mercredi, janvier 31, 2007

Well that was a nice time.

I met a lot of nice people tonight, and I'm glad that they were all outgoing because I'm sure... not. Sitting next to me was Phil Gerbyshak. Stop on over by Phil's terrific blog, he's the newest addition to the blogroll and hopefully he won't mind me trawling his blog once a week for MRQ.

Also there was Basher51 who sat with us for a while. It looks like he's still in the process of startup so I'll watch his url. Or Basher could just, y'know, send an email once he's up and running.

I was surprised at how many of the blogosphere showed up, being tired and all, as I wasn't sure how long I'd stay to begin with. Nick, Casper, Sean, Dean, Triticale, and of course, the podfather, the babbydaddy, Aaron. (with his babymomma too :).

Well I'm nearly out of battery power, so I'll see you all soon.

Geeks unite

So here's the scoop on blogapalooza so far. A lot of bright lights staining my eyeballs, a bit of tea, a few live shots, yes folks, that's about the long and short of it for now.

Live at Blogapalooza

Yesssir we are.... I mean I am. I mean me and Triticale and Nick are. Geeks unite....

MPS To Ban Fighting At All Schools believed me for a second, didn't you?

mardi, janvier 30, 2007

February 14 Cannot Come A Moment Too Soon

Because I, Mlle. Jones, will finally get more than two days off in a row.

I can't wait.

Go me!

vendredi, janvier 26, 2007


jeudi, janvier 25, 2007

Must Everyone Be An Asshole Today?

For real, did someone serve some jerk-flavored kool-aid?

mercredi, janvier 24, 2007

Sharing the Wealth

As I write this, Nicole Devin is smarming up Dan Diebert over CEO pay. Because you know, the little guy works just as hard, blah blah blah.

And Dan says, not many people can do those jobs. Everything else flowing from Nicole's mouth is basically floof. She has absolutely no idea what is required to do the job of a CEO. It's not a matter of the little guy being perfectly happy where he's at and therefore should be paid whatever. If you've ever, ever been close enough to the performance of an executive, you'd question whether you could hack it for even half of a day. To say that the decisions that come your way and everything you'd have to consider while making them would make your head spin, is the understatement of the year. Finding the right person to fill a highly pivotal job is a critical decision. The economy could even depend upon it. Lives could depend upon it. Your own job - Nicole - depends upon having the right person in that office.

Easy? Not a matter of feeling like working that hard? You need some exposure, sweetheart. In the meantime, you can start with sharing at least 25k of that 50k winners' salary with me.

mardi, janvier 23, 2007

Warning! Spoiler Enclosed


"30 years ago, a shop keeper could spit on a soldier and nobody would know but the soldier. Now, that spit can be recorded and spread around the world in a matter of minutes. All of this means that the typical loser who hates our troops for doing their duty will not be insulated from just criticism as they were 30 years ago. Good."

See the rest at B & S

It's Either Genius Or....

...the JS doesn't have enough brain power to write about anything more complicated than the "Man Chair" at the mall.

Although, I do feel for those guys. I mean, I never understood women hauling their man around to events of no interest to them. Personally, I'd be livid if someone wasted that much time out of my day. That would be written in the Death Do Us Part Clause.

lundi, janvier 22, 2007

Monday Random Quotes - The Return of Jones

dimanche, janvier 21, 2007


Now I'm inspired.

I might have to start a segment called "Ask Barack Obama".

So let's start.

Barack, is it going to stop snowing - I mean - so that I can stop going outside today and shoveling?



I think he needs to get the hang of this.

Beer Here.

Snow? check

Vintage men's jeans? check

Clunky boots? check

Lined wool flannel that belonged to Bapa? check

Shovel? check

Beer? check!



Beer for neighbor with snowblower?


If It Wasn't For Denny Doherty

We wouldn't have had many of the excellent songs we've enjoyed over the years from the Mamas and the Papas.

