samedi, février 28, 2009

[[Pull]] The Capitalist Says, My Name Is Mud!

jeudi, février 26, 2009

Robert Byrd Criticizes Obama for Power Grab

My biggest fear so far has been the quick and brazen seizing of power by the Obama administration. Everything controlled for our own good - and enacted quickly. Turns out that Sheets Byrd tends to agree with me. (Notice, it's not the other way around).

...In a letter to Obama on Wednesday, Byrd complained about Obama’s decision to create White House offices on health reform, urban affairs policy, and energy and climate change. Byrd said such positions “can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances. At the worst, White House staff have taken direction and control of programmatic areas that are the statutory responsibility of Senate-confirmed officials.”


Byrd also wants Obama to limit claims of executive privilege while also ensuring that the White House czars don’t have authority over Cabinet officers confirmed by the Senate.

“As presidential assistants and advisers, these White House staffers are not accountable for their actions to the Congress, to cabinet officials, and to virtually anyone but the president,” Byrd wrote. “They rarely testify before congressional committees, and often shield the information and decision-making process behind the assertion of executive privilege. In too many instances, White House staff have been allowed to inhibit openness and transparency, and reduce accountability.”
There's more. I'm glad that someone that Dems "might" listen to, is bringing it up.

They're words and they don't fix the problem. But I'm glad someone on the other side of the fence, noticed.

mardi, février 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday! And Giving Up Facebook for Lent

What better day than to open Sonic?

I want to go, but today, tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that....might not be the best days to get in line. Unless it's late at night.

Secondly, I'm giving up Facebook for lent. Which is a little bittersweet because I've reconnected with so many old friends. I sent out a message announcing this, and let everyone know where to contact me....still most of them replied saying "see you after Easter". Whut? Don't we still TALK to each other anymore, or have we all "converted to Facebook" as our primary method of communication?

Just sayin!

Oh, and I am also giving up buying coffee at places like Starbucks, Alterra, etc. So today will be a caffienated, glued-to-the-computer kind of day. Well, maybe not :)

lundi, février 23, 2009

Congratulations to Archbishop Timothy Dolan

Who has been named Archbishop of New York.

He and his leadership will be very missed here. I shudder to think about what we could be left with...

samedi, février 21, 2009

Saturday Music: I Heard It On A Commercial

Imaginary Girl by The Silver Seas.  I thought it was an old, unearthed Beatles song when I first heard it.

lundi, février 16, 2009

Fight Fire With Fire

Now YOU can use communist propaganda imagery to make a counter-statement.  The tool is here.  Best results are when you use your webcam.  And get this... you can make shirts, mousepads, mugs, all kinds of garbage to promote your garbage.  Whatta country!  Well, at least it was.

Libellés :

lundi, février 09, 2009

Tell Me Why? I Don't Like Mondays

Ah, you thought your Monday was bad.  Imagine being THE ONE and getting (gasp!) embarassed! By a dastardly, trifling military vehicle, nonetheless!!!

Oh and the comments, how could I forget the comments:

"So it turns out Obama isn't just another Jimmy Carter...he's also Gerald Ford."

"And when he woke up, he was dressed like Diana Ross, learned the helicopter landed on the evil witch of the West Nancy Pelosi (eeehhehehehehehe!!!), befriended a Tin man named ALGORE, a gay cowardly Lion played by BARNEY FRANK, and yes, Harry Reid as the Scarecrow. Henry Waxman makes a cameo as TOTO the rat. Their goal is to meet the Wizard of D.C (GEORGE SOROS) and get back to making America Socialist."

"Good thing his brain is stored safely up his butt."

And many many more from the Captains Obvious: if it was Bush, it would be the top story.

The President is Sick of Your Sh*t

h/t to a friend of mine who posted this to his facebook page. He wondered just how long it would be before an Obama soundboard got out there...

Hmmm... he's pretty frustrated right now. So just watch!

dimanche, février 08, 2009

8:01, Did He Just Say What I Thought He Said?

Did anyone else watch Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace?

I'd swear Lawrence Summners said "we lost 600 million jobs alone in January".

Granted I'm halfway through my first cup of coffee....

