains
- ???