mercredi, octobre 31, 2007

Is this really who you want in your company's lobby on Halloween, or any other day?

Frankendoyle and his minion Mayor Barrett pay a visit to Molson Coors. A little bridge building mission.

Just to keep the lines of communication open.

Is that what Doyle calls his arm-twisting now?

Because the feckless Barrett doesn't have enough cajones to do anything on his own. I guess I saw this coming.

Two words to Molson Coors:

Call Security

Happy Halloween, All

mardi, octobre 30, 2007

Still going to be a few days

If anyone knows of anyone who comes down with the stomach flu keep an eye on them. This one is bad.

Yesterday I needed IV fluids. Let me say this, when your lips are blue and your eyes are sunken, there's no way they can get a needle into you quickly enough. Even after that you don't feel "better" but you are more stable. I chose an urgent care clinic over St. Joe's hospital. I know that victims of violent crime will be higher priority than my situation. Still, it took a while to get them to process me, I just wasn't strong enough to fight. And it was hard to find a clinic that was in my ratcheted-down PPO. As I laid there under the blankets in the clinic I was enormously grateful for the care I got and that we have private healthcare. I tried to imagine different people from different life experiences going through something like this and what kind of care they would have gotten, if any. We are a fortunate bunch here in the US. And I am grateful for the care I can get here.

dimanche, octobre 28, 2007

I am down for the count

I have the stomach flu or something. Leslie Stahl was about all I had in me today.

60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl Needs SensitivityTraining

During Leslie Stahl's interview of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, she made a major faux pas.

Because the French do not discuss their personal lives except with confidants. And they certainly don't do that on TV. This is not Oprah country. And regardless of Sarko's love of all things American, he is a French man.

All Frenchness aside. The question was disrespectful. It's about damn time someone said to the media "that's none of your business".

Like the government with taxes, the media has grown accustomed to having subtle ownership of emotions and think they should be exploited for the common good.

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samedi, octobre 27, 2007

A day of gett'n ready

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I can get my 40s and 50s on and it's not a big deal and people don't think I'm...crazy or somethig. If I lived in southern California it might be different and I could get away with it more often but alas, I have to work with what I can :)

This year, I don't have the same crunch to get my costume ready, because throughout the year I've been working on so many outfits, that I have plenty to pick from. Although the one I plan to wear isn't exactly finished yet, so there are minor tweaks to be done.

So today is:

- finish dress
- do pincurls
- paint fingernails
- ...get fake tattoo :)
- meet awesome buddy Ally

Tonight, there is a 50's jump swing band playing out so after a few halloween parties, I'll be there. And with camera!

My next opportunity to really get my Phel Jones on?????

Viva Las Vegas!

"The Human Race Will Split into Two Different Species"

I can't help but think in many ways that we already have.

Although not in the manner described in the article

vendredi, octobre 26, 2007

Friday Night Yoga

(image courtesy

This could be a bad bad bad thing for me. The yoga studio that I frequent has just begun a Friday night vinyasa class. I can very, very easily see the results of what will happen.

I'll be out at the bar on Friday night after yoga. Drink in hand. " think you can out-chaturanga me???"

In our class, we hold chaturanga for about 2 minutes. Then we go into pushups. Both straight down and then back up, or forward of our hands to touch the chin to the floor, and then straight up and back.

We do that sequence more than once.

Chaturanga is the first sequence in this video. It's where you lower into the above position. She does this much faster than we do, she's also stronger.

Yeah, you'd be showing it off too if you could :)

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mercredi, octobre 24, 2007

Great Post by Cathy Stepp

....over at Real Debate Wisconsin.

Cathy posts about a mere fraction of the errors made by - and the perceptions of - women who are trying to get a seat at the table. In this case, it's about the ousting of Judy Robson. In Cathy's post she points out the simple truth that women must speak to men in a way that men absorb information. This is the way it is, and men can't be changed. Sorry ladies, they can't.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

But if you - regardless of gender - want to make hay and be credible in a field that is opposite of your nature, you have to learn and play by the rules of the game. Whatever game that may be.

For the record the women that I have known in life who have been the most successful are women who speak directly to men, in their terms. They haven't just learned the rules of the game, but they have a little of that game in them to begin with. They think like men, too.

The only exception to this rule that I have seen, is women who can present a position in a manner that allows the other person to do the thinking and come to the conclusion themselves. Therefore the answer is the other person's idea. It's another way of gaining support and buy-in, especially when the object of your sway doesn't think in black and white terms. It's also pure genius and a basic component of leadership and mentoring.

So regardless of what side you're on, remember that asking the right questions (not ones that elicit a yes/no answer) will give you the buy in that you're looking for.

Otherwise, you better roll your sleeves up there and get your ass in the game. And do us all a favor. Keep it to one page. Please.

