mercredi, avril 30, 2008

Someone to Love

If you have someone in your life who you love and loves you back: whether it's a significant other or your spouse or domestic partner, you should consider yourself very lucky.

If you love that person, be sure that you tell them that you love them and that you appreciate them. Because it is not easy out here in singledom. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to find that special person. You're dealing with many people who are having the same experience you are most of the time. If you're lucky, you'll find someone with the self-awareness to know that they are in that situation.

Finding someone who has that self-awareness is much harder than it sounds.

Many of you who are in a loving relationship surely have your ups and downs, quirks to deal with, and maybe some things about your relationship that just are what they are. Having the wisdom to work through those things is one of the wonders of that relationship - that you can grow together. No it's not easy, and it takes a lot of effort, but understand that you are with someone who loves you. And regardless of all that stupid stuff, your dumb ideas, the ding you put in the car, or how much you stink sometimes, they love you anyway.

That's blessed.

Don't pass up the opportunity to stop the routine and see what is in front of you. Things could be different. You might not have found that person. They are your shield and your solace in the face of an uncertain world.

I am... I said

lundi, avril 21, 2008

I Has It....

dimanche, avril 20, 2008

Blogging Lite

Hi Folks,

My video card is on the fritz. My new laptop delivery is still a couple of weeks out. So I'll have postings as my computer allows!


vendredi, avril 18, 2008

New Douchebag on the Block

Hooray! Once in a lifetime, you find someone so stuck on themselves and intent on advertising it that they are practically wearing a "Hi, my name is Douchebag" tag... that you are remiss in your human duties if you find it in your heart not to stare...

Via Hot Chicks With Douchebags, I introduce to you a fine specimen.... a true discovery of nature and by nature, I mean biological like tainted beer lines. This my friends, is Tighty Armani:

Tighty Armani makes my ovaries giggle. Even they, in all of their female wisdom, are skeptical of his manhood. I strongly sense a mama who henpicked him. Thank God for New Jersey. God created New Jersey with just the right climate, greasy ecosystem, and environment that it can sustain ALL douchebag-like lifeforms. Not just tighty. Although I am sure he doesn't do well with competition, unless it high fives him. Or does the double point at him. That's extra points, my friends.

Ah..... my work here, is done!

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jeudi, avril 17, 2008


Anyone else out there have a tummy bug? A simple yes or no is poifectly fine

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mercredi, avril 16, 2008

I'm Not A Fan Of Idol, But

For whatever reason last night, I couldn't find the remote, and Idol was on. Well, so was the book I was reading so it was background noise. Mariah Carey was on last night and she was supposed to be "coaching" and providing guidance to the contestants.

Now, Mariah Carey is a Megalomaniac. This is something she has in common with a lot of people, like Russ Feingold, John Kerry, and Joe Biden. Nobody cares about them, but they believe that they are stars. There there dear, I'm sure everyone does like you and you are a size 6.

Anyhow. Back to what I was blogging about. These kids were beside themselves in her presence. And Mariah just lapped it up. It was like breaking into a house and throwing a steak to the rottweiler. Then, these impressionable young people sang to her. She just pet them. No real constructive feedback, no pointers. The closest she came to feedback was"

"if you went a little falsetto at the end, I wouldn't be mad atcha"


Really, this woman, like most government employees, wouldn't last a moment in a world of accountability. Plus, you take away accountability and pressure, people stop trying. I've worked for people who would have her balled up in a corner.

So these kids were on a self-esteem high. Their little eyes all a glitter and a twitter. They get up on the stage and maybe only one of them gets real praise for their performance. Not uncommon on idol, but it was enormously clear that Mariah did not help them or provide any guidance. Who paid for it? The contestants. For many of them it was really clear that they were not taking any risks with their range. Why should they? Apparently, according to Mariah, they should have "kept doin whatcha doing".

Yeah keep listening to her. Someday I'll win American Idol if you do.

PS: Russ, we can see you

mardi, avril 15, 2008

I have a solution to the food riots

Send them Asian Carp.

I'm not trying to be funny. There are more than enough to feed everyone who needs food. Fish is protein and I'll take fish over corn any day.

lundi, avril 14, 2008

Tuesday Music

I LOVE Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. I know they went popular and then passe, but they're still grrreat!

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Asian Carp Crossbow Hunting

Dang baby. I wonder if they have shotgun tours.

Funny... wrong, but funny!

An Unnecessary Position

Unnecessary position... being in the position of having to make a "deal" with We Energies. Feels an awful lot like a shakedown. They can charge whatever they want, and of course, claim it's 10% less than most markets. Whose market, I mean, really?

My usage is the same, my bill is extraordinary. I don't like it. Good thing there are no other mouths to feed in the house.

jeudi, avril 10, 2008

A little Friday Music

And a little Friday humor, too :)
("a spur of the moment one, or one made up?)

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General Jackassery

I just felt like sayin' it

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mercredi, avril 09, 2008

You Are Your Decisions

Every action you take, or don't take, becomes part of who you are.

You can intentionally make a poor decision. You may assume you are entitled to the decision, or are able to go into denial over it - or worse - rationalize or defend it. There are infinite ways to justify a poor decision.

At some point you can process it and be at peace with yourself. But what you decide to do never, ever goes away.

And sometimes, God gives our decisions an audience. It keeps you straight and sometimes, is your punishment. And sometimes, your decisions punish others.

mardi, avril 08, 2008

Forget Waterboarding

Make them listen to iNet commercials over and over and over and over and.....

The Quotable Co-Worker

On being friendly as the new girl....

"It's work, it's not Pee-Wee's Playhouse"

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dimanche, avril 06, 2008

Interesting Story, Great Pictures

Sometimes the JS really has some good pieces. And good photos. Stop by to see their story on the Mwakee Accordion Club

And let's face it. Everyone knows this woman. If you've been alive, she's been part of your family.

mercredi, avril 02, 2008

April 2: Today is a Good Day

Ahh, the smell of conservatism in the morning :)