lundi, avril 30, 2007


When I began adding photos to Flickr, I had no idea what I was in for. As a person who is interested in almost everything, Flickr does not help my attention span. Now I have must-view-each-day people, stuff I want to find pictures of, stuff I want to share pictures of, and then, there are the photo pools. What doesn't surprise me in this day and age is that many, many people have very good photography skills. The technology is even better.

But there is something wider that I'm on to here. On Flickr, we are seeing the chronicling of our world, our times. It's for all practical purposes, a snapshot into a very unique point in history: one where so much of our lives continues to increase in speed, all while the interest in the old seems to keep up with the new.

So with that, I might start adding a Flickr photo of the day. Might not get to it every day - hell I have enough troubles getting to MRQ once a week and blogging itself is something I can't simply "sit down and do." For me, with all writing, it can't happen by itself. I liken it to getting nauseated, and having to find something to throw up in. Actually, that's exactly how it is.

Now that I've grossed you all out, here is my first Flickr of the day:

Photographer: Godefrolyg

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dimanche, avril 29, 2007


I spent the afternoon in a wonderful way - one that I wished would never end. I know the newness of summer can wear off quickly, but when it hits, you can feel it start by nibbling on your toes and exiting out the top of your head.

The late afternoon was spent at an outside bar table on east North avenue, with a glass of chardonnay and conversation en francais. With some "franglais" thrown in for good measure. The brain and ones' own perception are amazing little things, in that they are very misleading. The brain adapts so quickly to new circumstances that it can, no pun intended, make your head spin.

I started out a little choppy, but towards the end of the afternoon, I could pretty much say anything that came to mind. Wine helps, but so does experience. Nothing can be learned at a strictly academic level - it's always critical to put what you "know" into practice. Because then, you're getting a reality check on what you think you know. Or the reverse can happen. For example, I consider myself to be a student of French. I don't consider myself to be fluent by any means. But to this person, who is French, I speak French.

That's the perception part. The adaptability part is also amazing and it's motivating. After spending a couple of hours dans la langue, I was thinking in French. This happens, it's not a surprise, but it's pretty cool when you realize that you've shifted gears. That's the critical part. You have to go into that mode, into those shoes, in order to be what you are learning.

For all I know I still become intimidated, but I can understand the majority of what I hear. I credit the music I listen to and the movies I've watched for that - but with anything you learn - putting it into practice is key. More importantly, you have to get over yourself in order to learn sometimes.

Besides, I never knew I was using the most wrong word in the universe when I was saying "napkin". Mon Dieu!

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I Loves Me Some Neon

If you're an Americana lover, and can't get enough of old neon signs, then the Flickr Neon Signs Group is the place to be.

I made my first contributions today. Later I'll go back and photo them at night.

My all time favorite is Bob's Bait

I also highly recommend Roadsidepicture's Flickr account, I can't get enough of his pics.

BLEG: If anyone knows of unique 40's and 50's signage that fits into the template of the above, please let me know!

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And You Thought George Bush Listening in On Aunt Esther's Phone Calls Was Bad....

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Telecommunications Ministry will start filtering "immoral" video and audio messages sent via mobile phones, state television reported on Saturday.

' ... in order to prevent possible misuse of MMS, immoral actions and social problems, the Telecommunications Ministry will filter immoral MMS,' the television said."
First, I'm pretty impressed that Iran has advanced their broadcast technology to the point where individual television sets can speak. I mean, I thought the whole WMD thing was a pretty lofty feat in and of itself, but they must have been on a creative streak that day and someone said "hey man, keep going."

But how do you like that? Jay Weber broadcasted earlier this week that Iran is freaking out about pants that are too short and headscarves not wrapped tightly enough. I think both instances are a sure sign of Iran's panic that they will not be able to control life and the human spirit for long. Human ingenuity and the fast pace of change will eventually sweep the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution under the rug. The transparency and instantaneous nature of technology is only one reason.

I would therefore like to take camphone shots of my feet in my open toed sandals today, and forward them to the weakest link on the Supreme Council. Tomorrow I'll send a pic of my ears to the next weakest link, and just pick them all off until there's nothing left.

Pop Quiz: What's the most interesting use of words from the original article? Filter.

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samedi, avril 28, 2007

The Ever-Expanding Circle

First things first, what a beautiful day.