For example.... I Saw Her Again Last Night. Denny wrote it at the height of the affair he was having with Michelle Phillips. Yes, the same Michelle Phillips who was married to John Phillips. It's been said that John made them sing it over and over and over again.

They're one of my favorite bands especially from an artistic and arrangement standpoint. I've blogged on them a time or two before. Rest in peace Denny, and thanks for that little tiny jump on things during I Saw Her Again, it totally makes the song :)

samedi, janvier 20, 2007

How Did I Miss Blog-a-Palooza???

Well... I didn't miss it yet....

Hrmmm... how many cheddarsphere bloggers does it take to keep Alterra hopping on a Wednesday evening???

We should find out in about ten days.

h/t to the Podfather

An Ode To My Space Heater

I love you.

Will you marry me?

The End.

I Hope Their Business Tanks

Jessica McBride is working on a story that you should go check out - a West Allis company trashing one of the troops via email. Trashing someone who was looking to give them some business, and all while protecting their ungrateful asses.

-- we now pause for a moment of temporary insanity --

Our country (luckily) doesn't work this way, but if it was possible for a soldier to selectively protect, this might be a good example of such an instance.

It's Official, We Can Pick On Her

Well, our favorite vindictive hyena is making it official.

Some might say they're looking forward to it. You know, so they can lob whatever at her. I'm not. Why? Well for starters, she IS evil. Second, it doesn't matter what we lob at her, she's teflon. She's female so anyone who pushes too hard is sexist and mean, however she is allowed to use male techniques to advance herself. That's teflon.

Secondly the media will take the bullet for her at every turn. They will run interference until their Christian Louboutins are cemented to their swollen feet. In true footsoldier fashion, there will be no payment. It's all for the blind love of the game and purpose.

And what is the purpose? What is the reward?

Their sense of perception has no ability to absorb even a quarter of the truth.

Here you go, kids....

Inspiration: Just Add _____

Folks I'm still decompressing and getting reconnected to the news and life around here. Having been hard at work (12+ hour days, mentally engaged, all that stuff) has really disconnected me from what's going on in the news and in life. So I'm still reading everyone, just at that non-knocked-up pause :)

mercredi, janvier 17, 2007

We now pause for this moment of Disapproval

Mav, go to the next post!

I have offically purchased one or more Disapproving Rabbit t-shirts.

You just wait, y'all... everyone's gonna want one when they see it on Ms. Jones!

Predator Alert

Thanks, Patrick.

If you live on the south side - especially near 27th and National, beware.

See the info at Badger Blogger

Everyday Heroes

Not least of all, is the IT person who is your lifeline, your rescue, your local expert, and sounding board.

And if you're reading this....


Just a Sidenote....

Mayor Bloomberg has been rumored to be on the verge of eliminating taxes on clothing purchases. Now if you've ever shopped for clothing in New York or Chicago, you know that the offerings are entirely different. Forget the crap you see on those runway clips where people are wearing paper mache. Here in the midwest, good clothing and high quality clothing are just too good for us, I mean, we don't need anything better than things that all look the same and last about a year.

If you have friends in New York that you can stay with, a trip out there is pretty cheap. There are also some quality inexpensive hotels, especially if you ask for a corporate rate (and, anyone can do that).

So note to Barrett and Doyle....

uh. Nevermind... how about this: note to future politicians....

lundi, janvier 15, 2007


My laptop is very unstable right now, so this post consisted of me writing in Word, restarting, getting on the network and pasting before my connection to the internet could drop yet again….

With that… sans further ado…read what you want from this. It’s not all of what I’d like to say, but take what you will.

My general rule is not to blog about work, but I do blog about life and things that will probably allow for sharing on my part and to some extent, interest on your part.

