lundi, juillet 31, 2006

This is Insanely Happy

Y'all, I have waited years to say this.

Fidel Castro done stepped down have surgery.

Even if this is for a short time, I strongly feel the end is near. My Cuba sticker on my car is my "pink ribbon" for the Cubans. Beautiful place, wonderful culture, enormously oppressed. But you know what? These folks are resourceful. They have created pistons for the engines of their 57 Chevys.

I for one, am so anxious to go to Cuba. I want to see it just as it is, frozen in time, before it becomes Cuba Disney. And someday, it will.

Adios for now, Fidel. Don't rush your "recovery".

This is Enormously Sad

The French have now banned toplessness on the beaches in Paris. This is incredibly sad. And I don't mean that in a sexual manner, this is part of their culture.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is in response to demographic changes. I find it hard to believe that there isn't more of an uproar about it. I'm very sad for them.

Tomorrow's August

Enjoy the summer while it lasts!!!!

An Issue of Transience

I had some problems this weekend.

Truthfully, I've had some problems for a while. And I think that what I see is minimal to what others have to put up with.

I'm helping a member of my family prepare their house for sale. I don't live very far from them, and as most readers know, I grew up in a truly diverse neighborhood and moved back here three years ago. But something is changing.

The issue is transience. It's also a problem of societal standards.

There were three situations I experienced this weekend, but all were along the same lines of what I experienced last night.

Driving back from this family member's house down a busy street, when I saw that there was a group of about 15 youths hanging out in the middle of the street on bicycles.

Just sitt'n there. Hanging out. Busy street. I pull up and I have a somewhat sporty vehicle that makes a little bit of noise at high RPMs. Did they move because you know, a car is coming? Nope. They just looked at me along the lines of "don't even think about asking us to move". So I pause, and have to drive into the oncoming lane of traffic to get around them.

Well, about four blocks later I turn down my street. I'm on the phone to the cops by this time. That's just crap. Suddenly there is a ton of racket out on my normally quiet street. Loud. This large group is tracking down my street, all standing up on their pedals and looking into the yards. Yep, of course they saw me.

Y'all, I'm all for the loitering ordinance now.

Especially after I called my landlord and told him about the three situations I've experienced lately, thinking that it's time to move. He is in law enforcement in another city nearby. A place you wouldn't expect problems. He said, "Phel, I understand that this made you feel unsafe, but you need to understand that it's a problem throughout this area. Even in (city) we have problems with large groups of kids. A few years ago we could say 'move along, guys' and they would do it. Now, they tell us where to go'".

I said, " do you deal with them then?"

He said "by force". They simply have to have enough officers present. It's the only thing these large groups of kids understand.

So really, what's next here? Has anyone experienced this? It reminds me of earlier this spring when residents of my neighborhood were chased down the street while they were driving - minding their own business.

Is this an issue of loitering? What will it require to deal with it? We can't allow people not to freely associate, but we can't allow people to behave like roaming packs.

One thing my landlord made very, very clear to me was that nobody should take on a situation like that alone. I agree.


I just felt like sayin' it.

dimanche, juillet 30, 2006

Et Tu, Madame Couric?

Princess Katie Couric held up a flight this past week. Yes, the Perky One (debatable) threw such a hissy fit that the flight she was on - which was en taxi - stopped so that one of her dopey producers could catch the flight. She got out of her seat, pestered flight attendants, and got access to the pilot. "I'm Katie Couric, stop this plane."

You and I would be arrested for doing this, btw.

Yep. Federal agents, marshals, hell even the county sheriff would be barking up our trees.

Me? As I've indicated in the past, I'd happily take her on. Hell even being within five feet of my Peasant Ass would give her hives and make her throat swell up. My point is made.

Katie Couric. Still second fiddle. Still buying the best stylists money can buy. Still not hot.

Flippin' Sweet!

I love awesome weather!!! Oh the drama, oh the humanity....

this one's for you, sliver!

samedi, juillet 29, 2006

It's Summer. Of Course It's Hot!

You know, the only people that seem to be surprised that it's hot out are the media. Seriously. Take a look at this JS Online story.
"People in those other cities can't believe we're worked up about today's projected 90-degree highs."

Who do you know that is "worked up" about this? Seriously?? It should read:

"People in this city can't believe JS reporters are worked up about today's projected 90-degree highs"

And really, these people in 110 degree heat are hot. The last thing they're worried about is how "worked up" anyone is.

Newest Acquisition

I have a lot of old ska records - mid to late 60's as a matter of fact. Most people think of Ska as bands like Rancid or most of the punk ska, which I listen to, but my favorite Ska is the old stuff... Prince Buster, Desmond Dekker, Lord Tanamo or the original Wailing Wailers.