I tried to sit inside today for the Blog Summit, but I just couldn't. I was full of nervous energy and other excitement bouncing around inside of me and made an executive decision to get my narrow rear outside. I made a slippery little exit so as to go unnoticed...

This evening I had also had plans, by that point, I was reasonably content in the thought that I'd seized the day. Without, you know, taking a nap.

So this evening I got together with a group of bloggers from the MyFoxMilwaukee blogs. Tonight I met Gitrdone, saditalianeyez, Barbiedoll1959, highwayrun, and ididwhat. We had a really great evening of spirited conversation: Goofy neighbors, funny police stories, our veterans, hilarious quotables, life stories and blogging stories. I hadn't met them before, but we all hit it off swimmingly and it was a really great time.

And next time, I'll actually have a drink and a smoke :)

PS: I forgot the quote of the evening: "I'm not here to help you, I'm here to take pictures" highwayrun1

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Just Because favorite scene from the movie "Cry Baby"....

And also, one of my favorite songs.

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"Don't sh*t where you eat"

vendredi, avril 27, 2007


Just checking the details on tomorrow's blog summit, when I realized there will be a segment called:

"Are all voices being heard in the blogosphere?"

I've just gotta say one thing:

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jeudi, avril 26, 2007

Transitional and Transformational

When you're ready for them, your life will suddenly be dotted with transitional and transformational people. I can only surmise that it's not a mistake, since whatever you seem to be open, receptive to, and most importantly in belief about your life, will surely be reflected in your life's content.

I'm going through that right now. There are changes that I have been ushering in for the past few months and to some extent I have had to try to put the brakes on it - not out of resistance - but out of wanting to be able to absorb and assimilate it. Or let it change me. That kind of surrender is in a word, difficult, especially to the control-freak-perfectionist-who's-seeking-variety. Of course it doesn't make sense, but then again, it's perfectly logical.

Today was another day that I met someone who had this effect. This is a person who I came to for a specific purpose related to a life change, and he knew that I was seeking change in and of itself. He was one of the fastest thinkers I might have ever met so far, and he wasn't wrong. It was intimidating as all hell, and completely well intended. This person knew that I was going in a direction that was lateral and not forward, and that I would be exasperated in a short time. He said the things that I knew but hadn't uttered yet even inside my own head. Why must some people be so correct. Then again, why shouldn't they. I have yet to say thank you to this person and I haven't been able to sit down and write the thank you yet because frankly, I'm still trying to figure out what just hit me.

Thank God for people like this. Course correctors, self-questioners who know when you're not doing a thorough enough job of questioning your own self. People who make you say "I knew that, I just didn't know it". They work fast, efficiently, and with the highest amount of impact. The modern version of the angel is akin to a stuffed animal, but the real ones, well, you might not know what hit you until after you've slept on it.

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This takes getting beaned to a whole new level

Hugh Grant attacked a photographer with a pack of baked beans. I believe that's a first. Not sure I could deal with paparazzi myself, but if I had to, I'd hope to earn the vote of Most Likely To Attack Creatively.

That's a hot pic.

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Talk amongst yourselves

I'll give you a topic....
If I had a choice on who to deal with, well....

mercredi, avril 25, 2007

Just Because.....

I Concur

She looks fan-tastic
Still dumb as a box of rocks, but a box of rocks with some style.

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mardi, avril 24, 2007

If You Haven't Noticed

I'm just going to say it.

We spent the last week squawking about the toilet paper musings of a person with the IQ of the sleeve end of a shoelace.

Meanwhile, on earth, an enemy is silently and patiently trying to kill all of us.

Even those who vow to use only one square, even if was a "joke."

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Se Réveiller Tôt

This morning, I was up at my usual very early hour of about 4:55. I made a conscious decision to turn off the computer and spend time enjoying my morning. I had to be at work by 7:00 for an early meeting, but I had a very specific amount of joy: ironing and listening to my new Buddy Holly iMix. Nice and loud, but not blaring. Coffee, Buddy Holly, singing in my sunny kitchen, yes... summer is surely on its way.

lundi, avril 23, 2007

This Is The Coarsest Our Society Can Be

If you think Abu Ghraib was barbaric, if you think Gitmo is barbaric, then you haven't witnessed a partial birth abortion. I believe there is a very special place in hell for those who administer, assist, practice, solicit and yes - support the "right" - to kill a baby. There is never, ever, ever a reason to kill a baby. I defy anyone to produce a real and legitimate reason that a mother's life is so endangered that the practice is justified. Especially with today's medical miracles.

h/t to Nick, whose very, excellent post inspired the ire.