Alright Already, Who's Doing What For Halloween?

And what're you going to be?

What's the DSM on THIS Attention-Seeking Behavior?

Seriously. This must be the most exhausting member of the family

mardi, octobre 23, 2007

I would now like to take this opportunity to wish my ex-boyfriend a happy birthday

You bastard. (fine all, it's as in "Happy Birthday, you bastard" in an english accent. Sheesh, already).

Enjoy 29, because it's alllll downhill from here. Now finish school and get a job!

The JSonline reports....

"Proposal: Sell parts of O'Donnell Park"
Wanna buy a park, or at least part of one?

You just might get your chance, if Milwaukee County Supervisor Paul Cesarz gets his way. He's suggesting the county drum up some cash to help pay for ongoing parks operations by selling parts of O'Donnell Park on the lakefront - the parking ramp that it's built on, as well as the pavilion building housing the Betty Brinn Children's Museum and Coast restaurant.

And then what?

I mean, that's like constantly spending your cash, panicking, and then selling your stuff on ebay to make ends meet.

If you're not going to stop the spending behaviors you can sell your assets till you're blue in the face but in the end, your ongoing spending behavior still makes you broke...

lundi, octobre 22, 2007

If someone announced they were gay and nobody made a big stinking deal about it, would they still be gay?

May be offline for part of the week

I'll be changing internet providers. At this point I don't care if I have a gap in service, but I thought I'd give you all a heads-up.

dimanche, octobre 21, 2007

Chevy Belaire

Chevy Belaire, originally uploaded by Sushibyrd.

Awesome shot by my flickr contact, sushibyrd!

vendredi, octobre 19, 2007

4:48 on Friday

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jeudi, octobre 18, 2007

The Rally

Fred is back from the rally with pictures and video. Stop on by Real Debate to see!

UPDATE: Story behind the Story. For my regular readers (as though I had them) the above picture made methinks of this heah....

I'm tired of Milwaukee being compared to Detroit.


I think it's the kiss of death to be compared to Detroit and it's happening more and more. If you haven't ever been to Detroit, part of me says "go" and part of me says "don't do that to yourself".

But I think it's a big problem, and going to get worse. Too many thoughtful media outlets are making this comparison. Why aren't we making news for creating a business climate that attracts jobs. For the record - the government does NOT fall into the "creating jobs" category. The best they can hope to do is stay out of the way. I wish they would.

I'll find the link but about two weeks ago the Wall Street Journal had an article about the Pabst renovation. At the end of the article, the WSJ was somewhat gingerly pointing out that Milwaukee is dead. And they used proof - economic numbers that reflect the direction of business and it's connection to local policies.

Regardless of what side of the issue you're on, let me say this:

You don't have to like why this is the case. But you have to acknowledge facts before you can throw money at it.

The best we can hope to do is stop throwing money at it, stop throwing anything at it, and let it do its job.

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mercredi, octobre 17, 2007

How Embarassing for Randi Rhoades

Seriously. The woman just experienced an accident so bad that she's lost teeth. TEETH. Think of how awful it is to lose teeth - a part of you that you hope to keep as long as possible and can't really replace.

I digress. It sounds like it was a bad accident.

But think about it, and put yourself in her shoes. Something bad has just happened and you really need the rest. Then some dope - a co-worker nonetheless - makes it significantly worse. And on a national level.

He's lucky that Randi's down for the count right now. Because he deserves an old-fashioned ass-whoopin' by a woman. And from the sounds of Jon Elliot, Randi could take 'em.

Sunday Behavior

On Sunday I went to get a coffee at Starbucks. I get back out to the parking lot to my car and put it into reverse. Some dope has parked his car illegally and I end up maneuvering back and forth by slight amounts to try to get out. I finally get to the point where I can manage to get out and NOT hit the car behind me. I was nearly side by side with the car when I reached that point.

The dopey car owner comes out. He looks like a typical liberal. And yes - yes - there is a look. He makes eye contact from behind his liberal little glasses. Looks away. Looks back at me again and ...smirks. I maintain eye contact with him. And I mouthed the words:

"Hybrid Driver"

dimanche, octobre 14, 2007


w e i l s t r e e t, originally uploaded by nomadrhizome.

Gotta love people who won't take things laying down

samedi, octobre 13, 2007

I was out for a cyber-stroll this morning

And came across Owen's link to's new policy on commenters. I don't know if anyone could have said it better than Rachel. Although, I expect greatness from her :)

It's been a couple of weeks since I visited her blog. I am still walking around spontaneously laughing at ...this

Did you expect any better from me?? ;P

vendredi, octobre 12, 2007

The Cadillac stood by the house, and the Yanks, they were within

One of my all-time favorite songs by the Pogues, enjoy your Friday tune!

jeudi, octobre 11, 2007

Telling Stories

Jib has a quick posting today giving Kudos to the Huffington Post regarding comments on Che Guevara. I started to comment, but I think something about the Che thing deserves longer commentary that I'll probably get into at some point.