Last night I downloaded "Guns of Navarone - The Best of the Skatalites." Besides the Trojan Box Set, this is a good primer. Enjoy, I sure am.

vendredi, juillet 28, 2006

I'd like to be.....

Following up on a previous post
... I found it!!!!

I'd like to be
under the sea,
in an octopus's garden
in the shade.

jeudi, juillet 27, 2006

Change of Heart

Mark this day in history. I've changed my mind.
Now that I've seen him, Chorizo is pretty alright with me. He isn't very aerodynamic though, is he?

Gotta love the Brewers. The biggest Weenies in baseball.

mercredi, juillet 26, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen

I'm about as tired of this guy as I am that stupid Oasis song that SBC uses.

Well That Was Interesting

Fox 6 had an interesting report tonight about the sludge in the lake. They had very little mention of the infestation of Quagga mussels as an actual problem. Quaggas filter organisms out of the water that normally make the water cloudy. Without that "cover", more sunlight reaches the bottom of the lake, which allows a lot of plant life (I'll get the name) to flourish and bloom. This yuck floats to the surface and to the beaches, and rots.

Problemo number two is that the sewage we dump provides...plant these "plants". (I think they let MMSD off the hook, and frankly, it made the report look like a PR collaboration.)

They called it a "cycle" for the lake. Meanwhile, volunteers scoop the crap out of the lake and beach. Stinkeroo.

Thankfully, they didn't send Chris Goodman to walk through the sludge. I mean, that would just be gross. Not that, uhm, it would change anything!

Long Ago, In a Hospital Far, Far Away....

Someone realized they made a mistake. A loud one at that...

A quiet child who would fall asleep whenever laid down was brought into the world. Her face never needed to be wiped, she was tiny, wide-eyed, and caused very, very little trouble.

...which she realized wasn't working. Since that day, the world has never been the same.

and since that day, thorns have been in sides, calls have not been returned, and millions of iced grande with-whip americanos have perished. But, many people had a sounding board, had lots of laughs, and recieved what little she had, including volumes of useless knowledge administered... opportunely...

And she hopes to have more to show for those 35 years. It's go time.

(27 July...1971)

mardi, juillet 25, 2006

Chorizo con salchicha corra

For Pete's sake.

Is Chorizo really a sausage? I mean you wouldn't have a chorizo on a bun with pickle relish and mustard, any more than you would an andouille sausage.

How many sausages are we going to have in the race? It used to be just three. Are we looking at a full fledged Storm The Bernie Brewer Barrel? Weenies, I'm telling you. Weenies.

h/t Elliot, who said it all quite well

Bubble Wrapped Driving

Pretty soon, we'll all be using booster seats in our cars. Even us grown ups.

Come on.... cable barriers on I-43? Doyle, who requested THAT contract?

Does he really think that cable barriers will be any less painful in a collision? It sounds like a terrible way to die.


Who came here from Dlisted?

lundi, juillet 24, 2006

Shut.... Up

I'm so tired of the commerical with the Crypt Keeper. I have to pull the mute button back out of the remote I've used it so much. Where's the reparations when my remote finally dies???

And FTR... I wouldn't be all up in their grills if thier ads weren't so blatantly hyped, full of jockeying, and maggots. In other words. Lies.

dimanche, juillet 23, 2006

Union Pacific Challenger

I heart 3985!

Oh to be in Denver or Cheyenne this weekend. Or anywhere in between. Anywhere I could pace or see a runby of the UP Challenger, the largest, in-service steam locomotive. The 3985 is the last in-service Challenger among us.

This lovely lady saw her day from about 1943-1950, when she ran among the largest, the UP 4000 series, also called the "Big Boy". None of the 4000's are still in service, which makes me sad. (Note: we DO actually have one in Green Bay, WI at the National Railroad Museum)

So this weekend is an excursion of the Challenger between Denver and Cheyenne. The UP runs an excursion nearly every year in parts of the country that can still handle a steam locomotive of this size and weight. Most tracks cannot handle large steam locomotives anymore. Take a look at the footage I've collected and you'll see why :)

I've never had the opportunity to see it in person, but I have seen other large locomotives in action. Don't miss the opportunity to see one, or to take your children to see a runby. There is nothing quite as majestic or ginormous :)

samedi, juillet 22, 2006

Must Have....

Tell me you don't want these. You know you do.

vendredi, juillet 21, 2006

Isn't She Lovely? Isn't She Wonderful?

The Corpse Bride

With the icy fingers of death.
Is this why we need embryonic stem cell research so badly?

jeudi, juillet 20, 2006

Cliiint. We Meet Again. At Laast...


"He stopped extreme law makers from making stem cell research illegal"

So Mr. Doyle what's it like to know your target audience is a bunch of dolts??? And that you're using a bunch of hacks to advance your purposes?'

And Ms. Montgomery, how would you like it if someone had done stem cell research on your little diabetic baby????

Chris Goodman of Fox 6...




I just felt like sayin' it :)

Just in case you were wondering

Because I know like, two of you were...

I am now a proud subscriber of Bloglines. If you've seen me outclicking to your site, rest assured, I'm now aware of what you post and when you posted it!

In other words, I'm still reading your ass. I'm an ass reader.

mercredi, juillet 19, 2006

An Astrological Look into The Great One

Lynn Hayes has a three part article on the Reagan's use of astrology. If you don't understand the nuances of astrology that's okay. It's a fascinating part of his presidency.

lundi, juillet 17, 2006

What's A Family To Do?

This is a bit of a favor to someone I work with, but I know that blogosphere readers and participants would have some info that they can share regarding a problem that she is having.

Jane, we'll call her, moved to the area about three years ago. At the time, her children were younger - barely out of diapers. Not too much venturing out with the family to local events. But now, they're a little older, I believe they are six years old or younger. Jane's originally from Canada and lived in Connecticut and Denver. There, she went do different events - festivals, community events, music events...places a family could take their children and it was pretty safe.

She lives in Delafield Hartford, and has been trying to find some decent family events to attend. Now, she's been to a few events this year, and has been really disappointed. All of the events have been in Waukesha, Sussex, etc. and not late at night, either.

What she's witnessed, in the presence of her children, has been crass and dangerous. The last event she went to in Sussex treated her and her family to the visual of the cops dragging a man out of a crowd in broad daylight - yes - dragging. It took four officers to subdue the man who was face down. They were surrounded by more drunk men who appeared ready to join in. Jane can smell a rat, she looked at her husband and said, we have to get the kids out of here now before this gets bad.

This was Sussex.

Her daughter said: "Mommy, did that man say a bad word?"

That's sad.

The problem she continues to encounter is that conditions of every event are either unsafe, unsanitary, unruly, or frankly soaked with beer. She'd like to be somewhere that she can be with the kids, take chairs along, watch some music, be around families, and not any of the above.

I thought of our blogger was a nice time where everyone was enjoying themselves like adults. And many of you have families. Where do you take your families so that you can just enjoy an event? Without all of this? Especially in the Waukesha/Washington/Dodge Cty areas.

I will change my settings to allow anonymous comments.

What I kindly ask you for is comments on where to and where not to go. If it's a good family event, please elaborate a little on why.

We know what bad looks like - no need to add anything there - but any recommendations will be very appreciated.


Hello? Tussaud's???

You Can't Hang With Us Gangstas

I just felt like sayin' it q:)

Go Theotis

Theotis Tate was at the movies the other night, and some would-be thieves were trying to break into his vehicle for his daughter's purse, which contained crayons.

His car is almost entirely shatterproof and bulletproof.

So's Theotis. He ran the guys down apparently. He never lost sight of the crooks. They were apprehended by Holy Hill. I went to high school with Theotis. I'm not surprised one bit that he took care of it, with gusto, with his good attitude. Go Theotis.

dimanche, juillet 16, 2006

The sound of a woman melting

Please, no wicked witch references....

Okay fine. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Normally I love the heat but I am moving in slow motion. And it didn't even get as hot as they said it would today. But I stayed inside most of the afternoon. I really want to take a walk this evening, but I'm fricking beat.

In the words of one disapproving rabbit:

Nope. No Sir. I Don't Like It.

I Left You All A Present At The Sh*t List

A Hot Time In The Old Town

Keep it moving

Stay cool

Stay hydrated

samedi, juillet 15, 2006

Ladies, Please....

Tonight Sliver and I went to Bastille Days. I saw something that I didn't see or notice on Friday night.

As we sat by la tour eiffel, we were astonished by....well first things first...the amount of hot guys.

But something was a lot more disturbing, and this was the attire of the women who were attending. Either with a date or with a female friend.

I'm talking aobut women between the ages of 28-45 (yes, 45) who were wearing outfits that were simply illegal. My question is this: how can these women be dressed as such and expect to be taken seriously?

And I believe that down deep, everyone wants to be taken seriously. If you've ever had your sense of self questioned, you know what I'm talking about.