Let Him Who is Without Speed Cast The First Stone

So, mini alderman, mini man, what comes after people don't respond to their cars being stoned? Do you shoot them?

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dimanche, avril 22, 2007

Hot Ass Mess!

Great term, by the way. But I just wrote that to draw attention to the most unbelievable pair of shoes I've seen in a long time. Best of all? They now belong to none other than Ms. Jones. I have Lisa Dutcher of Tip Top Atomic to profusely thank, for pointing them out to me. How was I to know that this day, this lovely Sunday, would point these babies my direction? They even go well with high insteps. Who'd a thunk!

Yes, now we can go on with the show, but only 'cause now, ya know!!

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So I Was At The Lakefront Today....

Yes, I know you are all surprised.

But I just feel like sayin' it. The whole thug walking the thug dog thing makes me sick. I don't see families walking down at the lakefront. I see thugs with their thug girlfriends and their stupid thug dogs. Pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs, all on big chains. It feels like the lowest common denominator has risen to status quo. It makes me sick and it makes me sad.

And just for the hell of it, I'm gonna say it again because what it is, bears repeating:

Thug, thug, THUG!

samedi, avril 21, 2007


vendredi, avril 20, 2007

An Amateur by Comparison, but....

Once upon a time I dated someone and it was the most tumultuous relationship I ever experienced. It didn't last more than a few months but it felt like years. It still feels like it was years. This person had an Axis II personality - Borderline Personality Disorder - as a matter of fact. It's not as easy to spot as you would think but...I digress.

I heard the Alec Baldwin audio and immediately I knew what Kim and Kid have been dealing with. It's not the first time I suspected it because he's said other things that closely resemble the behavior. I won't claim to be a shrink, and Alec so far has nothing on my ex, however many people out there know what a skunk smells like. They could take a good guess at what went on, or goes on, in the "sanctity" behind closed doors. Something I am not interested in hearing because frankly I have a pretty good idea. It ain't pretty. But guess what Alec, you're a rank amateur in comparison. And to answer your lifelong question, no, no woman ever will come around from the error of their misguided ways and respect you.

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jeudi, avril 19, 2007

My super cool niece is in the paper

She actually IS a pinup girl!



mercredi, avril 18, 2007

Dear Mayor Barrett

I have to wonder if this is your approach to crime in this here fair city...

Come to think of it, the approach was probably visionary at the time

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Your Rights

I'm tired of hearing all this on-and-on about "gun culture" in relation to mass shootings. Nobody seems to be squeaking about thug culture and the thousands of lives it claims each year. Or the untold costs of random shootings and the toll they take on the quality of everyone's lives of all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Outlawing guns is not the answer. Facing the problem is the answer.

But now a few words about responsible gun ownership.

Chris of spottedhorse2 is getting ready to hold the spring outing at McMillers'. He's posted some dates at the BBA. If you're genuinely interested, I hope you can make it. We had a wonderful time last year and I'm looking forward to this spring.

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A Woman After My Own Heart

"Gay, Gay Gay"

Via Wonkette ..."John Edwards Twice as Gay as Bill Clinton". Alas, even gay men aren't safe anymore from the masterful, panty-disintegrating stare of Bill Clinton. Imagine what Edwards can do. Oh, wait, that would be nothing.

Now gimme my mirror back.

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The City Gave Us a Day To Respond?

UPDATE: Murphy actually pulled the vote as of this afternoon. I'm happy, but I can't say I'm surprised.

I received this email this morning from a neighborhood group that I belong to. Something sounds fishy here:
Help Fax or call and complain.

Letter sent to the neighbors only tonight!!!

The Mobile Station wasts to Convert the service bays into expanded Convenience store.

Neighbors are already concerned about the late hours.
Trash and garbage around the store, street and water damage from the auto wash, tax
payers, not the mobile station are paying for the repairs.

Late night loiterers, and the Noise!!!
and much much more.

Fax complaint to 286-2555
No Oral complaints will be heard
( the city gave us a day to respond)
written complaints won't make it in time.