Back when I was a young skull full of mush, my Dad would tell me "they package it and make it look good". He was referring to songs in the 60's, mao art, all of that.

Che is a good story. It really is. I personally own the book, soundtrack, and a copy of the Motorcycle Diaries. It's a good story.

History is rife with strong figures. People who are passionate, strong, and who will push until they succeed. But history often becomes a story, and the telephone game of time attaches all kinds of romantic denotations. Che falls into this category.

But many strong figures have something in common. They sound like they are right because they believe they are right. It's been said that a man's wisdom can be judged by his perception of the truth. On what side of history do you really want to fall? Especially when history is repeated?

Because if you haven't learned from history and truth, you might want to challenge your perceptions a little more.

mercredi, octobre 10, 2007


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mardi, octobre 09, 2007

Don't Come Back Here

I'm 99% sure I know who this is.

You are no longer welcome here.

lundi, octobre 08, 2007


I'd like to thank John Edwards for making it possible for me to win the MRQ of the week :)

This week's MRQ is published, c'mon over to Real Debate Wisconsin!

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dimanche, octobre 07, 2007

Carspotting: West Allis Car Show

Saunter on over to my Flickr "Vee-hickles" set and see my captures from the West Allis Car Show :)

Quote of the Day: "Are you a pinup girl?"
Me: "Just on the weekends"

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Now, For Something Worthwhile from the JS

This is a neat feature story in the JS.

The story itself is pretty short and it's message is as follows: we have white deer in Vilas county, not many of them, and the locals know more about them than any regulated group does.

But the real story is the photo slideshow. Don't miss it. I'm not sure this photographer is much of a wildlife photographer, but he got some really great shots.

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vendredi, octobre 05, 2007

Friday Lolcat, take two

Sorry, I can't let sleeping cats, or dogs, lie.

And a little Friday Tune

And I know my friend Fuzz will like this one!

Friday Lolcat

Charisma. I Has It.

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jeudi, octobre 04, 2007

Someone Let The Hot Air out of Al Gore

And they used the courts to do it in the UK.

How's THAT for an ironic, turn of events?
Schools must warn of Gore climate film bias

Schools will have to issue a warning before they show pupils Al Gore's controversial film about global warming, a judge indicated yesterday.

The move follows a High Court action by a father who accused the Government of 'brainwashing' children with propaganda by showing it in the classroom.

Stewart Dimmock said the former U.S. Vice-President's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is unfit for schools because it is politically biased and contains serious scientific inaccuracies and 'sentimental mush'.

He wants the video banned after it was distributed with four other short films to 3,500 schools in February. (read rest of article here)

(emphasis mine. have a nice globally warm day!)

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mardi, octobre 02, 2007

Oh Ann....

You silly girl
If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about another Democrat president. It's kind of a pipe dream, it's a personal fantasy of mine, but I don't think it's going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.

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lundi, octobre 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas

The human experience is unique in that it transcends any efforts to bucket or classify. Humans need to understand things, and as a result, a lot of people have to think on one side of the spectrum or the other. That's an immature use of your existence as a human being, to not look at situations beyond what they are "supposed to be."

ABC news has published an article based on an interview with Clarence Thomas. I'd suggest taking the time to read it.

Here is one part of the article that stood out to me, particularly regarding my statements above about individual thought:
"He believes whites again have created a system where blacks have to stay in a certain place — this time ideologically, not geographically. Slavery evolved into segregation; segregation evolved into an entrenched system of racial preferences, paternalism and condescension — a modern-day system, Thomas says, that also keeps blacks inferior and ideologically segregated.

"Whites can think anything they want, and we can have opinions about frivolous things, like I could be a (Washington) Nationals fan, as opposed to being an (Baltimore) Orioles fan, Oh, that's ok. But if it's important, if you're black, you all have to think the same thing," Thomas says. "Can you imagine someone saying that about whites, that, 'well, you're white, you're all supposed to think the same thing.' That would be considered ludicrous."

I couldn't agree with that more.

If you're only going to have one shot....

I wasn't shocked when I read about the 25-foot alligator that Ed Long shot in Washington County. More and more, people are selfish enough to release an exotic (and in some cases, illegal) pet. An unsuspecting child or adult could have been severely injured or much worse, so it's quite the community service that Mr. Long has done.

No doubt he was completely freaked out at seeing an Alligator when he was looking for duck. According to the story, he shot the alligator and hit it in the head. Take a look at this graphic from the JS. What are the chances of taking a shot under those circumstances, and making that specific hit?