I saw women wearing skirts that barely cleared their cheeks. Women in their mid 40s who looked like carrots, wearing skirts that only covered their rears, and cross-ties across their backs. No, really, it wasn't hot. In fact, people who were looking at them had a lot in common with gawkers at an accident.

Now, I wasn't dressed to a frump. I had a pretty outfit on, and it was bordering sexy. But it was classy. Don't these women understand classy? Why would they pass up class in favor of ...whatever they're in favor of....

Sliver and I were just beside ourselves when we saw this.

...and some of the honey fellas, but they were dressed appropriately.

Tell Us What You Really Think

Casper found a link to some excellent videos of footage by US soldiers serving in Iraq.

Take about 20 minutes and be sure to watch "Welcome to the Triangle of Death" and "Bust a Nut".

Who knows, you might even find out what Iraqis think of Michael Moore.

jeudi, juillet 13, 2006

Ahead of Its Time

On this date in 1936, it was:

114 F

In the Dells. And the global warming moonbats are squeaking about some 95 degree days???? Please.

I wish I had my camera the other day. I went to Spendicks on Oakland for lunch and ate in my car. On the way in I was hassled for a minute for the environment. I declined. So ten minutes later I am eating in my car, just watching these two nice activists. Nobody stopped for them. And people 1/2 block away could see that up the block awaited two women with clipboards and binders full of oily birds. It's not the green mile, but who wants to walk 1/2 block, minding their own business, and feel intimidated in that amount of time.

Especially, if nobody is interested.


At least nobody for 30 minutes. Out of a 5 hour shift that's probably pretty representative.

I found it funny that they mocked the responses behind the passers-by's backs. Until you know, they noticed someone was watching..

En Honneur

En Honneur des jours de la Bastille, Je vous presente la martini rouge. A ce moment, c'est mon favori :)

Et vraiment a la saison de la fete

Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas dejeuner,
Je veux seulement oublier,
et puis, Je fume...

Et au lieu de:


Yes, I think this is a movie that I actually have to see.

I mean... I loved Super Troopers. Keep that to yourselves though.

See the trailer here

The Tosa theater will be the perfect place to see it....

He is Ramon!

And he is the guest host for the Carnival of the Badger. Don't miss it!

mercredi, juillet 12, 2006

Drinking, and Rightly So.

Well well well... if it isn't the most successful night of Drinking Right, to date. If you aren't aware, Drinking Right has been going on for a few months now and has been quite the amicable gathering. Hell last night we even had, as Sean pointed out, blog groupies. And let me tell you, one of 'em could really sling a hammer!

Among the crowd of bloggers were Sean, Aaron, Elliot, Casper, Cantankerous, Nick, DCSM, Josh, and our guests who shall all remain nameless unless they want to be named :)

Highlights of the evening were dueling cam phones, George Bush stories, calls to SliverTomCat, a quiet cameo by Ramon Fabulosa, tons of munchies (thanks Elliot!), Three Guys Arguing about Cruising, the long walk across the river, hiatal hernias, Cantankerous' cantankerousness, and other things I probably can't remember. But I remember that it was fun, and I remember that if you weren't there you missed out on a good time. Btw, we aren't strictly a bunch of Righties, we invite all sides of the aisle and the red carpet and the velvet rope to join in.

Remember, it's not about being right. It's about being drinking.

mardi, juillet 11, 2006

Desoleé, France.

He’s an ass, but I’ll take ‘em :)

A hard-headed man….

Zidane, ne cherche plus, tu m’as trouvé!

Oh.... and don't miss this!!!

lundi, juillet 10, 2006

Sure, What The Heck....

Yeah there are a lot of ways to stretch and resize and shrink or grow Glenn Grothman's decision (yes, it is) to run against Uncle Herb. Normally I am a perfectionist but on this one, no qualms on my part.

I think Glenn should go for it.

At some point, someone will have to do it.