Call Michael Murphy's office also, 286-2221


If you want a copy of the Public notice call me me I will fax it to you

Now does that sound right to you? The city agreeing that the station should be able to expand, and giving their neighbors 24 hours to say yea/nay?

Something seems... off.....

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mardi, avril 17, 2007

And Now, There Is a Mouse In My Garage



First, I am extraordinarily happy that this day is nearly over. For some reason, it was the longest day I can remember in a long time.

A lot of stress. Which seems to have settled in anything that can be considered my sinuses. Above my eyes, below my eyes, behind 'em.


lundi, avril 16, 2007

This is all I can manage to say about the shooting at this point

It's remarkably similar to the mentality of one of these video games, where the player goes in and annihilates as many people as possible.

Before anyone goes off half-cocked on me, yeah I know there's a hell of a lot more to it. I know that, spare me. But this behavior closely mimics picking up the game controller. Think about it.

samedi, avril 14, 2007

So Cool, I Can't Figure Out What To Do With It

Have you ever seen something at an estate sale or otherwise that was so cool, so incredibly unique, you absolutely had to have it? Then you didn't do a darned thing with it?

These babies. My two atomic spotlights. I love them and find them irresistibly unique and classy and kitsch and uniquely me. But what the heck do I do with them? They have long cords, oddball lucite thingys, they get pretty hot. But I LOVE THEM!


And Now For Something Really ....

Well, That's A First

It's with great confusion that I write the following words: I know someone who does not like Mushrooms. How is that possible, you say? I don't know because I said the same thing. Said person also does not like onions.

Don't they go hand in hand, or something?

vendredi, avril 13, 2007

Sometimes, I Don't Need To Be Articulate

Buddy Holly is one of those artists for whom I have few words. He is the pregnant pause of rock 'n roll. This unassuming average kid in the 50's changed the world within two years. How many of us will ever have that effect - and how much has the world already changed that we may never have those exact conditions again. To manifest with such an impact, through what now seems like simple arrangement and talent. Buddy I salute thee with all my speechlessness.

Here is a Buddy Holly mix that I made in iTunes - my next music purchase. I'm a B-side kind of woman... probably something that Buddy himself might have appreciated :)

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Another Reason Jib Is a Great Writer

jeudi, avril 12, 2007

Getting Out Just In Time

Many times I've said that I'm glad that I went to college when I did. I graduated in the very early 90's, before politics became ingrained into the smallest educational item.

Life is precious and the receptivity of a learning mind is, too.

College is the place to prepare yourself for life - so that you can prime your brain in the hopes that when you graduate, you'll be able to evaluate what's in front of you and think critically. So that you can think for yourself - and whatever direction that may take you - it's all yours.

Once you're out in the "real world" and out from the shelter of higher education, you can really discover what's important to you. How things sequence, how they affect you, how you want to affect them. That's a good time for politics to come into the picture because at that point, you understand all of the ramifications of politics and you can sort through the messages that are designed to whip you up into a frenzy or otherwise amass your attention.

College is not the place to impose politics.

College is the place to impose the basics that will prepare you in order to make your own decisions and conclusions. That's what you're paying them to do. Not impose parameters of thought, belief, or indoctrination.

And that's what one filmmaker's point is
. For a few years I've been checking in on the progress of Evan Coyne Maloney in his pursuit to bring the truth about indoctrination in higher education. But don't take my word for it. Shoot, don't even take Evan's. Find out for yourself what's going on. That giant sucking sound is the absence in a most precious place - the space between the ears of those who are primed for learning.

Politics is temporary. Being unprepared to grasp the torch when the time comes for it to be handed to you, is forever.

mardi, avril 10, 2007

A Protest Protesting the Protesters

You'd swear this was France.

But it ain't....unless anyone's up for a Tullamore Dew bloody mary at Elliot's Bistro after the up-and-coming. Wait, ceci n'est pas francais...

So stay tuned to the Early Spin Blog for details about this weekend's rally to support the troops/protest the protesters. I'm not much of a protester because I associate protests with people who can't do anything of their own volition. There are exceptions though, which I am more open to discussing off the blog. They have to do with the Constitution, important things like that.