...but I could hardly stop myself from saying, "he just said it too".

samedi, février 07, 2009

Today was a Good Day

With good music....

And now ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Paul Westerberg and the Replacements with their fine tune, "Achin' to Be"

vendredi, février 06, 2009

How Long Before Rush Limbaugh is Blamed for Obama's Incompetence and Eventual Failure?

You heard it here first. You know it's coming: If Rush hadn't said he hoped Obama would fail, well maybe all of this wouldn't have happened.

And to that I would say, if your guy fails because of some big bad words, then shame on you for putting him there.

The Black Sphere

Darned blogrolling, will they ever fix it????

As soon as it's up and running - The Black Sphere will be on the list. If you haven't read it yet, you don't know what you're missing.

What Were The Early Impressions of Carter?

I was very young when Jimmy Carter took office. I do recall that times were a lot "nicer" at the start of the term, and that people seemed excited about him being in office. As his term progressed I remember life becoming much harder and less joyful. Those four years he was in office were very financially painful for my family, and were later rectified by Ronald Reagan's term.

But what I don't remember is whether people's impressions of him tanked as quickly as they are for Obama. Granted, we didn't have the same type of information available, life didn't move as quickly (which was nice, btw), and we didn't have alternative media outlets. And my graceful sense of analysis was not yet developed.

What do you recall about Carter's first 100 days? How do they compare with Obama's thus far? Please leave a comment.... Carter vs. Obama

Will revisit this throughout the first 100 days....

jeudi, février 05, 2009

It's [Almost] The Freakin' Weekend!

Time for some lols!!!

Please Stop Googling Courtney Gerrish

Your search terms are disturbing and should not be overheard by women, children, gentlemen or houseplants.

mercredi, février 04, 2009

Venezuela Steals Private Oil Rigs

As Ronald Reagan once said, Socialism's great...until you run out of other people's money.

via Bloomberg:
Venezuela Union Says It Took Over 4 Helmerich Rigs (Update2)
By Steven Bodzin

Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Venezuelan union Fedepetrol took control of four Helmerich & Payne Inc. rigs that the company was about to move out of oil fields, a union leader said.

“We’re not allowing the exit of the equipment from the zone” of oil fields in eastern Venezuela’s Monagas state, Jose Sanchez, secretary general of Fedepetrol in Punta de Mata, Venezuela, said today in a phone interview. “We are increasing our guard over the other seven rigs” operated by the company, he said.

Tulsa-based Helmerich & Payne is trying to remove the rigs after being unable to agree on new contracts with state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, Sanchez said. The oil and gas driller said in a Jan. 29 earnings statement that it was owed about $100 million and planned to start pulling rigs from fields as contracts expired.

Oil-field service and drilling companies working in Venezuela say payments from the state oil company, known as PDVSA, are falling behind further than normal after oil fell from a record $147.27 in July. Oil for March delivery declined 46 cents, or 1.1 percent, to $40.32 today on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Job Cuts

Workers want Helmerich & Payne to accept lower fees and continue their operations in the oil fields, Sanchez said. About 200 to 250 jobs at the rig and thousands more jobs in service industries will be cut for each rig removed, he said. He said Helmerich & Payne was invited to a meeting today to discuss the matter and didn’t attend.

Sooo... isn't NOT paying someone for their services called...a little something else? 

The money always runs out with Socialism.  It always has, it always will.  I guess you really can't educate fools.

You can't lay down with dogs and be surprised by the fleas. The above is still theft, even if it's for the "good" of the "State".

Have fun, folks...

mardi, février 03, 2009

Boo! It's the big bad EU!

Really, if you can't stand up to the pansies in Europe, what CAN you stand up to? Dandelions?

Or as they say in some of the movies of the Adult Entertainment Industry: "got ya now btch!"

Dastard......I mean Daschle resigns

Two derelicts down in one day.

I hope this is due to an awful lot of calls.

I know I made mine.

lundi, février 02, 2009

"Turn Me Loose! I'm a Kid"

"....and I said, 'you're a punk!'"

Ah, the words of 71 year-old Phillip Cole, who came home to find two derelicts had broken into, and ransacked his house. Glad to hear him calling it like it is (oh boo hoo, I'm just a little boy!). Love this video, and love people like Phillip Cole: