samedi, septembre 30, 2006

Fall Outing at McMiller's

I was invited to a very lovely affair today. This morning I rolled my ass out of bed and drove out to Eagle for the mornin-o-shooting at McMiller's, courtesy of Chris from Spotted Horse.

It was a very therapeutic end to a long week. A beautiful drive through the countryside, getting lost once (darned NN), and the sound of report after report knowing that it wasn't on a city street. In attendance when I arrived were Chris and Steve, and we were joined shortly after by Neo-Con*Tastic.

A few things I learned today:

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and respectful of firearms, the safety precautions necessary, and the practical usage, of course.

Steve has the best laugh, ever. And for a quiet fella, sure can express jubilation after firing.

NeoCon smells great.

Okay so that's not really all I learned today, but it's a good place to start. Chris and I were talking as we went to the target to tape it over, and he made some really good points: most people don't know what they're talking about when they start harping on the "evils" of gun ownership. They don't know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. Or a rifle from a hole in the ground. I wouldn't want to look down either, by the way.

It's been almost 16 years since the last time I shot a gun. At the time I'd shot a 38 and a Beretta. Hated the 38, loved the Beretta, and when I shot it, I was surprised at the results. I thought it was a fluke.

But I did rather decent today. Chris has more details about all the guns we shot, but my favorite was the 30-06. This is a powerful gun, capable of a very precise shot. However, like most of the shots I've ever done, one must also pace oneself. What surprised me was how worn out you can get by shooting a gun. By the end of the session, I was pretty tired. And I needed to eat.

The first shot I took with the 30-06 is something I'll never, ever forget. I had never used a scope before and being able to look through the crosshairs and choose a spot on the target was in a word, beautiful. My heart wasn't racing, but it was pounding. The intensity that I could focus at that moment surprised me. And uh, those things can sure hop. And as you'll see here, send a jolt or two down into your elbow. I might have to open up the old sewing machine and make a pink satin elbow cushion.

Many, many, many thanks to Chris, Steve and Neo for allowing me to try their guns, and for instructing me. It was a simply lovely affair.

Al Gore: Lett'n One. Again.

Algore is an envirowhore. Or maybe it's the other way around. This man will say anything to get attention, even if it's misrepresenting something that can't directly speak for itself: the environment.

As a matter of fact, who do we know who exploits the environment for personal gain, more than Al Gore?

Can't we get the UN to add this as a rider to the Kyoto treaty? It would sure do us a favor. And maybe keep a few books out of the landfills. Releasing the toxicity of the printers' ink and letting it leach into our soil and ground water supplies. Oh btw, ink is toxic. The ink used in newsprint is heinously toxic.

And so is Gore's intermittent vocal farting in order to sell a book. He lets one, clears the room, and giggles about it. As long as it's clearing the folks in the direction of the table where his book is for sale.

vendredi, septembre 29, 2006

Cheddar Chatter

I thought I'd trawl the cheddarsphere tonight and give a few quotes of the week. By no means am I planning a hostile takeover of MRQ, but I guess that sitting around on Friday and trying to decompress.... handfuls of oyster crackers later and all.... that I'd see what you all had to say this week. It's the least I can do for y'all since I didn't say much this week.

Street scamming isn’t murder, although I can see where it could lead to one. Elliot

I read your article in the Mirror. I thought I'd pass along a suggestion. You are trying too hard to impress Mr. Clinton. Just introduce yourself and bat your eyelashes next time. That should suffice. Jib

Feeling a little smarmy, are we Scottie? Fred

I sure hope the police beat them. Chris

I know that last time this blog was on a break I gave you six women at once. Quite frankly, I think I spoiled you all. Besides, Jenna is all the woman you need. Aaron

It makes me wonder... would it have been offensive if they were eating a banana during a gay pride march? Nick

Today, my attention span is shorter than the line for tickets at a Paris Hilton concert. Pug J

Hello pot, meet kettle. Fraley

"Ponts" Nicole Devin

And uh... shameless plug...

Peaches. Now that's a face only Daddy could love. Oh, wait, that IS Daddy's face. Jones

There you have it.

Some of the Best Years of My Life

Were spent at the Milwaukee Montessori school on 44th and Vliet. For many, many years afterward, it had been the only time that I was happy to go to school. At four years old I was reading, counting, speaking French, hanging out in groups with other children and working together. And, I had the most diverse group of friends. At the time, and at the age, there was no sense that anything was different between us.

And I learned quickly.

I changed to Normal School after first grade. I was lost. The kids acted differently than I was used to, I had to sit at a desk and listen. It wasn't long before I started zoning out during class, and I zoned out through eighth grade. All I wanted was to get through it. Why didn't I get it? I wasn't sure. Long gone was the feeling of wholeness. Long gone was a feeling of connectedness to the other students. And after a while, I forgot why I felt that way.

It took me a long time to think in linear terms. I still struggle with it. I like to fly by the seat of my pants and for the most part, I have been very successful since it sparks my creativity. Know what I want to do? I would love to have just a little time to go back to that approach. Perhaps it's too late for me. Or maybe I could revisit the principles... like timelines and plans. It may help with my new role at work, after all.

Because, you know, I hate lists.

The JS had an article about the Montessori approach. It just kind of brought it back once again. Something I had thought about more and more in the past year.

Not sure what my point is, or if I am trying to say that I'd like to reconnect with how I first learned how to learn. Think it's too late?

It's expensive, but I'd send my kids.

jeudi, septembre 28, 2006

It's Gang Banger Night at Mayfair Mall

I just felt like sayin it :)

mercredi, septembre 27, 2006


nope I didn't go anywhere. In fact, even I check this blog daily to find out if anyone has posted. Just going through a busy time here, a few growing pains, but I have no intentions to forget about my dedicated readers, my fan club, those people outside my house with signs, or that nice man on the roof across the street with the sharpshoot gear on. Especially him.

dimanche, septembre 24, 2006

George Stephanopoulos Nailed It his book when he talked about how interpersonally evil Bill Clinton is. The only place I have ever seen these same angry expressions and piercing stares was when I read that book - which contained many pictures of Clinton's ire.

This is a man is a Don. Pointing out his foibles only draws the icy, twisting knife out of him. You're not allowed to cross the man, even when he's wrong. For your own sake, don't point it out. This is a mean, nasty person who uses positioning for every possible moment and situation. But I think today we saw the soft underbelly of it.

If you turned down the volume and just focused on his body language: pointing, thumping his finger down, invading Chris Wallace's space, the messages behind the front of his facial expressions, this is a person who is used to getting his way and doesn't like the fact that he isn't in control.

It's good to see him squirming. It's good to see Chris Wallace not flinching. It's a good day. Now I'm going to go back to watching.

"you got that smirk on your face, you think you're so clever"

The real Clinton unfolds before our very eyes....

samedi, septembre 23, 2006

I Can Hardly Wait

To see Bill Clinton implode. I could just tinkle.

Whole Thrills

What's the easiest way to put this...

Whole Foods is a food shopping amusement park.

You've heard all about it I'm sure, but you can't appreciate it until you've been there. Really. It's one of those things where you don't know what you don't know.

Everything I have bought there has been:

- Fresh
- Tasty. As in flavorful
- Almost unexpected

I bought carrots and they tasted amazing. I bought a honeycrisp apple and it was incredible. Mom and I were looking at the white peaches and contemplating if we'd get one. The stock person said, "do you want to try one?" and of course, we're like oh no, that's okay. He took out a knife and sliced us both a piece. It was, you guessed it, amazing.

We went past the hot seafood bar which also had soups and stews. We stopped because we smelled something amazing and we were compelled to start sniffing until we found that it was Lobster Bisque.

After that we followed the lead of a couple who appeared to be from up north or out west. The wife asked him how they would case the joint. He said "First we'll start with the perimeter. Then, we'll hit the aisles".

How about the rest. I would like to express the rest in either a monologue or interpretive dance, but both would be embarrassing to you. And you'd be embarrassed for me. How about Tags?

Four inch scallops wrapped in bacon. Feta Pesto Bratwurst. Pizza bar. Plank Salmon. Taqueria. Forbidden Rice. Maple sugar. Valhrona chocolate slabs. Carne Asada. Bite size cakes. Olive bar. Insane amounts and varieties of cheese. Flourless cakes in small and large sizes coated in chocolate ganache. Hot soba noodles. Carrot and parsnip patties. Belgian chocolates. Yellow raspberries. Chilean Sea Bass. Mushrooms galore. Kombucha Tea. Real marshmallows. Pumpkin bread. Corn bread. Yeah.

Mom, did I forget anything? I mean, that will fit here?

Bottom line: Anything Outpost, Sendiks, or Pick 'n Save can do, Whole Foods can do better. Everything I've had just tastes better and is higher quality. But, and there's only one but: it's not cheap.

Next time, Mom and I are going to go to the wine bar first, so that we too can walk around with a glass of wine while we are doing our food shopping.

And park in the parking structure so we don't have to go out in the rain with our food.

For the dog that chases its tail will be dizzy...

Tear the roof off the mutha sucka, adjust the bounce to ounce ratio, Dennis York says Doyle is gonna give up the funk.

Public Flogging

A group of Dallas residents beat a man who was showing pictures of naked women to children on a playground. They didn't kill him, but I can only hope that this will catch on. If the legal system slaps them on the wrist, if the internet apparently provides them "cover", then the only route to justice and humiliation and frankly, punishment, is this type of vigilantism.

I have no tolerance for this crap, in fact, my tolerance is so low it's infinite numbers of sub-zero. And I don't think enough people show that type of disdain - enough for children to see it. Too often children don't get the justice they deserve and too often adults don't display a severe enough disdain that children can see that the adults are protecting them.

And to some extent, the law obstructs them from doing so. Yeah, these residents will likely face battery or assault charges. I'd take that chance.

It's about time that these evil incarnates get what they deserve.

jeudi, septembre 21, 2006

Sometime it make me break out in a cold sweht!

lundi, septembre 18, 2006

Dear Mayor Barrett.

Uh... Nevermind

Get In Mah Belly

Warning, this is a rare occasion for an SATCMKE post.

Yesterday I was waiting in line at the Gap. Of course you can laugh, but I got a good deal. In front of me were two young gentelmens in line. Both of "emo" ilk.

I couldn't help noticing that one of them had his pants halfway down. I almost grabbed his belt and pulled it up. Then I noticed his friend. I'm not one for the emo look, but he was perfect. His friend with the pants down noticed that I was looking at Sir Perfect, who turns his head slightly and sees. His face was absolutely stunning. And he couldn't have been more than 22.

I could have rolled him up and eaten him raw.

And I highly recommend that the Gap hires him, now that he has a job application.


By the way...

This is the Emo look.

dimanche, septembre 17, 2006

Caption This for Monday the 18th

I'm verklempt. Tawk amongst yahselves.

I'll give you a topic:

"Is that a weapon of mass destruction in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

Do The Brits Have Something Here?

"This isn't about keeping tabs on people, it's about making the streets safer for the law-abiding majority and helping to change the attitudes of those who cause trouble. It challenges unacceptable behaviour and makes people think twice."

This was a remark from Jack Bonner who manages the new "talking" CCTV security cameras that were installed in Middlesbrough in the UK. The operators make announcements when crimes or other "antisocial" behavior takes place.

I can see how this could go insanely wrong. But how is it different from having more police patrols. In Milwaukee as it is right now, there is no way for the police to help fulfill the role they once had because they're responding to shootings, rapes, murders and violent incidents. In certain parts of the city, is it actually deserved?

Elliot bought up a good point that reminded me of something I was thinking the other day. Do we need the national guard to patrol the inner city? Clearly the police can't handle the situation themselves anymore. All they can do is write incident reports. If the police were properly staffed to handle the scope of the situation, they actually would be the national guard.

My point is this: are these extreme measures what it would take to gain control of the situation. For the good of all.

"Where does it stop" can be argued here, and rightfully so. But what if it was in place until people could behave themselves. I mean, we've been told that taxes are just temporary. We were told that about 80 years ago. Look at us now.

Have a read of the story. I'd be interested in people's thoughts on this.

samedi, septembre 16, 2006

It Stinks Y'all.

I've seen some posts condemning the actions of so-called Green supporters heckling Doyle. Folks, before you start casting stones consider this: it's an east-coast tactic. These aren't Greens. These are Doylies. Or Doilies for those of you who would like to show what you really think of them.

Gore implanted hecklers, Kerry implanted hecklers so he could have cute things to say back at them. Doyle and Anson And Friends are trying to make Green seem mean-spirited. Don't fly off the handle just yet.

Go on what you know. Go on how they think. Go on what you've seen libs do to conservatives who are trying to speak.


vendredi, septembre 15, 2006

They'd Get Their Asses Sued

...if any employer made the statement that they wouldn't hire someone based on their BMI or waist-to-hip ratio. Or if women exceeded a size 7. So why is it any different when models are discriminated against when they are "too thin" or a size zero? This is extending beyond Madrid to other countries within Europe. It's blacklisting models. For those of you in Rio Linda, preventing an entire population from their right to work because of their physical stature is criminal.

Fat people have the right to be fat. Slightly plump isn't regulated. Normal proportion isn't regulated. Why can't people who choose the profession of modeling be free to be thin. Last time I checked, thin is not a crime. It's legislating weight. It's telling an industry what to do with their fashion lines and how they can display it.

And, it's telling people how they have to BE if they want to work. Do you want anyone telling you how to exist?

This is about trying to make people feel better. People aren't perfect, and most people don't have supermodel expectations. If you have half a whit you'll know the difference between presentation and reality. I'll say it: You stupid people.

There Goes The Neighborhood.

As you all know, my neighborhood hasn't been immune from its problems. As long as I've lived here things have happened, but it has never actually been unsafe. Somehow it's always come through.

I have more than one problem neighbor: useless folks with dumb dogs, people passing through who follow you on foot, stupid bumping music that shakes the leaded glass, a high-speed chase or two, animals on bikes, don't get me started on trick or treat.

But one is a particular problem: it's the mayor.

Barrett hasn't done us any favors by living here. I've emailed him about issues happening here because this is supposed to be his neighborhood, too. We used to have a lot of patrols around here, but I think the only proactive patrolling happens on certain stretches of Washington Boulevard.

Now it all makes sense: it's because there isn't a crisis here. Nooo. We renamed the neighborhood Washington Heights, remember? Forget the po-lice, we have people with clipboards. And weird lefty glasses. Enforcing things that aren't painted or if your truck is parked in your approach.

That'll learn 'em. Those people who obey the law.

Barrett's no different than the yuppies who move into the hood and fix up a mansion. They build a fence around it and stay in their little house. The peasants might give them hives. But look how open minded they are to live where they do. Look how enlightened they are. I'm blinded by its glare.

I'd prefer if Sensenbrenner moved in. In fact, I invite Sensenbrenner to move in to this neighborhood that we now have to refer to by it's Slave Name.

At least I'd have one less neighbor proclaiming "Ceci n'est pas un pipe".

mercredi, septembre 13, 2006

How Could I Have Slept Through...

...Peg Lautenschlager's concession speech??!!

I'm tickled, folks. JB won, Falk won, Clarke won... excellent news for the city and the state.

That's all I have for right this second, thanks for tuning in, and don't sit too close to the TV.

mardi, septembre 12, 2006

C'mon...... Kathy. C'mon.......Clarke

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'hear???

Great to see you all this evening at the inaugural Drinking Right Election headquarters. I promise I'll slosh next month, but I need all the brain cells and energy I can hold on to right now.

Hope Casper didn't have to give a concession speech. Or many concession speeches.

lundi, septembre 11, 2006

Four Years Ago

I was in New York again. I vowed I'd go back to the city I love and more than anything, to visit Ground Zero.

August 2001

While on my first trip we didn't visit the Twin Towers. My boyfriend at the time was an architect, and he really wanted to go to the World Trade Center. I didn't and was adamant about it. I thought they were ugly and dizzying and wanted to see other parts of the city. I was reminded of that for a long time.

We walked from our hotel in the Financial District to that area nevertheless. It's a walk I'll never forget: the small streets, the closeness of the buildings, that even though it was a busy city, that there was a sense of familiarity.

On our way we passed a public courtyard where probably one hundred people were sitting and enjoying their lunch hour within the shadow of the World Trade Center. It was so quiet that as we walked by, I thought that if we spoke too loud we might disturb them. I felt the subway moving below the street. It must have been 97 degrees in the shade and I was clammy. We held hands and communicated with each other mostly through our hand holding. Since we'd never been to New York before, we had no idea what to expect.

July 2002

A year later. The same hotel we stayed at was out of business. But we made the same walk over to the former WTC site. As we approached we walked down a set of red granite stairs. The corners of the steps were chipped and unrepaired. Debris.

Street vendors sold images of 9/11. Countless tables of Eagles, flags, and WTC replicas. Garbage. The closer we got to the fence around the site there were ragged stuffed animals, flowers, and garments attached to the fence and anything close by. Someone had left flowers for a victim and it read "Happy Birthday [name]". It was the same as my birthdate.

The fence was also masked by a green plastic mesh. People had torn peep holes into the sides. Justin showed me where to look up at the buildings surrounding the site to see the scorching of the bricks and granite from when the buildings fell.

At the time there was only one observation area. I didn't look up as we walked the ramp. Then we were standing at the fence, overlooking the site. I put my fingers up and hooked them on to the fence.

I had to hold on.

Five Years Ago

I awoke to the sound of the phone, on a morning that I had decided I wasn't going to get up early and look for a job. I'd been laid of for three months because of the economy.

Justin, my boyfriend at the time, told me about the first plane. I had a hard time seeing the image on TV because we had just been to New York for my birthday. Then the second plane hit.

At the time brother Mav and I were roommates. To this day it still surprises me that his friend had to call him to wake him up... and that I didn't do it. We watched in absolute shock. And as we watched, Jim Micklaczewski from NBC was doing a live report from the Pentagon when that plane hit, and we heard his first reaction and impressions. Mav and I looked at each other, and I will never forget the look on his face.

Part of me wishes I hadn't watched the buildings go down, but I knew it was coming. Part of me wishes I didn't have to see any of it. To this day, something is still very different in me. It's bad, it's good, it still doesn't fully understand.

On September 11, I received the call for an interview for the job I now hold.

dimanche, septembre 10, 2006

The Clips from 9/11 That The Dems Don't Want ABC To Air

Thanks, Peter.

samedi, septembre 09, 2006

The Making of Milwaukee

MPTV had a two-hour special about 15 years ago called "Milwaukee Between The Wars". It was an incredible and insightful snapshot of what the city was like within those years. It also included interviews with longtime Milwaukee residents, many of whom I'm sure aren't here anymore.

Now, in October they'll present a five hour series called The Making of Milwaukee. I'm absolutely tickled about this - I can't wait!!! I love seeing these images and the opportunity to see how many areas looked in their heyday. Some things I hope to see more of in this series:

The mansions on State Street - between 4th and 12th streets. Yes, it was all amazing mansions.

The neighborhood that was torn down to accomodate the freeway that is now Yankee Hill, and East Pointe. All those buildings are under our feet every time we walk through the Summerfest grounds.

The train stations at the East Pointe Pick 'N Save (and perhaps, the George Webb), and the station at the lakefront in the area now occupied by the War Memorial and Art Museums.

Old downtown is always fun to see. Especially the wooden buildings.

Schusters and the Grand

Highland Boulevard

One book that I really like is "Made in Milwaukee", which is an architecture book that explains all of the styles of buildings and homes in Milwaukee - right down to our duplexes, which many of the designs, believe it or not, originated here. You can see a lot of historical gems and images at the Historical Society of Milwaukee downtown.

I think if I were to go back in time, one of my priorities would be right here. There are other places and times, but I wouldn't want to miss this.

You Can, And You Will

vendredi, septembre 08, 2006

September 12th

Tonight I had a really terrific opportunity - to attend the fundraiser for J.B. Van Hollen, with guest Tommy Thompson. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I was thrilled to be able to attend. It was nice to see Owen, Pugnacious J, Fraley, and Jenna. I hadn't met Jenna before this, and she is good people.

When JB had the mic, what struck me about him is the very stark difference between his natural persona and that of his TV commercials. It's an incredible shame that potential voters are missing out on his warmth, passion, and aggressiveness. And I think that JB has the right balance between the assertive and aggressive to be effective, and for me, his priorities are spot on.

The other thing that is missing from his on air style - and I'm not exactly sure if this can be captured - is that from the perspective of politics, he's closer to the younger conservative mindframe. One of my biggest complaints which I'm sure most conservatives share is politicians that miss the mark. At the Kleefisch event one of my remarks to Robin Vos and Mike Huebesch was that there is no fire in the belly. I'm glad they can get along with the boys in Madison, but they don't really represent me or what the new young conservative wants and values. I want that.

I just want people who are smart and aren't afraid to fight.

Especially where enforcing the law is concerned. I hope we can get the right person in there to make this happen.

To date I've never had the opportunity to see Tommy Thompson in person. I'm glad to say, he's still Tommy. For some reason I equate the same familiarity to him as Bart Starr, not sure why, but I do. And for the record, Bart Starr is just about the kindest person I've ever met.

It was good to see Dennis Krueger again, his wife is a total star by the way. I was hoping to see her at the event. Dennis wants the job, and he's working for it the old fashioned way. From what I understand he's knocked on more than 7,000 doors. How many of us have that tenacity or energy, or commitment. I wish Dennis the best of luck on Tuesday.

For those of you who do and don't know me, I'm still hacking away at that working-the-crowd thing. I can do this in business, and globally, but politics is an entirely different animal. I should be touting the fact that I'm a blogger but I don't, because there's a lot more to me. So yeah, that's my homework.

And to catch up on some sleep.

A generous hat tip to Fraley, I appreciated being able to attend this.

Les Enfants

When you were a kid, and you did something wrong, would you have waited until you were in front of a group of people to scream these words at a sibling: "Don't tell Mom".

I mean, you know, so you could have lied to her yourself without anyone's interference. Or wrote her a letter.

Another Major Part of The Problem in Milwaukee

In the latest parade of Ineffective People in Power (and those who want to be - Vince Bobot), Mayor Tom Barrett announced:

"We're not facing a crisis"

Does anyone else see a major problem here? Is anyone else's blood curdling at reading those words?

Two things immediately come to mind. Politicians become so removed from the real world that they can't even comprehend what's happening anymore. This is a huge benefit to those who want to influence them. Secondly, I heard a good quote yesterday. Many of the 911 appeasers are obviously so terrified of the situation that they deny there is a problem. They also want influence and are easily influenced.

Barrett, McCann't, Mike McGee, wimps on the County Board, Bobot who needs a job.... I'm sorry to say the smart people are not winning.

Oh, here's your doggie bag from this thought:

"I would not call it a crisis because we're going to deal with it"

Remind me to never ask Barrett's help again. You can't solve a problem you can't see.

jeudi, septembre 07, 2006

I still don't know if I want to comment about this

Like most of you, I about hit the roof when I heard about the 11 year-old girl who was sexually assaulted. I can tell you a lot of reciprocal justice ideas.

Besides the obvious, do you want to know why?

Because not one of these dregs will see one day of prison, and if they do, they won't actually see Punishment. Prison is a badge of honor for these pieces of shit. The only person who will serve a life sentence is this little girl.

And right now she has a lot of prayers and support coming her way. That will last about two weeks. But she will need help the rest of her life. It's possible she'll find a way to block it out but it'll be difficult to know what her quality of life will be.

It's not the same as having an injury when you're a toddler and you'll recuperate quickly. This little girl's entire perception of sex may be destroyed forever. When someone she eventually loves tries to show affection, she'll recoil. What kind of life does that sound like?

Sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?

One in four women is sexually assaulted or worse, abused by the time she is 18 years old.

Tonight I heard someone on the news say "yes, and it happens all the time" as if yep, the sun's going to come up in the morning. That attitude alone can not be condoned or stated as fact. It doesn't happen "all the time" and to say that does condone the behavior. Don't believe me? Look at our statistics. The more we have stories of predators on the air makes predators think they have a little brotherhood. It normalizes it.

We need to punish sex offenders severely. Prison isn't it. I don't know what is, but I could offer a lot of suggestions. And I'll help.

One being that they never see the light of day. Ever. I'll stop there.

mercredi, septembre 06, 2006

Bobot The Hut

Why vote for Vince Bobot?

I don't know. He has no substantial answer except that he wants to be employed.

I don't think Vince Bobot even knows why he wants the job. It's hard to tell what he wants. Every time I hear him speak I want to say: Vince, old buddy, stop talking with your mouf full.



Work, unread email, deadlines, work, unread email, deadlines, work, unread email, deadlines. So... whose Great Idea was it to wake up???

mardi, septembre 05, 2006

Campaign Musings

Nothing like anger to bring you out of a funk.

Yesterday I was watching coverage of the Labor Day parades here in the city, and as we all know it was something of a clash of media expectations more than a clash of peoples. Either way, nothing happened except for a lot of yaps yapping. But something stood out. The camera was panning over the marching hispanic crowd, and I see a large banner being carried by two people above the crowd. It read: Peg Lautenschlager for Attorney General. As if we needed any confirmation.

Today I heard and saw two of the new Mark Greene ads. I saw the television ad first with regard to young talent leaving the state. What great news it is to see Greene using this issue - because it is an issue. Put stem cells aside for a second or two - this is what it's about. Do you know how difficult it is to lure talent to this state, let alone big business? Red Prairie is the one case who publicly made their case for their move. Other closings or moves were just attributed to NAFTA and evil big business. Back to luring talent. How does a company look at an effective and talented candidate across the country and say, yes, please come to Milwaukee. Tax equalization comes to mind.

Secondly, I heart the new radio ad by Greene. Not only because it's really funny, but because it's somewhat controversial - and true. Tonight Greene was on the news and said that if AB asks him to retract the ad, that he will. I heavily doubt that AB will ask him to do it, because they don't want to piss off any republicans. But I'm going to make a prediction here at The Confidentials: that either by leak or by freak, it will come out that a Doyle or PAC flunkie tentacle of Doyle will try to pay off AB to pressure Greene to retract. Anson, old buddy, are you around here somewhere?

Your pals on the east coast sure are.

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go....

Allow me to be the last person to say RIP Steve Irwin. I was surprised but not shocked, and I don't feel a lot of sadness. This was his life.

And many people who take risks have left us in ways we wouldn't expect. General Patton is a good example. I really believe that when the Lord calls you home, that from time to time, he has a sense of poignancy and humor.

The message of taking risks couldn't be more timely with my own life, where I have become comfortable and complacent in the predictable. I fear rejection, I fear failure, I fear consequence. Most of all I fear growing another year older watching and waiting for something to happen in my life.

Thanks for everything, Steve.


Guess what, my day was still complete long before Miss Couric debuted.

Who's got perky, we sure do!

lundi, septembre 04, 2006

Intermission's Almost Over...

Let's all go to the lobby....

dimanche, septembre 03, 2006


be back soon

vendredi, septembre 01, 2006

Take on a Take

I agree with Fraley.... hope they can make it :60!