If you are not aware of my purpose in visiting France, part of my responsibility is for a large meeting of our global leaders. This isn’t the easiest part of my job, but one of the most rewarding. At a meeting like this, it’s important for leadership to show a united front not for purposes of covering anyone’s shirttails – but to have a united front on the direction of the company and where the leaders’ attention and efforts must be directed. It provides a consistent experience globally for the client, employee, and shareholder. That’s oversimplifying it by a longshot, but let’s start with that.

Understanding what the person(s) at the top want the meeting to look and feel like is not easy. It involves an enormous amount of planning, lining up the right experiences, consistent look and feel of all presentations and to reel in anything that doesn’t fit the overall message and sentiment. It also involves watching and reacting to these persons at all moments whether they are on or offstage. This requires dedication, interest, energy, and overall – caring about what happens as though the meeting were my own. And, for a lot of it, the meeting is my own. If I don’t take that stance – eat, sleep, drink, etc., it’s not possible to pull it all off.

Last year was a breeze. This year was not.

But nobody had any idea how difficult it was behind the scenes or what we (I’ll get to “we” in a moment) needed to do in order to make it a perfect experience. And what is a perfect experience? Well all of the above – in ensuring that what the top wants comes thorough at the meeting – but it’s also creating an environment or experience where the attendees are focuses solely on what the top management needs them to do while on the trip.

Why was it hard?

Everyone does business a little differently. It could be easily boiled down to culture and culture does play a part in it, but service is another matter. Some companies or even individual people think they are able to offer a certain service but the extent to which they can offer it – with a sense of quality, urgency, thoroughness and attentiveness – is an entirely different matter. In short, some folks think they can cut it but they have no idea what cutting it means on a level higher than they can comprehend.

I had a team of five people helping me, an AV team, and members of our management. Everyone hauled ass to make things work, but the amount of follow up necessary with the venue we chose just sucked the life out of us. Life that could have been put into other aspects of the meeting. It was, in a word uttered by one of the staff from our France office: Fatiguant.

Fatigue is like tired. Fatiguant is like tiring. Only more poetic and energy-removing. And accurate if you ask me.

There were so many more challenges this year. I would like to list them but it’s not appropriate from a separation of work/blog life standpoint. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I would like to share some moments with you that stick with me in particular.

  • I did my first presentation to our executive team, and I didn’t realize it until 15 minutes afterward.
  • 80% of the meeting management on my part with this team was in French, with the dedicated assistance of my colleague from our France office who is English but has been living in France since she was 18. Most of my work and few moments of relaxation with this team were all in French
  • Even when you know the language – it doesn’t always mean you can get the finer points of what you want to accomplish, accomplished.
  • Especially… when you only have moments to get things done. When it would have been difficult in English to begin with.
  • Nothing in this world can compare to the following items in France: coffee, chocolate, croissants, butter, duck breast, champagne, canapés, crème brulee, cigarettes…. I could go on.

Saturday I took one day to myself to visit Paris, which was about 45 minutes away from the city where I was staying. I knew I wouldn’t last long because I was exhausted. As I walked down the sidewalk on the Rive Gauche (left bank), I walked past a newsstand. A young man sat on a stack of newspapers having a cigarette and watched me approach. He caught my eye and winked, and he said: “Charmante”.

I said, “c’est gentil…”

Because he could have said something crass, but he said something beautiful.

Not all things that might appear to be Charmante at the outset are easy. But I stuck with what needed to be done to make this a success. I would really like to list the things that made it difficult because there were many, and they were odd things. I even almost threw up once on the first day of the meeting. It’s been a long time since what I was working on was truly difficult and in a word: developmental. Not just the long hours, that’s the easy part. The hard part is doing the things, making the decisions, and swallowing your pride when things go wrong and making them right within 6 seconds. It was the first time in a long time that I really feel as though I have worked hard for an accomplishment.

C’est gentil….

I'm *just* sayin....

I didn't see a whole lot of this on my trip.

jeudi, janvier 11, 2007

Cher Pays De Mon Enfance.....

19 hour days.

Even if you're hourly there are times when they are simply priceless.

dimanche, janvier 07, 2007

Mademoiselle De Paris....

Well kids,

It's time for me to bid adieu for a week. I'll do some posting from Magny Le Hongre but that'll be as time and brainspace permit.

And it might not be in English. After all, I have to keep things real while I am in Euro mode.

Someday I'll blog about Euro Mode.

In the meantime, enjoy a song that was written expressly for moi, my favorite tune en Francais by Jacqueline Francois. Someday, one of these trips to Paris, I hope to meet her. Which I'm totally serious about btw :)

Fred will take over the honors of MRQ for two weeks - be a pal and send him anything that catches your eye.

And thanks to Aaron for the bandwidth!!!

Thank You, Thankyouverymuch....

Happy Birthday to the King!!!

Dueling Adoption Whores

What's worse than Angelina Jolie being a parent?

Madonna being a parent.

Maybe it's the other way around....

Either way they're fighting over who is a better adopter.... I'm so glad they have such high standards, and are so intensely qualified to be parents. And to provide their expert input on such matters.

Happiness, More or Less...

Is just a change in me, something in my liberty...

samedi, janvier 06, 2007

This'll Wake You Up

I was flipping through my bloglines and I read....

"Got Vaseline?

By Dad29

Yah, that feeling is there for a reason:"

Understatement of the year. Well yeah, I know the year isn't that old, but still.....

vendredi, janvier 05, 2007

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.

All I know is that lip-biting doesn't stop crime, save lives, improve the quality of life, or make Milwaukee a desirable place to live. That goes for nearly everyone: the mayor, the DA's office, but probably the least amount of blame should have fallen on Nan, who inherited one hell of a mess. Take it for what it is Barrett, your responsibility.

The Pizza Man Was Not To Be Trifled With


The pizza delivery man done shot back
. Literally. Well you know what I think?

Good for him. 'bout damn time.

Now and Then...

I'm reminded that I've made some truly good purchases in my life. Well worth the investment, especially if it provides hours and hours of fun, joy, happiness, all of the above.

Two albums by Mike Ness fall right smack dab into this category.

First: Under the Influences

My favorites? Wildwood Flower. Six More Miles

Second: Cheating at Solitaire

Favorites... Don't Think Twice, It's Alright. Devil in Miss Jones, Rest of Our Lives, Ballad of A Lonely Man, If You Leave Before Me.

Tonight I took them out because I'm - you guessed it - working. I bought them back in 2000 and never once regretted it. Just wish Senor Ness would tour a little more often with this set.

ME vs. WE

Check out Sean Hackbarth's posting about yesterday's selfish little moments....

jeudi, janvier 04, 2007

Creativity Is A Fickle Little Beast

How so?

I can be working on a project for weeks and be stumped on the right presentation of the item, especially at a visual level.

Then, blam. It's 30 minutes to the print deadline and suddenly, the most ingenious layout or design idea will come to me. I put it to paper or to e-paper or mpeg and it's a winner. Better yet, it's better than I thought. Better than that, everyone is tickled and wondering why it couldn't have happened sooner.

I confess, I wonder too.

mercredi, janvier 03, 2007

Better Living Through Plastic

Life in plastic, it's fantastic....

(image via I mean, who's going to have a more informed opinion on said matter?)

I've remarked before and to great poetic length....when the going gets rough, there's nothing more satisfying than throwing your plates and utensils in the trash. It's not that I'm actually above doing the dishes when this busy, but every free moment to decompress helps. And yeah, doing the dishes can be therapeutic from time to time, but so are a heck of a lot of other things.

C'mon Barbie, let's go party!
or... at least get back to work.

Unapologetically, Not a Team Player

at least not today.

I just felt like sayin' it...

I'd Rather Have Lunch With the Libertines

Alright, I got up VERY early this morning. I can't explain it, the alarm just went off.