While I'm not for political experimentation or hot air balloons or sticking the proverbial finger into the wind, I think this is a great idea. I don't have to say it, but Herb's seat is considered a given, untouchable. Running Glenn against him - and for real... not for the sake of a fart contest or anything - will bring some important elements out of the woodwork:
  • First, the tin hat/Art Bell Zone (I'll be camped out on the curb with fold up chairs and coronas with limes to watch this)
  • A call for action in Wisconsin that we aren't a shoo-in for a liberal vote
  • That Wisconsin is serious about its representation and the moonbat fringe will have to expend their resources here
  • It'll point out IF Herb Kohl is made of anything at all. When is the last time anyone heard Nobody's Senator have to defend his position? His voting record? His one stupid idea and piece de resistance - boycotting OPEC?
  • Create momentum for the party and a place for the new, young, agressive conservative movement to rally.
  • Let Sir Robin make an ass of himself. It'll be entertaining. Pull up another chair and another drink.
  • Worst case scenario if we don't win, we'll see Herb's weaknesses and what Wisconsin wants in a challenger. Because really when was the last time we had any kind of opportunity to find out what people want out of their representation? It hasn't happened. It should.
  • Demonstrate that this is no time in history to have a Nobody senator. We are facing critical issues as a nation, a people, a world. It's our duty to make the best use of our representation.
And frankly, I'm not content to wait until "it's time". I'm tired of putting up with things. I'm tired of "this is the way it is, Herb wins, Herb's too rich". Wealth and fear of failure aren't reasons to allow someone to sit in a very important seat.

dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

THIS is What the Safety Net Is Supposed To Do

Not pay people to have babies. Not to overpay unionized government workers. Not toward reparations. Not for groups who only mismanage government funds. And it's sure the hell not for OIC officials to send cell phones to Nigeria.

It's to look after our most vulnerable.

Politicians and other groups have bowed to the pressure of people who think they are "entitled" to benefits when they are perfectly able to fend for themselves. They've sucked up all the money they can bitch and whine and "advocate" for, and meanwhile, there are people who can't do things for themselves because they are either mentally or physically handicapped and sometimes without familial support.

The JS has an interesting piece today on this. I don't know if all the facts are there, since it's the JS, but I know that the premise of the article is true.

Not surprisingly, Lee Holloway and his lovely wife Lynda (who takes the rap for this on CCAP, because her husband is an upstanding, community oriented, unfairly treated public official and can't have his name soiled) are complicit in this report by the JS.

I hope all those perfectly able bodied folks are happy with their misspent funds. Hope you have all the wildwood soda and weekly-filled nails and fake handbags and crack your little heart desires.

vendredi, juillet 07, 2006

Locking Tails

We're going in.

Uhm... into Mcgillycuddy's on Tuesday the 11th for Drinking Right!

Be there or be a pear. C'mon. You know it's going to be fun. Unless I'm there :0)

Blogging Lite

My peeps, I am not on hiatus. My random access memory is however, being randomly accessed by a few things at the moment, which isn't to say I won't start spewing six posts a day tomorrow... just making an excuse or two for the featherweight!

mardi, juillet 04, 2006

Interns of the World, Unite!

Casper of Ask Me Later has thrown his hat into every existing ring. Y'all ready for this???

He actually looks kinda stately, y'know...

Their Ungrateful Asses Will Be Dead Soon

I can only hope, but as I mentioned, new age fasting isn't fasting.

The "stars are aligning" for a hunger strike to bring the troops home. Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, and other sissies I've never heard of.

But get this: They are doing a "rolling fast". Know what that is? Each of these nincompoops will fast for 24 hours and then "hand it over" to another star so they can fast for 24 hours. Oh, the agony, the torture, the brain cells.

Please, stop it. We can see it's a publicity stunt. All you Hollywooders forget something - the great unwashed are pretty much educated nowadays. Which is more than I can say for Hollywood, of which the majority never finished high school.

Happy Fourth of July

"So we raise her up every morning,
take her down every night.
We don't let her touch the ground
and we fold her up right.

On second thought, I do like to brag,
'Cause I'm mighty proud of the Ragged Old Flag."

lundi, juillet 03, 2006

As If We Needed Proof

That Jimmy Carter is hands-down, the dumbest, most ineffective, inept, clueless, out-of-touch-with-reality, self-serving, self-inserting dumbass that we have to offer:

Defying the laws of blockhead-dom. I present to you, Jimmy Carter.

Screen shot courtesy of the Drudge Report

dimanche, juillet 02, 2006

At It Again....

Jib makes a good point. Cool bloggers aren't going to post on a weekend. Well, here is my demonstrated geekdom. Some folks might be at the computer, tapping away...making photoshopped election year propaganda, or fixing to hit the avid system, or writing their next book review (you all know who you are!)... I am however, sitting myself down at my sewing machine. This is exactly what I had in mind for hot days like today. A long flowy dress made strictly of prom dress liner material. Sweat? Yes. But once that wind blows through it, all is forgiven. And dry. Yay moi!

samedi, juillet 01, 2006

So Will Anyone Fast Today... sympathize with MY suffering with my hangover???? My ass hasn't eaten all day, either.

Nick has an interesing post with further thoughts on Cindy Sheehan's diet decision to fast.

(not sure about having Hugo Chavez this close to me, I might barf again)