And speaking of having any power of your own, you can bet that conservative or libertarian and other non-whiners won't be wearing any black masks, any scarves over their faces, or any all-black disguise akin to tactics of the namby pamby, 100 pound 5-foot-11 male G8 protesters. Nope. We're talking about the "home of the brave" and the Brave of whence they speak. And they have very, very much in common with those of whom they will support this weekend.

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lundi, avril 09, 2007

Well That Might Be One For The Nice List

But we'll see.

Friday - Good Friday - a man backed into my baby. My darling vee-hicle. Not terribly hard, but enough to do a bit of damage. We didn't get a police report, but exchanged business cards. He's not a nobody, and I also identified that the person I work with isn't a nobody either. He told me to get an estimate and he would take care of it because he was heading out of town for two weeks with his family.

In today's mail was a card from said person with a starter check for $100 and another apology. He indicated that he would pay for the rest according to the estimate. The card was postmarked Saturday.

It's not a done deal/over with, I realize that. But it's nice to have some civility in the world.

dimanche, avril 08, 2007

How Great Is Your Love...

So much higher than the heavens, with faithfulness that reaches the skies.

Happy Easter, everyone!

After a long day of bunning...

Even the Easter Bunny could use a nap:)

vendredi, avril 06, 2007

Please. Just Leave The Money On The Pillow

And leave...

That's It. I'm Pulling This Car OVER!

So that you all can get a little closer look at the Yo Mamma battle going on over at Subject to Change.

Spread The Word

It's funnier without the video... but funny :)

jeudi, avril 05, 2007

Eavesdropping in Bloglines

So I was over at my bloglines account reading The Corsair (one of my faves for a couple of years now) and I got nosy and wanted to find out who else subscribed to Ron. Well I settled on a couple of names and looked through their subscriptions (after all, their profiles are public) and I came across this here gem: Ghetto Economics.

Now I about fell off my chair laughing when I read the subtitle:I just love this. And I was also introduced to The Stepfather of Soul. God Bless Blogger.

Ps Patrick: This one's just for you!

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All Is (Kinda) Right In The World

Getting aligned with my life's purpose, defining or otherwise refining my existence, having a few good hair days and a few really bad ones... and...

Chris Goodman has his own blog.

My weekend can now officially begin.

mercredi, avril 04, 2007

A Tad Late

I hope that Fred Dooley doesn't chalk this one up as one for the books and leave it there... we need more people like Fred representing the public. So even though I am not in your district Fred, I want to thank you for your efforts toward serving. Hope to be putting Fred Flyers on doors and in mailboxes in the future.


I might have an announcement here at the Confidentials within the next few weeks. Might be more interesting for me than it is for you, but either way, I hope it all goes through.

lundi, avril 02, 2007

MRQ. The "WTF" Edition.

Being that RDW is locked out by Blogger at the moment, Monday Random Quotes is being temporarily relo'd to The Confidentials. Note: This only required a little ingenuity on my part. Fema trailers and ATM cards were not necessary.

So, now that Blogger's stolen the show...

I wanted to say a great big heartfelt Good Luck to Fred Dooley tomorrow in the race for Alderman. Keep busy, Fred. And let us know if you need a porta party! Who am I kidding, we'll all be watching.

And without further ado... I present to vous... Monday Random Quotes.

Find a way to freeze dry sushi, ASAP! Aaron.

"I've been informed by an anonymous Yellow Peep Apostle that the Chocolate Jesus is in fact not being hidden in a refrigerated truck, but instead in a cool dark cave with a 30 ton Jelly Belly rolled in front. Plans are to unveil it in 3 days where it will go to it's new home. The tin foil blanket covering the Chocolate Jesus has already been promised to an Italian Church." Nick.

And if that isn't in the Bible, well, it should be. Casper

posting from phone, typos don’t count. Patrick

Oh Sweet Jesus, where was the National Guard? Pundit Nation

Did anyone in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board actually go to school? Elliot


We're either a bunch of Nostradamuses or full of crap. We'll see in 161 games. Steve

Hint: it has nothing to do with the lint in my pocket. Still Unreal

Harak, briefly put, is a possessed man. Brian at Gop3

I also tell my daughter, “no dating until after you’re married!”. Jimi

Some of these monkeys, however, clearly deserve a spanking. Triticale

dimanche, avril 01, 2007

I'm Shaking In My Boots

Although from the looks of it, ol' Gerrie seems to have her backside