So I'm over at the Wiggy pub reading this gem:

Forgot to turn off the radio upstairs

Michael Savage is on after Jessica McBride on WTMJ AM.

Which is the appropriate reaction? Instead of listening to Savage one minute more, I would rather...
  1. have lunch with Libertarians.
  2. stand on my front porch reciting Sophocles and gouging my eyes out with my bare hands.
  3. read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged aloud.
  4. be stuck at a seminar seated at a table with Ann Coulter.
  5. be trapped in a movie theatre showing a Woody Allen marathon.
  6. listen to Bill Maher do an hour interview with Keith Olbermann.
  7. give up caffeine.
  8. get lessons on dating from Michael (Jackson) McGee Jr.
  9. be Mikel Holt trying to excuse away the latest behavior by Michael McGee Jr.
  10. be stuck in a room with Dave Berkmann, Joel McNally and Kathleen Dunn

I had this lapse where I could have sworn the first line read:"Have lunch with the Libertines"

Amazing. I think I would too. They're one of my favorite bands!

(oh, turn the volume down at the start - there's a cracked-out meth scream)

mardi, janvier 02, 2007

MUST You Laugh At Such Things?


YES! Yes I must!

Thank you for asking...

lundi, janvier 01, 2007

MRQ - The Auld Lang Syne Edition

Head on over to Fred's for this weeks' Monday Random Quotes!

There are even a few AV entries this week. Enjoy!

Still In the Blankie With Hot Chocolate

Nick and Aaron have both posted accounts of this morning's polar bear event. Next year Aaron, we're gonna make it a little harder for you! And your friends, too!

Oh no, I didn't....

Would I Do It Again?

Well, not right this second I wouldn't.

So yes, the polar bear jump did go on this morning. I woke up kind of late, and almost didn't make it. Not only because I woke up late, but there was absolutely no place to park at the lakefront. By all means, Nick, Aaron and company, and I should have planned a carpool!

That way we all could have made the jump together.

After parking illegally I did find Nick at about 11:50 (the jump was at noon), which was a miracle because there must have been a couple thousand people on the beach. And not a Barack Obama couple thousand - when I say it I'm being conservative about the number - there were a LOT of people.

We worked our way close to the front and the shoes were about the last thing to come off. The air was about 35, the water was at Nick's research - 37. We got up to the water and without the whistle - people started running in to the lake. So there was no cue, just an unspoken "go". When my foot hit the water it didn't really feel that bad. No worse than it does any other day of the year. Then we got further out, and further, and further. I was screaming but to be honest, I couldn't feel how cold the water was. It was a lot like swimming in lake superior, in that once you turn blue, it's not so bad.

People were diving in around us and we did too eventually. We started back after that, and as I turned around all I saw were people running toward us into the lake which was a little scary. What must have been scarier was how wide my eyes were open. I latched on to Nick's arm and figured out that that was the only way I would get back in to shore. It was then that I realized that if something happens to you out in that water, you're really in trouble.

When reading the above it would appear that I remember a lot about what happened but to be honest, I don't. I know the water was cold but not how cold it was, I know my body was freaking out but what that means, who knows. What I remember is hyperventilating on the way back in, and Nick saying, "Whatever you do, don't look to the right". Maybe he will explain what that means.

One thing is for sure, the polar jump takes a lot out of you. But you should try it at least once. I'm extraordinarily glad that I had the chance to do it. Thanks to everyone who answered my bleg to join, and I'm sorry that we didn't all make it in together. Maybe I can make it up to you at the next DR! And Nick is very brave, he had a big baby on his hands to deal with.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends and acquaintances, old and new. I'm glad to have you in my life and I wish you all the best in 2007.

And if you care to lock tails with some of us, we're seriously going to do the polar bear jump. If you've always wanted to and could never find a group insane enough to do it with you, now is your chance!

All the best, my friends. May we all be safe, healthy, free and prosperous.